Deborah Smith Ford

Why book Deborah Smith Ford?

Need talent for print/live modeling, parties, publicity, charity events, premieres, ads, meet & greet,voiceovers & acting?

SAG/AFTRA eligible actress for film & television, is a lifestyle model & celebrity lookalike of numerous action, comedic, sci-fi, evil, funny, classy, dark, eccentric, hip characters.

Find, in the matrix, MATRIX'S Trinity, Mary Katherine Gallagher, The Queen of Narnia, Sabrina-TV's Charlie's Angel, most, if not all, appear to be ACTION characters!
Don't forget Neo, Morpheus & Agent Smith.

An audio book, commercials & infomercials have used Deborah's voice. She is the author of a children's book The Little Apple.



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Booking Info

  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: SAG/AFTRA Eligible


As celebrity character lookalikes I do meet and greet, photo ops and could be on stage if request is made known and planned ahead.

Past Booked Events

11/02/08 Appeared, as Trinity, at benefit fundraiser in Los Angeles, CA
09/20/08 Appeared as one of the cast of Beowulf: Prince of the Geats at the int'l film premiere in Oystese, Norway
08/31/08 Photo Shoot, as Trinity, with Neo & Morpheus, shot by Bruce C. Ruiz in Atlanta, GA
08/29/08 Appeared, as Trinity, at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA
08/22/08 Photo Shoot with Israel David Groveman, Photographer in Manhattan, NYC
07/18/08 Appeared, as Trinity, at Taste of New York in Ft. Myers, FL
07/18/08 Photo Shoot, as Trinity, for WTLT/Taste of New York in Ft. Myers, FL
07/01/08 Carrie in film Phoenix Falling
06/09/08 Mrs. Alexander, on location in Greenville, MS shooting film Beyond the Forest
01/19/08 Edna Watson in reenactment & music video of Killing Mr. Watson
01/05/08 Dottie Beasley in film Wild Sunflowers
09/19/07 On air, 925 KISS-FM, Busted Segment, with Jimmy Hamm
09/14/07 Photo Shoot, as Trinity, for Madison Magazine out of Australia, shot in Orlando, FL
06/16/07 Gena Gates in film Pose Down
05/29/07 Photo Shoot, as Trinity, with Shaul Schwarz for People Magazine in Las Vegas, NV
04/18/07 Trinity in ABC's The Next Best Thing
03/17/07 Guest on radio show Arts Alive, KUNV-FM, Las Vegas, NV
11/01/06 The Helldam in film Beowulf: Prince of the Geats
06/25/06 Showcased, as Trinity, at the The Mercado in Orlando, FL
05/22/06 Appeared, as Mary Katherine Gallaher as a Girl Scout on stage, at Disney's Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL
05/20/06 Appeared, as Trinity, at Seawalk Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, FL
04/04/06 Appeared, as Trinity with Lara Croft, at corporate event, on Disney property, in Orlando, FL
03/28/06 Appeared, as Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly, meet & greet at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, FL
03/16/06 Appeared, as a 16th Century Pirate, for the Oceanographic Society in Stuart, FL
03/02/06 Award presenter, as Audrey Hepburn, at The Reel Awards in Palm Springs, CA
01/11/06 National TV, Radio & Internet spots for Citracal shot in Florida locations
10/12/05 Appeared, as Trinity, at Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL
02/27/05 Appeared, as Trinity, for Oscar's party in Los Angeles, CA
02/25/05 Showcased, as Trinity, at the Roosevelt Hotel for the Celebity Impersonator's Convention in Los Angeles, CA
11/01/04 Appeared, as Trinity, at Planet Hollywood in Orlando, FL
10/31/04 Appeared, as Trinity, at the Bistro
08/31/04 Appeared, as Trinity, at Planet Hollywood in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
03/27/04 Appeared, as Trinity, at Omega Tau Sigma frat house in Auburn, AL
02/29/04 Appeared, as Trinity, at Oscar's Night in South Beach, Miami, FL
01/03/04 Skreeb in film Unearthed on location in Tampa, FL
11/28/03 Appeared, as Trinity, at film premieres
11/20/03 TV Commercial for Blake Chevrolet
11/19/03 TV Commercial for Heath Funeral Chapel
09/27/03 Hostage in "Jungle Terror: Ecuador" on Come Home Alive on the History Channel
04/16/03 Infomercial for Asperations by Jennifer Greyson
11/17/01 Infomercial for Happy Feet Sandals
01/13/01 Farah Kent in film Bully
01/06/01 Judith Bunker, voiceover for audio book Fields of Gladiolus
11/05/00 Airline Passenger in Global Inflight commercial
06/06/99 Industrial & Printwork for Bonita Bay's The Brook
06/15/96 Ms Deborah in documentary Yesterday's Everglades

Deborah Smith Ford

Acting in film & television.

Stage presence as different characters, meet & greet, live & print modeling, corporate events, private parties, ads, premieres, charity functions, publicity...

Talent representation is:
Vagabond Troupes

Influences & Inspiration

Showcasing as Trinity has been popular. Queen of Narnia or Mary Katherine Gallagher at events has thrilled audiences as well.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Deborah Smith Ford to find out what their setup requirements are.

Free Quote Request


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