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Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Pilot

Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Pilot

45 reviews

About Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Pilot

WARNING: Your audience will leave Energized, Entertained and Empowered! Hear the inspirational REAL stories of overcoming obstacles as she became a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot for the US Army. A highly sought after speaker (CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS!) who appeals to audiences in all walks of life, Elizabeth is dynamic and energetic while bringing humor and interaction to YOUR AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE. Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and in the Wall Street Journal.

"YOU. In the Pilot's Seat" Most Requested Keynote
"FLY- First Lead Yourself" Leadership Training

Elizabeth McCormick ENTERTAINS & EMPOWERS you/your organization to go from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.




Elizabeth McCormick Is a Riveting Speaker

By Karen H. on June 13, 2014

Elizabeth captured the audience's attention from the very beginning. She shared the obstacles she overcame to become a Black Hawk pilot and how she became successful. She was able to translate that experience to how the audience could overcome their own obstacles. Elizabeth had the audience laughing, sometimes in tears and participating. As a program planner, I found her to be very professional. She responded to emails promptly, came early to the event and was prepared. She is personable and engaging. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth just radiates service and dedication. Her story is inspirational beyond words but as she brings you into her former world as a BlackHawk helicopter pilot she is able to give you specific action items that will cause a positive change for any audience.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Fantastic - Thrilling - WOW!

By Katherine B. on September 3, 2013

It was an honor and privilege to have Elizabeth McCormick speak at Career Jump-Start. She was AMAZING! Her story is inspiring however it is her presentation and ability to truly motivate her audience that is spectacular!

Elizabeth McCormick represents the next wave in Dynamic and Motivating speakers.

If you need further information on her excellent qualifications you may contact me at

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Fabulous! So organized!

By Lucy E. on March 7, 2013

Not only do I relate as a woman professional with dozens of examples of how it's a "man's world", all of us have things holding us back. In our minds, or real obsticals. Elizabeth hit the mark, inspiring us to navigate right past the blockade.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Perfect Execution Right on the Target!

By William A. on January 17, 2013

What a rare and powerful treat to have Elizabeth McCormick as keynote speaker for the Civil Air Patrol TX-354 Lakeshore Composite Squadron awards banquet! As we strive to mold our cadets into the best citizens and servants for our country, we could not have had a better guest than Elizabeth to entertain us, motivate us, and give us practical advice on how to exceed our goals. Elizabeth is phenomenal at connecting personally with the audience and making sure that we come away inspired as well as equipped to take that next step to success.

Her stories were told so vividly that we could virtually imagine the scenes, thoughts, and actions in our heads.

Given the opportunity, we will not hesitate to bring Elizabeth into our organization again.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

What a Black Hawk Pilot Taught Us About Business

By Terri H. on October 16, 2012

Elizabeth recently addressed over 150 California business owners at our event. Her keynote presentation was engaging, entertaining and delivered insight and expertise to our registrants. Elizabeth's approach is genuine and her topics very relative.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick rocked her speech!

By Patty F. on August 28, 2012

Elizabeth was very motivational and I was inspired by how she made her points through humor and a unique story that was heartfelt and genuine.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Audience Soars After Hearing Speaker

By Janelle T. on August 27, 2012

Elizabeth McCormick recently spoke to the Plano Chamber of Commerce Success in Business audience. I heard comments from "I needed to hear that,'" to "she has such a great insight into handling things." After reading all the evaluations, they were all positive and that is from a tough audience. I would recommend her to any group.

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker

Amazing motivator!

By Lisa G. on December 9, 2015

Elizabeth was a top-notch speaker! She arrived early, with all her supplies and was so very helpful with set-up and technical testing. She was gracious and made the time to introduce herself to all our of guests so everyone would have some personal contact with her. And when she took the stage we were riveted! She gave us some succinct lessons on how to empower ourselves, get through tough times unscathed, and how to continue to better ourselves on a daily basis. Her blend of comical anecdotes and delivery really helped bring home the messages in a fun and fascinating manner. We had a great time and received some excellent tips. Thank you Elizabeth!!!

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Professional & Personable!

By Sheryl R. on March 9, 2015

Elizabeth McCormick story was extremely inspiring for our monthly Christian ladies brunch. The speaker we originally had lined up needed to cancel a week beforehand and I still wanted to have a woman motivational speaker that could relate to women from professional to family roles. She immediately worked us into her schedule and am so thankful she was able to come on such short notice. I was so excited and when she arrived, all of us enjoyed the packed 2 hours of life-lessons and we are all very excited to see her upcoming movie! Her trials and triumphs of being a woman in a typically male-dominated profession and overcoming the demotivating setbacks for women in today's society.

I recommend her for anyone looking for a smart, motivational, funny, and exciting speaker for their event.

Hired as: Author, Christian Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick provided an incredibly inspiring speech for our monthly dinner meeting. Her story of overcoming prejudice and other obstacles to become the First Female Black Hawk Pilot was very moving. Elizabeth’s high energy, soul baring story is one that everyone can enjoy and relate to on some level. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone looking for an intelligent, funny, and encouraging speaker for their organization.

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Audience was spellbound!!!

By Micki H. on December 6, 2014

Elizabeth McCormick had the Lavon Area Chamber of Commerce spellbound...mezmerized with her amazing stories of how she became a Black Hawk helicopter pilot!! We could have listened for hours. We'll certainly have her back for more stories!!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Liz knocks it out of the park

By Don M. on August 16, 2014

Elizabeth McCormick rocks. Her presentations to our Leadership Conferences continue to leave the participants begging for more. She can mesmerize a crowd, one minute, and then have them on their feet cheering, the next.
Her stories concerning overcoming obstacles teach valuable lifetime lessons. She sprinkles her narratives with humor, hilarity, and humility.
I will continue to invite her to enthrall and entrance our Conferences for as long as she will agree to come.

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker

Northwood Womans Club speaking engagement

By Heidi H. on May 8, 2014

April 24, 2014, Elizabeth was our guest speaker for an audience of 175 guests. She did an outstanding job and kept up with the attendees every step of the way. We have received very positive remarks from our members. She is interesting exciting. We highly recommend her .

You REALLY need to hear Elizabeth's story!

By Jeff M. on April 21, 2014

This is the 3rd time I have heard Elizabeth's story. I have facilitated the North Dallas Career Focus Group for the past 6+ years and Elizabeth's story really helps focus job seekers who attend our weekly meetings. Many of the job seekers who attended came up to me after the event to let me know how much they liked the talk.

You will not go wrong with Elizabeth. She has a great story, does a great job presenting and keeping the audience involved. No one will be checking their cell phone!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Fantastic Speaker

By Sandi M. on March 10, 2014

Elizabeth's innate ability to push on toward her goal, no matter what the world throws at her, has become the cornerstone of her message. You can succeed! I just recently heard her again at a meeting for the International Coach Federation and here she gave very practical tools she uses in her coaching business as well. Very dynamic speaker, super coach. I highly recommend Elizabeth McCormick!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Inspirational and Dynamic!

By Karen B. on February 26, 2014

Elizabeth McCormick is truly one of a kind. Her talks are not only inspirational, but informative and uplifting. She can relate to all disciplines…from the factory worker to the technical leader and even to the CEO. She can adapt to any situation and give the most powerful talk which touches the audience. We are very grateful for her time and energy, and for inspiring us. We thank her for being such a dynamic speaker and for sharing her personal anecdotes.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Elizabeth speaks from the heart.

By Jeffrey L. R. on February 24, 2014

Elizabeth gave us a wonderful presentation about her story. Everyone in the audience (male and female) could relate to the obstacles her personal story speaks to. Our 40 minutes went by way too quickly.

Hired as: Christian Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Motivational & Entertaining!

By Tina K. on December 12, 2013

Elizabeth's message to team about diversity was a direct hit. Within an hour after our event I received mulitple emails saying, "Great speaker!", "Elizabeth inspired me!", "Elizabeth had a humorous way to deliver a good message about diversity and breaking down barriers." Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story with us!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Fabulous, Funny and Inspirational

By Gloria V. on November 12, 2013

Elizabeth came and spoke at our annual Ladies Night Out at First Baptist Church Marble Falls on Saturday Nov. 9th! Elizabeth spoke from her heart, and shared how God was right there with her along her journey in all of life experiences. Her story was one that we could all relate to in one way or another, both young and old. It was wonderful to watch Elizabeth interact with our young people who were there. She took time with those that wanted to speak to her one on one, before or after the program! I enjoyed working with Elizabeth before and after the event! I would recommend having Elizabeth come speak at your next event!!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Christian Speaker

Great Speaker, Super Message!

By Claire M. on November 3, 2013

Elizabeth spoke recently at the Carrollton Career Focus Group and her message was one of great motivation and inspiration. The stories of her experiences working her way up to Black Hawk Pilot were entertaining and meaningful. She kept the audience's attention and gave us all hope that we can accomplish our dreams.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Insightful Motivation

By Beth C. on October 30, 2013

Elizabeth was a very engaging speaker and related her life experiences in a way that could relate to events in your own life and how to handle them.
Wonderful speaker!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Taking Charge of your Life

By Mildred P. on October 3, 2013

An exceptional story of a young woman's persuit of personal goals in a male dominated occupation

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick did an excellent job in presenting her experience joining the Army and getting into and through helicopter flight school. She made her experience "come alive" for the audience, and provided helpful comments about how her experience could benefit those in attendance. She made thoughtful use of humor in places, but she could also be serious. She kept her audience interested by moving along through her experiences without spending too much time on one subject.

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker


By Jordan P. on August 1, 2013

Amazing presentation and kept the audience interested and engaged

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Dynamic speaker for large or small groups

By Cathy H. on July 19, 2013

Even though we were a very small bunch of women, Elizabeth happily came to speak to our mothers group. Elizabeth talked to us about her experiences as a pilot and how her past had shaped her spiritual relationship with God. I was impressed with her ability to be comfortable with our intimate group knowing how much Elizabeth is used to speaking to large auditoriums of guests. Her powerful message -- use your gifts and remember to take care of yourself as a woman, wife and mother -- will resonate with any audience who chooses to hear her.

Hired as: Christian Speaker

Networking Expert

By Michelle C. on July 16, 2013

Elizabeth's training on networking and follow up was phenomenal! She had so much wisdom and tips that we can apply immediately to our businesses. I have been networking for several years and I still learned a lot that will definitely help me improve my business relationships. I wish I heard all of this when I first started my business. Also, we had very positive feedback from the rest of the group as well.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Wow!! Elizabeth McCormick gave an amazing presentation about soaring to success at our eWomenNetwork San Francisco Chapter's Accelerated Networking Luncheon. She had humor, words of wisdom, and inspirational stories all rolled into one presentation that had all the business women on the edge of their seats! We could have easily had her speak for another hour! Thank you Elizabeth for bringing your professionalism and energy to our event! ~ Mary Liu, Managing Director, SF Chapter, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Rock Star!

By Cathy A. on June 28, 2013

Elizabeth spoke at our event, SUCCESS Summit. This event is focused on women entrepreneurs and Elizabeth struck a chord! Her feedback from the audience was phenomenal! Her presentation was fast paced, informative and thought provoking! As the event planner, she was great to work with! I highly recommend Elizabeth and I'm excited to have her speak at our Los Angeles event too!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth is a TOP motivational speaker

By James R. on June 17, 2013

Elizabeth spoke at the Job Help seminar in June 2013 as the keynote speaker and she did a TOP job, James Reed 940-395-8757

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick as quoted by female homeless veteran Shirley Smith "is an inspiration to me at 52 years old. She reinforced through her speaking that I can make it beyond my circumstances." For every one in the room Attitude is Everything was profound. Knowing that your attitude determines your altitude allows people to keep striving until they reach the level of success that they are striving for. Elizabeth's chilling story allows her audience to understand that when you believe in something you have to build yourself up and know you are going to rock whatever it is you are attempting. Another statement that any female veteran can attest to is "I am going to fail trying." Elizabeth allowed the audience to know they can believe more and dream bigger. Kudos to Elizabeth for being such a GREAT inspiration!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker


By Paul F. on April 22, 2013

From the first time I meet her till the end of her presentation, myself and my entire Battalion was on the edge of our seats. I have never seen a speaker with that much motivation and love for what they do, she not only brought us great knowledge but also keep over 250 U.S Soldiers entertained and that is hard to do, so I thought. She was great, words can not explain what I felt with her speech and motivation to better myself and my soldiers, I would recommend her to anyone and I hope down the road I am fortunate to see her again. Since the ceremony I have noticed some of my soldiers doing what she preached, they want more in life and want to fulfill there goals and even some of my higher up officers have mentioned her, she is overall best speaker I have ever seen and if I see her again she will diffently hear a ear full from what I have seen since her being here, thanks again, was amazing. Glad there is a review to let everyone know that she is truly an amazing person and was honored to see what she has to offer.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Super, Compelling Talk

By Fred W. on April 18, 2013

That was a super and compelling presentation yesterday, and a number of our members commented to me about how very much they enjoyed it. Thank you!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Excellent presentation that motivated everyone.

By Regina S. M. on March 13, 2013

Elizabeth did a great job of hitting right at the core of following your dreams. She brought down her extensive training and put it into language we all could understand. Her willingness to share how God has worked in her life to take her from point A to point B allowed the audience to respond to her a very positive way.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Christian Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Engaging and Genuine

By Candice A. on March 10, 2013

Elizabeth was fantastic! She immediately captured the attention of @ 50 women with her energetic personality. She delivered a positive and uplifting message that was moving and personal. The feedback I received from the group was all positive. Everyone walked away with a piece of her message that was applicable to their lives.

Hired as: Christian Speaker

Great spirit and lessons learned from Elizabeth

By Jorge H. M. on February 25, 2013

Elizabeth's presentation was right to the point with great ideas and suggestions applicable to our lives from her experience as a military pilot. I'd highly recommend Elizabeth to anybody looking to entertain a group of employees, business partners or clients.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Great motivational speaker

By Lisa L. on December 6, 2012

Elizabeth spoke at our Rotary Club this past week and gave an excellent presentation about the lessons that she learned as a female black hawk helicopter pilot. Truly inspirational and makes great point on how you should not let others define your success. Truly enjoyed her presentation and would highly recommend to other organizations.

Great Story; Great Message

By Brendon P. on November 20, 2012

Elizabeth did an excellent job relating her very interesting story of becoming a Black Hawk Pilot to what business people need to do in our everyday lives. My audience was local business leaders and they received a good message about how the lessons she learned in her military career apply to people who are in business. Lots of great compliments from my Members.

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

McCormich Engaging with Teens

By Lesli W. on November 14, 2012

We recently had Elizabeth McCormick as a speaker for a chapel at our school for Christian Heritage Week. This is a week of reflection of how god has worked in your life and brought you to a place of service today. Elizabeth shared her experiences and connected with the students. The students enjoyed hearing her stories and she kept things very "General" for such a large audience. Because she kept things so general, several students mentioned they became lost in her presentation. I believe it was because she left out some key events as she was talking. Elizabeth is a very geniune speaker.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Christian Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Great Speaker, Great Message

By Jeff M. on November 9, 2012

Elizabeth did an outstanding job today speaking to the North Dallas Career Focus Group. Our group of about 50 people enjoyed her talk. No one moved and were listening to every word of her talk.

Would recommend to anyone. 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth was an entertaining speakert for our ladies group at First United Methodist Church in Frisco. Everyone who attended had words of praise for her presentation, stating they learned things and enjoyed hearing her.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

There when I needed her most!

By Mindy A. on September 4, 2012

I had a speaker back out on me the day before an event due to a personal issue, and Elizabeth was truly the answer to a prayer! Not only did she graciously jump in to speak to our entrepreneurial crowd, she delivered insights and expertise that were of trememdous value to our participants. Next time, I will call Elizabeth first!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth is a victory for women, who battle stereotypes on what they can do and what they cannot. I had many positive comments after Elizabeth spoke to our Rotary Club, but the most from women in the club who have experienced first hand the bias from their male supervisors at one stage or another in life.

Awesome Speaker for Men and Women alike

By Debra C. on August 16, 2012

Elizabeth was an awesome addition to our WOY event with ABWA. It was a concise talk and engaged both the women and the men in the audience. I would love to listen to her for hours.

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker

Well organized and motivational talk

By Thomas H. on August 15, 2012

Elizabeth's presentation was well organized and delivered in an interesting and motivational manner. She effectively related her experiences as a helicopter pilot and how those expereiences can be used as examples to achieve our life's goals. Every one of her examples related to how it made her more effective in becoming what she wants to be. Very good presentation.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: $1,000,000 - General Liability Insurance
  • Languages: English


After introducing Elizabeth (Introduction provided), Elizabeth shares stories about being an unemployed military wife and deciding to join the military as a Helicopter Pilot, only to discover the recruiter didn't know how to do the paperwork, and at every turn she was told "You Can't". Her answer was "Why Not?". Her stories continue in flight school where Elizabeth's flight instructor tried to fail her due to gender bias.

After Black Hawk training, Elizabeth moved to Fort Drum, New York where she endured the stalking and abuse at the hands of an obsessive co-worker, also a pilot, while flying missions. The stories continue with lessons of fitting in, trying new things outside your comfort zone, maintaining high performance secrets, near crashes, and leadership in difficult circumstances.

The lessons from these stories will be customized for the audience in a way that makes sense and motivates.

Elizabeth's closing will have your audience on their feet. She always receives a standing ovation. Elizabeth receives Facebook messages and emails weeks and months after speaking about how impactful her closing message "Lead from Where You Are" is and has positively impacted their lives.

Elizabeth receives the highest marks in all categories. She'll exceed your expectations.


WARNING: Your audience will leave Energized, Entertained and Empowered! In DEMAND! Contact NOW to check for available dates in 2017 and booking into 2018!

Perfect for an opening or closing keynote. Utilize Elizabeth as your banquet speaker, workshop training, company meetings, conferences or conventions, awards programs, or anywhere your audience needs to be empowered. Elizabeth will customize content to fit your organizations' objectives.

Year over year 100's of meeting planners are booking, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Elizabeth McCormick, who empowers you and your organization to go from where you ARE to where you WANT to be. Elizabeth shares her inspirational REAL stories of overcoming obstacles as she became a pioneer of women in aviation as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot for the US Army.

A sought after speaker who appeals to audiences in all walks of life, Elizabeth is dynamic and energetic while bringing her humor and interaction to the experience. She has been interviewed by ABC News 20/20, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, FOX News and more.

"YOU. In the PILOT Seat" Most Requested Motivational Keynote
"Aviate! Secrets of a Female Black Hawk Pilot" Ideal for a banquet or as entertainment
"F.L.Y.- First Lead Yourself" A leadership and personal development keynote.

Hear about real world missions and lessons learned which are motivational and customizable to YOUR OUTCOMES such “Potential Zone,” “Practice Makes…. Permanent,” “Who’s on Your Flight Crew” for teamwork, and “See a Need Lead” and “FLY- First Lead Yourself” for leadership.

Elizabeth's BIO:

As seen on ABC News "20/20," CBS News, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, on the front page of the Dallas Morning News and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth McCormick has empowered audiences all over America with her action-packed speaking. An Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth flew missions such as Air Assault/Rappelling, Command & Control, VIP, and Military intelligence. She also supported United Nations peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, receiving the Meritorious Service Medal for her excellence in service.

A decorated pilot and officer, Elizabeth was also awarded the Army Commendation Medal twice, Army Achievement Medal three times, National Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, and the coveted Army Aviator Badge. She retired from the military as a Chief Warrant Officer 2, after a career-ending injury. Elizabeth was honored with the Congressional Veteran Commendation for her commitment to duty and community.

Elizabeth is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches and trainers, and a dynamic energizing entertainer. She inspires audiences with her experiences from her years as a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot and turns those stories into lessons that any audience can understand.

A Number 1 best-selling author, her professional development book, The P.I.L.O.T. Method, has sold more than 20,000 copies. Elizabeth has also launched a series of business success tip books on a variety of topics named: Soar 2 Success.

Elizabeth's most requested Keynotes (Ask for the Sales Keynote, Safety Keynote and the Workshop options):

Motivational and Entertaining Keynote Presentation- Most Requested Topic Customizable to Client Outcomes (25-90 minutes in length)

YOU. In the Pilot’s Seat

Former U.S. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares professional development secrets for business with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot, creating an experience for your entire organization while inspiring YOU to Soar 2 Success!
You will leave knowing how to:
• Identify the strategy that will boost YOUR confidence and elevate your effectiveness with customers and co-workers
• Discover the high-performing success principle while learning to fly a helicopter (YES REALLY!)
• Develop and lead an effective team with your #1 secret weapon
• Soar to a higher level of advancement by influencing others to lead 

Elizabeth's Leadership Success Keynote (25-90 minutes in length)

"FLY Your Leadership And Watch Your Team SOAR to New Heights"

Learn to FLY in the altitude-raising presentation by former US Army Black Hawk Pilot Elizabeth McCormick as she simplifies leadership principles into an immediately implementable strategy.
You will leave elevated, inspired and to:
• Accelerate your confidence factor so you can achieve your greatest potential while leading others to reach theirs
• Prioritize the leadership actions of great leaders through a SIMPLE formula
• Fly a helicopter- REALLY! As you learn about the impact multi-tasking has on your performance (and your team’s)

********You'll find Elizabeth to be one of the easiest speakers you've ever worked with! Elizabeth customizes the lessons around her helicopter and military experiences with vulnerability and humor, making her relatable to all audiences.

Your audience will leave inspired to take action, performing at a higher level of efficiency.

The team providing the talent:

Elizabeth McCormick


Influences & Inspiration

Zig Ziglar is my inspiration. "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

Setup Requirements

Elizabeth is easy to work with, just call.


Contact Elizabeth McCormick, Black Hawk Pilot

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