Dalis "The Hottest Comic Alive."

Why book Dalis "The Hottest Comic Alive."?

Dalis "The Hottest Comic Alive" is a charismatic former Cocaine industry executive (Thug) "Allegedly" turned Comic. The grim reality of drug trafficking & societal ills is the foundation of the comic genius that is Dalis. Addiction & broken relationships fuel the creative energy that is @ the core of the hilarious ups & downs of Dalis life. From teens to seniors & in betweeners Dalis`s mass appeal crosses all color & cultural lines. Laughter doesn`t discriminate, we all need humor. His unique take on life entertains with insightful cautionary tales of destructive lifestyles.Your audience will love Dalis's cool & confident delivery.Your club or event will roar with laughter. Dalis`s Wit plus Your Event = Success



Great show by Dalis

Thanks for a great night of laughter you are truly in the right business allegelly.

Reviewer: Edlin
Event: Club/Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI
Event Date: Jun 15, 2012

Dallis the hottest comic alive!

Dalis's shows are one of a kind! Guaranteed great fun and laughs!!! Saw several of his shows in the Racine/ Milwaukee area! Can't wait til he makes it big!!!!

Reviewer: Kris C.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Racine, WI
Event Date: Jan 25, 2011

Dalis is hilarious.

Dalis has great material and is always great to see live. He is one of the funniest comedians I've seen perform.

Reviewer: Scott G.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Rockford, IL
Event Date: Jan 27, 2012

I coughed up a long I laughed so hard! Haha

I have see Dalis perform 6 time in the last 3 years and his comedy gets funnier and funnier. The last time that I seen Dalis's show, at one point I was laughing so hard I started to cry. I can't wait to see his show again next time he comes to town.

Reviewer: Adonnis J.
Event: Grand Opening in Racine, WI
Event Date: Feb 22, 2012

Professionally funny

My name is Otis january, I am the talent coordinator for Laugh Out Loud St. Louis television show. Dalis was on season 1and was bought back for season 3 due to fan request. He is as professional as he is funny. His comedic style and delivery make him unique in the comedy game.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Otis J.
Organization: Lolstl.com
Event: Corporate Event in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Jan 5, 2012
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Very Entertaining

Dalis was at our Christmas party and everybody enjoyed the entertainment he provided. It was a great evening thanks to him!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Erin R.
Organization: Partners by Design
Event: Christmas Party in Fond Du Lac, WI
Event Date: Nov 29, 2011
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Non-Stop Laughter

I had the pleasure of doing a show with Dalis and he was absolutely hilarious! Dalis comes to the stage with an artillery of jokes that just keep coming and coming. The character he has created is like nothing I have ever seen. Once he gets going it is best to sit back and enjoy the ride. It is only a matter of a short time until you see this man with a HBO special.

Reviewer: Michael L.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Chicago, IL
Event Date: Oct 27, 2011

One of a kind comedian!

I seen Dalis a few times and everytime he had me laughing.... Loved the show in Milwaukee and would definitly come to another one!!

Reviewer: Nicole N.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI
Event Date: Jul 30, 2011

The Hottest Comic Alive

I have seen Dalis perform many times and he always has unique, hilarious & relevant material. Dalis presents a unique apporoach to stand up and he offers a cerebral, gritty, and real point of view to a variety of societal topics. He is definitely deserving of the titile "Hottest Comic Alive" .

Reviewer: Jeff T.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Chicago, IL
Event Date: Aug 4, 2011

Consistantly funny beginning to end

I had the pleasure of hosting a show in which Dalis was the feature act. During his 25-minute set he related stories from his life in an honest yet hilarious fashion and was the hit of the show! Really look forward to working with him again!

Reviewer: Brendan O.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI
Event Date: Jul 30, 2011

very creative

Great point of view! Loved the show!

Reviewer: Dar
Event: Club/Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI
Event Date: Jul 30, 2011

Hillarious had us laughing the whole time

Dalis was hillarious very proffesional, great stage presence noticeably calm & cool. He should have been the headliner left me wanting more I would definately go see Dalis again.

Reviewer: Gina J.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Milwaukee, WI
Event Date: Jul 30, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 25 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $300 & UP / Negotiable
  • Languages: English


Ground breaking performances,guilt free uncontrollable laughter & tears of joy. "The stage is my refuge I need the crowd more than they need me" (Dalis). Clean energy created by the rollercoaster th@ is Dalis life. Hillarious tales & thought provoking jokes Th@s what u can expect from Dalis. "The Hottest Comic Alive." Audiences all over the country from The Comedy Store On Sunset in Los Angeles to the Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan have roared with laughter & cheered Dalis. The connection between Dalis & audiences is undeniable.Just like his time as a Celebrity Thug his charisma & stage presence A.K.A. Swagger is captivating. His take on the differences between rich white junkies & poor black Crackheads is a favorite among audiences black & white. His material`s mass appeal & cool calm laid back delivery Guarantees a successfull & unforgettable comedic entertainment experience Peace.

Past Booked Events

10/06/12 Baudo`s Restaurant & South Street Comedy Club. Jackson TN.
10/04/12 Southland Greyhound Park. West Memphis Ark.
09/30/12 Ventura Comedy Festival
09/29/12 Ventura Comedy Festival
09/28/12 Ventura Comedy Festival
09/27/12 Ventura Comedy Festival
09/26/12 Ventura Comedy Festival,
09/25/12 Ventura Comedy Festival, Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, Ventura CA.
09/24/12 Ventura Comedy Festival, Ventura CA.
09/15/12 Pitchers Mound Beloit, WI.
07/28/12 JJ Java Cafe Evanston,IL.
07/19/12 Jack`s Cigar and Hookah Lounge Rockford IL.
06/29/12 American Legion Post 148. FT. Wayne IN.
06/17/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
06/16/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
06/15/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
06/15/12 Karma Bar & Grill Milwaukee WI.
06/14/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
06/13/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
06/13/12 NYC. Underground Comedy Festival
05/17/12 She-Nannigans Chicago IL.
05/12/12 Women's Banquet Southside Church Of Christ Milwaukee WI.
05/06/12 The Rock Community Church Evansville IN.
05/04/12 Jazzy Grooves Evansville IN.
04/15/12 Rhode Center For The Arts Kenosha,WI.
04/14/12 Rhode Center For The Arts Kenosha,WI.
04/12/12 Banana`s Comedy Club Hansbrouk Heights,NJ
03/24/12 Broadway Baby Theater Milwaukee WI.
03/21/12 Gilda`s Club Hackensack,NJ.
03/11/12 The End Zone, Delavan WI.
02/22/12 Jokes & Notes Chicago IL.
02/12/12 The End Zone,Delavan WI.
02/11/12 The Looney Bin Comedy Club Staten Island, NY
02/10/12 Live 59 Chicago IL.
02/08/12 HD's No Name Comix Comedy Show @ BaHa Rock Club St. Louis MO.
01/31/12 Laughing Chameleon Glenview IL.
01/27/12 Bookworm Bakery @ Rockford Public Library. Rockford IL.
01/26/12 She-Nannigins Chicago IL
01/20/12 St. Louis MO. Birthday Party
01/05/12 LOL STL. Television Show Taping St. Louis MO.
12/31/11 Jokerz Comedy Club Milwaukee WI.
12/18/11 Nastalgias Milwaukee,WI. Christmas Comedy Bash
12/18/11 Nastalgias Milwaukee,WI. Christmas Comedy Bash
12/17/11 3 Yr. Anniversary celebration Bloomington MN.
12/11/11 South Hills Country Club Employee Christmas Party Fon Du Lac, WI.
11/29/11 Partners by Design Christmas Party Fon Dulac WI.
11/22/11 The event as Sopo Loung and Grill 3418 N. Southport Ave. Chicago IL.
11/21/11 The Comedy Shrine 4034 Fox Valley Center Drive Aurora, IL 60504
11/18/11 The Bookworm Rockford IL. 8:00
11/12/11 Racine Raising Cancer Awareness benefit. San Francisco Grill Racine WI. 7:PM
11/09/11 Comedy Club On State Madison WI.
11/05/11 10Year Sobriety Birthday Party @ Pass it on Club Milwaukee WI.
10/27/11 She-Nannigins Chicago IL.
10/12/11 Comedy Club On State Madison WI.
09/24/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
09/23/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
09/22/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
09/21/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
09/20/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
09/19/11 World Series Of Comedy Las Vegas, NV. Alexis Park Hotel
08/25/11 She-nannagins 16 West Division St. Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60610
08/15/11 Gorilla Tango Theater 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647
07/30/11 Karma Bar 600 E. Ogden Milwaukee, WI.

Dalis "The Hottest Comic Alive."

"The Hottest Comic Alive." Th@s the label. an Alledeg former thug th@ turned comic. Life was getting way to real in the gutters of Racine WI.The federal Penitentiary was looking like a very likely possibilty. So the journey from Coke to Jokes began circa 2007. Dalis`s comic energy is a combonation of thought provoking wit & a Billion Dollar swagger. Since 2007 the hillarious Material th@ comes from the depths of humanity has been Dalis`s trademark. Crime, addiction & broken Relationships are the cornerstones of the comic genius known as El Presendente in local underworld circles. Dalis is not & Urban or def jam comic. Dalis is & American comic entertaining the masses, Laughter doesn't discriminate. We all need it.
You can expect roaring laughter & tears of joy when Dalis is on stage. Born & raised in Racine WI. 53403.Home of the highest unemployment rate in the nation for black men 30%-40%. The son of world famous American artist Prophet William J. Blackmon who is widely regaurded as one of the top 5 Folk Artists of the 20th Century.The creative juice th@ fueled Prophet is the same fuel th@ burns in Dalis.
Societal ills & criminal activity distorted this special gift passed from Prophet to Dalis. Addiction & Fedreral Investigators made Dalis appreciate this unique skill set. Fractured
relationships & probation stints are just the beginning, the evolution of thugs & the onslaught of the snitchin epidemic is what propelled Dalis into the life of a comic.Dalis has performed from coast to coast in great comedy clubs like The Comedy store on Sunset in LA.& the Broadway Comedy Club in NewYork ,Casinos like Potawatami in Milwaukee WI. & college campuses like Parkside University in Kenosha WI. Just to name a few venues. So If u want Super Hot Comedy from a different angle Dalis is your Man. Thanx Peace.

Set List

Corporate Comedy,PG./Christian Comedy-R Rated/Adult Comedy .Crime,Religion,Pastors,white chicks, Addiction, Trafficking,Kids,TV,Local Rappers, Roaster /Roast Master,Emcee,Host,ect,ect,ect.........

From: Evan Bland [mailto:ebland@norfolkdailynews.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 4:28 PM
To: dalis
Subject: the comedy festival

Dalis Jaxon seemed to draw some of the heartier laughs at the Inaugural Great American Comedy Festival in mid-June in Norfolk, Neb. Jaxon was the second of 18 comedians to give a five-minute routine during the festival's "Amateur Night." As the reporter responsible for covering the event for the local newspaper, I recall noting that he was among the funniest five or so comedians. What struck me about his performance relative to some of the other stand-ups was his calm and confident mood. That laid-back approach, in my opinion, added to the humor in his bits, like how he wished family crack addicts could be treated like dogs and "put down." My favorite part was his take on how he thought men should get built-in physical excuses to be moody like women have. The way he pretended to tell his boss he was having a "tender ball day" and that he wasn't coming into work got quite a few laughs.

Overall, Jaxon was definitely one of the funnier stand-ups at a relatively prestigious competition. After interviewing him, I was even more impressed with his success given that he adjusted his material to meet the expectations of a more family-type audience. Humor and versatility are two big keys to a comic's success, and from Jaxon's performance in June, I would predict more for him in the future.

-Evan Bland

Influences & Inspiration

Richard Pryor,Eddie Murphy,Chris Rock,Patrice O`Neal, Chris Tucker,Dave Chappel, Tosh,Dice Clay, kevin Hart, Steven Wright, George Lopez,........

Setup Requirements


Mic Stand


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