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Elvi-Beetle: A tribute to Elvis and The Beatles together on one stage, two shows for one price! For more information contact: or call: ask for our road manager: John Edwards



Review by Russell a. K. B.

I have never seen a better show !!! And I have seen many including top name entertainers. What an enjoyable evening. The talent and energy of this performance by all was fantastic. If you only see one show this year of any type. Be sure it is Al Hull and the Elvi-Beetle tour !! The music and performances are superb! Take the time to see this Show,you will not regret it,guaranteed!

Reviewer: Russell a. K. B.
Event: Fundraiser in Orion, IL
Event Date: Jul 31, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 90 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Serious inquiries please!


A (2hr) performance of ELVIS & The Beatles singing and performing together for the first time, ever! All the biggest hits from both entertaining acts, filled with fun jokes and clean humor along with scarfs for the ladies. Watch as EP Tribute Artist airbrushes an (8ft) tall mural of ELVIS' face while singing a song. (Visit: www.youtube.com) type in...elvi-beetle to view this video and many more. Backed by the biggest ending in showbiz!

Additional Booking Notes

(We will provide all band instruments.) Promoter will need to furnish all Sound & Lighting, 5 Hotel Rooms, Parking Permits for a 45' Motorcoach & (12')Trailer on location next to area in which the show will be held, unless a proper dressing area is added next to stage. Stage should be at least 20' x 30' ~ Security for band, bus & instruments while on location a must! Lights in front must be only in White, Rear Par cans must have colored gels, 1 - 2000 watt Follow Spot light for the KING. (1- Drum Riser 8'x 8' x 12") 6 - stage monitors with separate stage console engineer, front sound engineer with a 24 channel console or larger. Enough Power for all amps and speakers, floor & house. (2) line outs, (2) baby booms with mics for guitars, (5) floor boom stands with hardwired mic's and (1)wireless mic for the KING. Costume changing room needed off to the side if the stage or the Coach can be used if close enough to the stage.

Past Booked Events

11/20/10 Scottish Rite Temple Fund Raiser
10/17/10 ELVIS Gospel Tribute Experience (Methodist Church of Illinois)
10/16/10 Private Company Show for MSI
10/09/10 Private Show
09/25/10 Private Show for Exxon in Dallas, Tx
09/18/10 Busch Gardens, FL
09/11/10 Private Show for the US Army USO
08/07/10 Private Show
07/31/10 Out-door Festival
07/24/10 Private Corporate venue in AZ
07/10/10 Hard Rock Cafe ELVIS & BEATLES Reunion
06/05/10 Private Show @ Universal Studios
05/22/10 Private Show at the Theater in Galesburg
05/08/10 The Legends Theater in Galesburg, IL
05/01/10 Private Show
04/17/10 Pending show, please inquire just in case!
02/13/10 Private Show at the Legends Theater in Galesburg
02/09/10 Private Show (Company Party)
01/16/10 Private Show at the Legends Theater in Galesburg
01/12/10 Private Show at the Legends Theater in Galesburg, IL
01/09/10 Private Show
01/02/10 Private Show (Pizza Hut Corp)


Ever wonder had ELVIS & The Beatles joined forces in 1965 when they first met what they would have sounded like together? There wouldn't have been a stadium large enough to hold this mega-concert, right?

Wait no-longer because its here and created with a 21st Century flavor. (Meaning more entertainment value) 31 year veteran Elvis Impressionist Al Hull has created the ultimate two tribute shows in one, featuring; "The concert that never happened, until now!"

Elvi-Beetle will re-create the concert fans have been thinking about for years, and now see it for yourself! But more importantly bringing fans from both sides of the spectrum to your event. Imagine Elvis fans and Beatle fans coming together to watch the two largest Icons in the business perform together.

With the Beatles opening the show with there biggest hits and then backing up the King of Rock as he takes the stage, now imagine the Beatles playing Elvis' greatest hits and singing back-up harmony with the King, its mind blowing for sure!

While the King changes jumbsuits through-out the show the Beatles play a couple of their smash hits, leaving the audience with non-stop entertainment through-out the show. Did you know Elvis actually recorded (4) Beatle songs through-out the 70's? Now listen as they re-create the Elvis/Beatle duet never heard by the public! It will blow your mind!

One thing that sets this Tribute act apart from all the others is... Its the only one in the World at this time! So along with the amazing ability of Al Hull a commerical artist with a masters in art education to boot. Watch as Al airbrushes an eight foot tall mural of Elvis' face while singing a song in under (3) minutes. (Note) Check out Al's website www.alhull.biz for photo's or check out a video of this amazing stunt right here through Gig Salad or at www.youtube.com/elvi-beetle - or just type in "Al Hull" in the search box, then click on a song called; Memories.

Al will auction off the mural to the highest bidder during the show, the bidder must write a check to a charity we all know unless the show is for a fund raiser. The buyer will recieve the mural after the show, with all proceeds going directly to the charity, plus giving the buyer a tax deduction at the end of the year. (Note) Al recieves no compensation for the stunt whatsoever, as he has raised over a half a million dollars since 9-1-1 to (9) different charities.

The ending of the show is a salute to the American Flag as the Beatles and the King sing the American Trilogy song. Watch as EP Tribute artist Al Hull comes out on stage with the only Elvis Flag Suit in the World, a true veteran moment! Imagine the King wearing the Flag, its like something out of a movie!

Just when you think its over and Elvis leaves the stage while the audience is screaming for more, so the Beatles turn the fan-fare drum role into a song called; Twist & Shout and the crowd goes nuts! As they end the song, they turn the song Twist & Shout into another song called; A Big Hunk of Love as the King runs back out to a standing ovation with screams of more, more, more. Once the King finishes the Big Hunk of love song he thanks the sponsors.

(Show length: 120 minutes) All that's needed is a Sound & Light Company, we'll furnish all the regulation Beatle instruments. Please note: 5 Hotel Rooms w/Hospitality & Travel Expenses can be added separately or apart of the booking fee. We can also provide a traveling Sound Company if you would rather we handle everything!

Special note: While the ELVI-BEETLE Tribute is the hottest show in the Country, we can also provide an all ELVIS Tribute, or an all Beatles Tribute, or the Ultimate ELVIS Gospel Tribute Experience, please inquire for whatever fits your event.

The team providing the talent:

Al Hull


Set List

All the KINGS biggest concert hits, and all the Fab Four's biggest hits!

Influences & Inspiration

Elvis & The Beatles

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Elvi-beetle to find out what their setup requirements are.

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