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Eric Swenson: "A Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker–Teacher"

Eric speaks to the toughest real life issues keeping people awake at night. Drawing on his 40 years of experience creating and growing successful companies, A former executive level coach 10 years serving both business and government leaders, 25 years guiding people young and old in all walks of life, Eric's inspired words and wisdom has changed lives, rebuilt marriages, and shaped successful business leaders and personal outcomes.

motto: "HOW BIG would you dream, if you knew you couldn't fail with God?"




Speaking to the Friends of Scouting

We retained Eric to make the keynote address at our annual Fundraiser.The thought was to provide a snapshot of what the future might look as far as our youth is concerned. We were not disappointed. We were entertained and pressed to consider some things about the future for our youth which gave us pause... Altogether a wonderful evening...We would highly recommend his published material
for those on the go....

Stephen T. Rushton
District Chairman
Oconee District
Blue Ridge Council, Boy Scouts of America

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Stephen T. R.
Organization: Valley Services, Inc
Event: Fundraiser in Clemson, SC
Event Date: Apr 30, 2013
Hired As: Motivational Speaker

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Eric Swenson

The challenge for any speaker today is to find the audience's most heartfelt and often unsaidneeds, and leave them inspired, eager to learn new opportunities, provide hope,or make changes that will positively impact their way of life.

Eric Swenson is the rare speaker – teacher who can do just that, with a God-given gift and a passion to teach people unique life skills. Time and time again, Eric shows both faith-based and secular audiences that the answers to today's most pressing questions - can be found .
Core Themes
Eric specializes in customized presentations specifically for your audience, generally revolving around these core themes that people need to hear now:

• Clarify YOUR path in Life! How do you know what you are called to do for this season of your life? Wow - thousands are trying to figure this out. After 18 years of teaching this - Eric will jump start you in the HOW TO find this path that is truly revolutionary!

• Less =More – Our lives are overloaded. We need less of anything that causes STRESS, and more of the good things that promote BALANCE. Less time on the computer and in front of the TV; more time with the family, more time to enjoy life today. Eric teaches revolutionary ways to reduce stress and achieve work- life balance, and find your God-given purpose in life.

• Performance based Living – We all have been rejected in life, work or in relationships, but WHY do we continue to strive, when the instruction manual for Life says “My GRACE is sufficient for you!” Learn how to break the cycle of striving, and finding PEACE - during the storms of life!

• How Big Would You Dream? – Especially in these tough economic times, too many people "settle." They toil in a job they hate, refusing to take risks out of fear of failure. But what if you knew you couldn't fail - How big would you dream? Eric engages audiences with life-changing coaching techniques that help turn dreams into reality.

To schedule Eric call him at 864-306-2466, or visit us at 2013 - 2014 engagements now!

“When we find our destiny and fulfill those dreams and visions inside us, we truly find the peace we have always been looking for.”— Eric Swenson


"In two hours, you were able to get people to think out of the box through your engaging exercises. The group had fun and learned a lot about each other during the process."

– VP Sales, Carolina Pad

"It was evident Eric is passionate about his work. The team remarked that the exercises really opened their eyes. Eric's leadership and organizational skills were invaluable as he helped us open our lines of communication. In my opinion, Eric's unwavering devotion to his work exemplifies strong moral fiber and character."

– Director of Human Resources, Eldorado Hotel

"Eric's Work-Life Balance is an area many women expressed interest as they struggle with this on a daily basis. The ladies learned new techniques & information from both the meeting and Eric's book, that will help them learn to balance these areas of their lives."
Jill Rose – Acentron, Inc.

"I appreciate your speaking at our company, they really enjoyed getting to hear and meet you. Thanks so much. Congratulations on your new book."
Elizabeth L. – Director MIRC

"Your program has been great! I have regained a focus and purpose for my life. The total package concept (physical, mental, financial and health) has given me a foundation to reach towards higher goals."
Cliff F. – Corporate Jet Pilot

"For our group seeing and hearing a different perspective provided much value for each of us, both personally and professionally."
Bob N.-Director – Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida

"This experience has helped provide a bridge to new opportunities and goals. You asked the hard questions that are generally never asked. The Life Happens... process works.I encourage others to experience it for themselves."
Dr. David Spittal, President – Southern Wesleyan University

– Multiple Speaker Ops

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