Dr. Daisy Sutherland aka Dr. Mommy

Why book Dr. Daisy Sutherland aka Dr. Mommy?

Dr. Daisy Sutherland is the Founder/CEO of Dr. Mommy. She is a Doctor, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality but above all she is a devoted wife and mom to 5 children.

She is active online/offline and has several books, Dr. Mommy's Life Lessons, 21 Ways to Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday Season, 21 Ways to Run A Stress-Free Business and Letting Go of Super Mom. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love of sharing, educating and motivating others has made her a sought after speaker.

Her speaking topics include, You Don't Have To Be a Super Hero, and Turning Chaos into Clarity and more.... Her mission motivate & encourage you with her 'Get Real' approach.



Dr. Mommy Rocks!

If you're looking for a Christian speaker who can motivate and inspire Moms -- look no further! Dr. Daisy Sutherland is fun, engaging and has amazing useful tips from the trenches to share. As a home-schooling Mom of 5 kids and business owner, Dr. Mommy can speak to Moms about how to have it all, while raising wonderful kids and running 2 successful businesses. I've known her for years through social media, have been interviewed on her weekly radio broadcast, and have shared the stage with her. She's fabulous and your audience will love her no-nonsense, witty style.

Reviewer: Felicia J. S.
Event: Convention in Orlando, FL
Event Date: Oct 1, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $750 - 10,000
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Dr. Sutherland is very enthusiastic and will at times have the audience participate by standing up, taking cleansing breathes, hugging their neighbor, etc. One thing is for certain everyone will leave feeling motivated and inspired!

Dr. Daisy Sutherland aka Dr. Mommy

Dr. Daisy Sutherland is Founder & CEO of Dr. Mommy as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, speaker, radio personality, devoted wife and mother to five children. Always upbeat and motivating, Dr. Sutherland shares her wisdom via her writings, an speaking engagements. Her mission statement is to IME which means to Inspire, Motivate and Encourage you with her 'Get Real' approach to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Sutherland can be heard inspiring many on her Blog Talk Radio Show - Family Talk Radio as well as her parenting expertise as the Parenting Expert on nationally syndicated Mom Talk Radio.

Dr. Sutherland was recently featured on nationally syndicated NBC Daytime sharing how she is able to Turn Chaos into Clarity with the 4C's and the Importance of Implementing the 3Rs in your family today.

She has been writing and sharing health, business, parenting and motivational tips online since 2007 and has since written several books. Her latest are Dr. Mommy's Life Lessons, 21 Ways to Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday Season, 21 Ways to Run a Stress-Free Business, The Road to A Healthier Lifestyle in 52 Weeks and her latest Letting Go of SuperMom which was released thru Charisma House Publishing in 2012.

Dr. Sutherland has had many struggles in the past and has used her experiences to help other women and families. She truly understands the trials experienced by many but with her faith has over come them with very little scars.

Her Speaking Topics:

Creating An Online Presence to Benefit Your Business – during this presentation Dr. Sutherland shares ways to create an online presence that will benefit your online and offline business. Social media is huge and it plays a major role in expanding your business. Dr. Sutherland has done it successfully and can show you and your audience how to do the same.

10 Ways to a Happier & Healthier You! - during this presentation Dr. Sutherland let’s her unique and powerful personality flow in engaging the audience and sharing 10 of the many ways you can live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

You Don’t Need to Be a Super – Hero! – during this presentation Dr. Sutherland emphasizes how you must let go of the super hero mentality. Who says you must do it all? She shares her experiences along with tips on managing it all without losing your mind and leaving your cape and tights at home!

Social Media: Blogging Your Way to a Successful Business - during this presentation Dr. Sutherland shares why every company should and MUST have a blog. How starting a Blog can increase your visibility and corporate sales. How to get your blog to take off quickly and bring you new leads and revenue. How to nail Corporate Blogging.

Work Smarter ~ Not Harder! - during this presentation Dr. Sutherland shares tips to stress less and get more work done in an efficient manner. She shares many tips that she has written about in her latest 21 Ways Book titled: 21 Ways to Run a Stress Free Business.

Turning Chaos into Clarity – A unique and lively presentation sharing ways to turn the chaos of your life into one of peace, calm and pure clarity with 3 Essential Steps. Dr. Sutherland shares ‘real’ ways to gain clarity for your overall well being! This presentation applies to every human being and can affect not only your health, but your relationships, and business as well. This is a popular presentation.

Setup Requirements

hands-free microphone is essential


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