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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes known as “FAQ”, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Event Planner Questions

  1. How does GigSalad work?

    With thousands upon thousands of performers, entertainers and services listed on GigSalad, you’re bound to find the perfect talent that your event just can’t go without! Just type in the category you’re interested in and voila! Behold the list of local talent for you to browse. View their photos, watch their videos, check out their reviews, and select your favorites.

    Click “Get a Free Quote” to connect with the performers and vendors you like. Try to be as thorough as possible when filling out the contact form. The more details you provide, the less back-and-forth is needed and they can get you a quote that much faster.

    Once you receive a quote you are happy with, you simply enter your payment and that's it... you’re done! We’ve designed it all to be super easy, iron-clad secure, and lightning fast.

  2. What exactly does GigSalad do?

    GigSalad connects event planners (like you!) with performers and party vendors. Our mission is to help you plan one-of-a-kind events and help talent book amazing gigs. Cool, huh? Our talent roster is growing by leaps and bounds, which means we’ve got it all: tens of thousands of performers, speakers, caterers, photographers, bands, face painters, and more. GigSalad is the easiest, best, and most relevant way to book entertainment out there.

  3. Do you perform background checks for those listed on GigSalad?

    We do not. While we do our best to address any issues that are brought to our attention, we do not endorse, sanction, or verify those listed on GigSalad. We recommend that event planners be smart and thorough with their own research and verification if they feel uncertain about proceeding with a performer or vendor. And of course, should any serious issues be found, we would like you to please report them to us here.

  4. I’m not receiving emails from GigSalad. What’s the deal?

    You’re probably missing out on our emails because your email service has blocked our emails as spam. The nerve! Try adding us to your contact list (see below) or find your Internet Service Provider (ISP) safe list and add to it. You may have to contact your ISP to see what the issue might be. More importantly, we highly recommend setting up instant alerts to your cell phone. Basically, just let us know your cell number, and we’ll notify you when you receive messages or price quotes. Set up text alerts here.

    How to add GigSalad’s address to your contacts list:

    AOL - select “Add Address”
    Apple - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”
    Boxbe - select “Add to Guest List”
    Gmail - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”
    Hotmail or MSN - select “Save Address(es)”
    Outlook or Outlook Express - select “Add To Address Book”
    Yahoo! Mail - select “Add To Address Book”

Quote Requests
  1. I haven’t heard anything back from my request. What do I do?

    Bummer! You might try sending a follow-up message. You can do that by logging in and going to your Quote Requests. If you still don’t hear anything, it’s time to go back to square one. Do another search to see the multitude of other talent GigSalad has to offer!

  2. I need to change my event information, can I edit my existing quote request?

    You sure can! Go to Quote Requests in your Inbox and select the quote request that needs to be changed. Below the event info on the right, you’ll see an button to “Edit Event Info.” Updating event information will cancel any quotes you’ve received up to that point. Once you’ve updated, we’ll notify the contacted vendors about the changes, and they can then send new quotes.

  3. I’m having trouble completing a quote request or review. What’s wrong?

    Well, that’s frustrating. The most likely cause is a piece of required information is missing. Double check that each field is filled out correctly. Another cause might be the web browser you are using. In this world of ever-changing technology, it’s important to stay up to date. For this reason, some older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 9 and earlier) will not be supported on GigSalad. If you are using an outdated browser, try upgrading or downloading a new browser like Chrome or Firefox.

  4. Why am I getting so many responses?

    Everyone wants to be a part of your event. How flattering! If you are getting responses from people you didn’t request, you must have checked the box to have us send your request to similar acts/services. Bask in the options!

    If there are some vendors you are not interested in or no longer wish to communicate with, you can block communication so they aren’t able to send any further messages or quotes. To do that, go to Quote Requests in your Inbox and select the vendor you wish to block. Below the Event Info, select the link that says “Block Communication.” If you change your mind, you can always go back and unblock it.

  5. Can I negotiate the price that is provided to me in a quote?

    Of course you can. Everything is negotiable. But be respectful and understanding that everyone has a business to run and livelihood to make. Most vendors are quoting well-thought-out prices that correctly match the quality and quantity of service you desire for your event.

  6. How do I delete my quote request?

    Quote Requests cannot be deleted, but you may choose to block further communication if you are no longer interested in booking. Just go to Quote Requests in your Inbox and select the vendor you wish to block. Below the Event Info, select the link that says “Block Communication.”

  1. How does booking on GigSalad work?

    Once you’ve browsed the site and contacted the vendor you wish to book, they will send you a quote. If the quote looks good, all you have to do is pay the deposit and it’s booked. Yup, it’s that easy!

  2. Why do I need to provide a credit card to book my event?

    Payment is required to secure a booking through our site. Whether a deposit is requested or not, there is still a small booking fee that must be paid. The vendor may offer to cover this cost, but you’ll still be asked to pay the fee with a credit card to confirm the booking and that amount will then be taken from the final balance owed to the vendor.

  3. Are deposits refundable?

    This depends on the vendor’s terms provided with their quote. If there are no terms mentioning a cancellation policy, we encourage you to contact the vendor to discuss their refund policy. Bookings are between you and the provider, thus all refunds should be handled directly between the two parties. Should serious issues arise, please contact us.

  4. How is the remainder balance paid?

    This is a detail that should be discussed between you and the vendor hired. In most cases, they will require cash or check on the day of the event, prior to providing service. If details are not discussed prior to the event and no instructions were outlined with the quote, that is how the remaining balance should be handled. GigSalad only facilitates the deposit payments.

  5. What should I do if the vendor does not show up for my event?

    This is not a common occurrence, but unforeseen issues can arise. This is one reason we require that all bookings happen on GigSalad. If you book the event through our site and the vendor does not show up, we can ensure that fees are returned to you. If the event is booked outside of our system, we won’t be able to help resolve issues or return deposits.

  6. What happens if I need to cancel an event after I’ve booked someone?

    If you choose to cancel, you’ll forfeit any money paid up to that point. You will not be refunded your GigSalad service fee and no deposit will be returned. You also must honor any cancellation terms that were provided with your quote, which may include paying the remaining balance if you cancel close to the event date.

  7. Can I get a Form W-9 from GigSalad for tax purposes?

    You sure can! When you pay deposits through GigSalad, that money comes directly to us and we then pay the vendor. If you need a W-9 for your deposit payment, we are happy to get you one. Just send your request to

    When you pay any money to a vendor outside of GigSalad (such as a remaining balance), you’ll need to request a W-9 from them directly for that payment.

  1. How do I leave a review?

    Do a search to locate the performer or vendor you worked with, find the Reviews section of their profile and proceed to fill out the review form as instructed. Once you’ve finished, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include a verification link. This part is especially important: Your review will not be included on the site until you’ve clicked that verification link. If you have trouble receiving this email, contact us.

    If you already have an account on GigSalad, log in first and then submit the review. No further verification is needed!

  2. Can I leave a review for someone even if I did not book them through GigSalad?

    You sure can! We welcome all honest reviews. We only ask that you be the actual client that hired them.

  3. Oops, I meant to give someone all 5 stars. How can I fix that?

    If you created an account, just go to your Reviews, click on the review that needs to be edited, and then scroll down and select “Edit Review.” If no account was created, just contact us and be sure to use or provide the email address with which the review was submitted.

  4. I’m certain I left a review for the vendor I hired. Why isn’t it showing up?

    One of two things could have happened. There could have been an error that was missed, preventing the review from being completed successfully. But the more likely answer is that you did complete it, but have yet to click the verification link that was sent in your confirmation email. We require that all reviews be verified by email before they are posted. If you did not receive the email or deleted it, you can contact us from the email address used to complete the review.

  5. What is a “Verified Review”?

    Verified Reviews are those reviews that are attached to a verified booking through GigSalad. This means the vendor submitted a quote which was then booked and paid for through our site, thus proving it is an authentic review for a gig we can verify actually took place. These may be more valuable and helpful to you, so look for reviews with a “Verified Review” banner above them.

Performer/Vendor Questions

  1. Does this site really work for performers and vendors?

    Well, of course it does! By creating a GigSalad PromoKit, our members are instantly closer to getting high-paying gigs and tremendous opportunities. We direct event planners and talent buyers to our members. Visitors to your PromoKit can contact you by submitting a quote request.

    Our booking system is second to none. We designed it to be simple and quick, with an improved messaging tool so you can communicate easily during the booking process.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the countless success stories our members have shared with us.

  2. How do you drive traffic to GigSalad?

    We know how important it is to get our members the precious exposure they want and need. A great source of traffic to GigSalad is through search engines, as we appear at the top of the many Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches related to entertainment booking. We are constantly refining GigSalad to ensure we’re presenting the cleanest and easiest website for search engines to crawl and index, as we believe that GigSalad is by far the best and most relevant source for hiring event entertainment and services anywhere. So why shouldn’t we appear at the top?

    Not only do we benefit from search engine traffic, but we also do a lot of online and print advertising, trade shows/conferences, sponsorships of events, and have exceptional ongoing relationships with talent buyers and party planners. Rest assured, we’re working very hard to make GigSalad a place where both event planners and our members benefit greatly.

  3. Can I purchase an ad on GigSalad?

    Aside from creating a PromoKit to advertise your act or service, we currently do not sell any other ad space on GigSalad. Purchasing a paid membership is the best way to increase the visibility of your PromoKit.

  4. I’m not receiving emails from GigSalad. What’s the deal?

    You’re probably missing out on our emails because your email service has blocked our emails as spam. The nerve! Try adding us to your contact list (see below) or find your Internet Service Provider (ISP) safe list and add to it. You may have to contact your ISP to see what the issue might be. More importantly, we highly recommend setting up instant alerts to your cell phone. Basically, just let us know your cell number, and we’ll notify you when you receive a lead. Set up text alerts here.

    How to add GigSalad’s address to your contacts list:

    AOL - select “Add Address”
    Apple - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”
    Boxbe - select “Add to Guest List”
    Gmail - select “Contacts” > “New Contact”
    Hotmail or MSN - select “Save Address(es)”
    Outlook or Outlook Express - select “Add To Address Book”
    Yahoo! Mail - select “Add To Address Book”

  1. How do I sign up for a listing?

    Get started by going to this page. It only takes a minute or two to create a listing on GigSalad. Gigs are waiting, so get to it!

  2. How much does it cost to get listed?

    Well, it depends on how much you want out of your listing. There are three different memberships to choose of which is even free! That’s right—free. Click here for more pricing info.

  3. What will I get with a membership?

    You’ll get treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement. But you will get a customizable online PromoKit, instantly exposing your services to event planners and talent buyers across North America. You’ll also have instant access to our quoting and booking system, and have access to more gig opportunities and booking tools than you’ve ever had before. This page breaks it down.

  4. Can I purchase a membership with PayPal or a check?

    It’s easiest to pay by credit card, but we can also accept PayPal, checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks for any prepaid (6 month or 1 year) membership. Monthly memberships can only be purchased by credit card.

    If you wish to use one of these alternate forms of payment, review the membership options to determine which prepaid level you wish to purchase. Go ahead and sign up for the Free level and once we receive your payment we will process the upgrade and notify you.

    To pay by PayPal, submit your payment to All other types of payment should be sent by mail. (You’ll find our mailing address here.)

  5. How do I cancel my monthly membership?

    Simply log in to your PromoKit and go to Account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Cancel Your Membership and click “Cancel.” Yep, it’s that easy.

  6. How do I remove my free listing?

    Why would you wanna do that? It’s free! But if you must, just log in and go to Account. At the bottom, you’ll see a link to disable your PromoKit.

  1. I just received a lead from an event planner. How do I know if it’s legit?

    The vast majority of gig leads on GigSalad are from wonderful and honest event planners. However, as it is with most websites, bad apples can attempt shenanigans from time to time.

    Use extra caution when dealing with requests which contain any of the following:

    • Requests made that do not apply to the services you offer
    • Messages from event planners outside North America
    • Emails with exceptionally poor grammar
    • Event planners who ask to pay you up front with a large amount and request a check from you for the difference

    Please contact us if you are unsure about the validity of a gig lead.

  2. How do I respond to a gig lead?

    Visit your Inbox and click on the lead you want to respond to. (Any lead which says “Quote Requested” has not yet been responded to.) Then you’ll be given three options: you can go ahead and email a quote, you can decline the request if you are unavaible or not interested, or email a message to request more information.

    When you are ready to send a quote all you have to do is indicate your total fee and deposit amount. Select who will be covering the GigSalad Service Fee and when the quote will expire. Then send! If you wish, you can also include additional terms such as a cancellation policy.

  3. Can I get text notifications when I get new leads?

    Of course you can! Just log in and go to Account and select Notifications from the left menu. Where it says Text Notifications, just fill in your number and you’ll be all set.

  4. Does GigSalad charge for receiving leads?

    We sure don’t. Whether you have a free or paid listing, it is absolutely free to receive and respond to leads.

  5. Why is there no contact information on the leads I receive?

    When a client sends a quote request to GigSalad, the expected behavior is to receive a response back from GigSalad. For this reason, no direct email address will be provided. When you send a message or quote the client will instantly receive an email from us with your message. And your correspondence will be kept safely in the thread on that page for both parties to see.

  1. How does booking on GigSalad work?

    It’s pretty simple actually. When you receive a lead you’re interested in, just respond by sending a quote back. We’ll send that over to the client and if they like what they see, they’ll accept your quote and pay the deposit. Then it’s booked! All that’s left is for you to show up and do your thing. We know you’ve got that part down!

  2. Are there commissions or finder’s fees to pay when I am booked through GigSalad?

    There is a small service fee of 4% ($15 minimum) that is charged when a gig is booked. This fee covers our costs associated with collecting deposits, administration of payments, and development and maintenance of the system. You may choose to have the event planner pay the whole fee or you can split it with them. But just a little tip: our numbers show there is a higher closing rate on bookings where the talent covers the fee.

  3. How do deposits work?

    When sending your first quote, you’ll be asked to provide your deposit payout preferences. You should only have to do this once. (You can edit your preferences at any time on the Payout Info page under Account.)

    If a client is happy with your quote, they’ll pay the deposit and confirm the booking. Your deposit will be processed within 3-5 business days and sent via the method you chose.

  4. Is the deposit refundable?

    You may create a cancellation policy to be included with your quotes to clarify whether or not you’ll refund a deposit should the client cancel the booking. If your deposit is refundable, it will be up to you to comply with your own policy and refund the deposit directly to the event planner.

    If you cancel or fail to show up for the booked event, you will be responsible for returning the deposit either directly to the client, or to us so we may return it. Failure to do so could result in removal from GigSalad.

  5. Is the booking process mobile-friendly?

    It certainly is! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to book dates within minutes of receiving a lead. You can send quotes and messages on your smartphone or tablet, from wherever you are!

  6. Can I update a quote after I’ve sent it?

    Quotes cannot be updated, but you can send a new one as long as it has not yet been booked.

    If the client has already approved the quote and submitted payment, the gig is booked and cannot be canceled unless both parties agree to it.

  7. What happens if I do not honor a confirmed booking?

    If you cancel or fail to honor a booking made through GigSalad, you will be charged penalty fees in order to maintain your membership on our site.

    Penalty fee details:
    If you cancel a booking prior to the event date, you will be responsible for covering the GigSalad service fee, regardless of whether you selected for you or the event planner to cover the cost. Your membership may be suspended until the fee is recovered.

    If you fail to appear at the event for which you have been booked, you will be responsible for covering both the GigSalad service fee + a penalty fee. If these fees are not paid, your membership will be terminated.

  8. Can I accept final balance payments through GigSalad as well?

    At this time, GigSalad facilitates accepting deposit payments, but does not support collecting balance payments for events. Let us know if you’d like to see this feature added. In the meantime, you should discuss directly with the client how the final balance should be paid or include that detail in your quote. It’s most common that they are paid by cash or check on the day of the event, prior to providing service.

  9. How do I save/edit my default quote settings?

    When you log in to your control panel, go to Edit PromoKit and click on Quote Settings. From there you can save all your terms and policies, a description of the services you provide, and quote/booking preferences. These defaults will appear when you create new quotes, but you can customize as needed on each one.

  1. How do I change my act/business name?

    This is the one and only field that you cannot change on your own. We can, though! Please contact us and someone from our Customer Happiness team will quickly make the name change for you.

  2. How do I change the distance that I’m willing to travel?

    It's easy. Just log in to your PromoKit and click on Edit PromoKit, then go to General Info, then Travel Distance. Or you can just click here.

  3. How do I change the URL for my PromoKit?

    If you have changed your act name or location and need your URL updated to match, we must make those changes for you. Please understand that changing your URL will break all links to your previous address, so you’ll need to update it wherever you may have it posted.

    If you are a Featured member, you may choose to have a customized PromoKit URL. Cool, huh? Still, we need to make the change for you.

    To request a change, just contact us and we’ll take care of it.

  4. How do I change my password / login email / contact email?

    All of those things can be found in your PromoKit under Account. Changing either your contact email or login email won’t change the other. They may be different emails or the same—either way, both will need to be updated separately.

  5. How do I upload photos / audio / videos?

    Photos: Under Edit PromoKit, click on Photos and choose whether you want to add a profile photo, a photo to your gallery, or a press photo. Click “Choose Files,” find the photo on your computer and double-click on it. Then just click “Upload.” Don’t forget to check the box saying you own the rights to the photo.

    Bonus tip: You can upload multiple photos at a time! Just hold Ctrl as you select the files you want.

    Audio: Under Edit PromoKit, click on Audio and then “Upload Audio.” Fill in the Song Title and Original Artist (this is the person who wrote or originally performed the song). Click “Choose File,” find the audio file on your computer and double-click on it. Then just click “Upload.” (Please make sure that you specify the rights to the song by checking out the provided BMI and ASCAP links and searching the song title or artist.)

    Videos: Under Edit PromoKit, click on Videos and then “Add Video.” We accept video links from either YouTube or Vimeo. Just copy and paste the video’s link/URL into the Video Link URL box and click “Add Video.” Super easy and only takes a second.

  6. Is there any other way to add a video, besides using YouTube and Vimeo?

    We used to support uploading video files directly but have now limited that ability. Only members that have previously uploaded video files will still have access to that feature. Even so, we recommend uploading all pre-existing and future files to YouTube or Vimeo instead.

    Videos embedded from YouTube or Vimeo look and play better. They work in all browsers, have nice large previews, and can be controlled with any device. This creates a better experience for event planners.

  7. Can I change the image that appears behind my profile picture?

    If using the enlarged profile photo doesn’t look the way you’d hope, there is a second option. You may choose a more generic background that’ll match the color theme you’ve chosen for your PromoKit. To adjust these settings, go to Edit PromoKit and click on Theme.

  8. Why can’t I get my PromoKit to 100% complete?

    The percentage is simply meant to indicate the amount of features completed on your PromoKit. Having a number below 100% is not necessarily bad since some features may not apply to you. As long as you have completed all appropriate features, your PromoKit is complete.

    If you have a Free listing, many features will not be available to you. Without those features, you can never have a fully complete PromoKit. But you can get close, so be sure you fill in as much as you possibly can. Or, check out your upgrade options and unlock all those awesome extra features.

  1. How can I edit/change a mistake that a client made in a review on my PromoKit?

    Any changes that need to be made to reviews must be done by the person who posted the review. Just ask the reviewer to log in and edit their review. If they didn’t create an account, you can ask them to contact us (from the same email address they used to post the review) stating the details of the change they’d like to make. We know this might be a bit of a pain, but we do this to uphold the integrity of the reviews on GigSalad.

  2. How do GigSalad reviews compare to those on other sites?

    The primary goals for our reviews are simplicity and fairness. Our ratings are based on actual client reviews. Clean and simple, pure and honest.

    Every website seems to do ratings differently. There are websites that do not provide the accountability measure of requiring a real email address in order to rate its members, opening the door for fraudulent reviews. And many ratings-centric websites simply do not get involved to arbitrate fraud and belligerence. We do.

    We are trying to do reviews right by providing a straightforward and valuable service for the event planner and talent alike.

  3. Will I be notified when I receive a review?

    Yes, whenever a review is added to your PromoKit, you’ll be sent an email notification. If you don’t want to receive this review notification you can adjust your Notifications preferences under Account.

  4. Can I post reviews myself if I have received them from event planners in the past?

    Allowing you to post a review yourself would render the rating illegitimate, so we do not allow this. To invite event professionals and clients to review you, click here.

  5. Will my reviews only apply to dates I have booked through GigSalad?

    Nope, you may invite anyone to review you, whether you got the gig through GigSalad last week, or an agent brokered the date for you a decade ago. However, reviews for events booked on our booking platform will receive a “Verified Review” banner.

  6. What is a “Verified Review”?

    Verified Reviews are those reviews that are attached to a verified booking through GigSalad. This means the gig was booked using our booking platform. A “Verified Review” banner will appear above these reviews on your PromoKit.

  7. Are all reviews weighted the same?

    Reviews received from events booked through GigSalad will have a “Verified Review” banner above them to show that we were able to verify their authenticity. Therefore, these reviews may carry more weight for potential clients looking to hire you.

  8. Can I dispute a review if I am unhappy with it?

    You may dispute reviews only if they are obscene, abusive, or fraudulent. If a review you receive meets one of the above, then it can be disputed. When you select to dispute a review, it will be held for arbitration while we review your information and possibly contact the reviewer for fact-checking. If facts check out, you will be given an opportunity to work out your differences with the reviewer and if mutually agreed, the review can be removed.

    For example, you are hired to provide services at a party. Murphy’s Law is in effect and nothing goes as planned: the wheels fall off your truck on your way to the gig, your singer has a sudden bout of laryngitis, and Aunt Mille can’t stand your set list. The client, obviously unhappy, gives you 1 star and a terrible review. You humbly and honestly discuss the issues, and agree to play her next party for free to make amends. Both sides are happy, the review is removed or edited and goodwill is restored. And most importantly, you made it right, reviews or not.

  9. Can I opt out of receiving reviews altogether?

    Reviews are an instrumental tool in helping event planners make a more educated decision about who to hire, so we do require that all PromoKits accept feedback.

We’re here to help.

We’ve tried our very best to make GigSalad easy to use for performers, vendors and event planners. But sometimes things aren’t quite as clear as they need to be. Here are the most common questions and our answers to them, and hopefully we’ll address what’s on your mind. If you don’t find the answer you need, you can also contact us.

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