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Why book D & M Entertainers?

Our Feature Performance Artist is Mystique The Magician & If Unique is what you seek. ... It's time to book the magic of Mystique!

We also have a variety of Magicians, characters, clowns, face painters, airbrush art, temporary tattoo & balloon twisters.
Our performers are experienced professionals and most have 25 years in the entertainment industry. We only list high quality entertainers for your special events. The entire team is committed to meeting your needs. A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. D&M is focused on providing high-quality entertainers and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.





He made my party a success!!!!

I hired Zippy the clown for my daughters 3rd birthday party on 8/25/13. He put on a magic show that the children loved! After the show he did balloon twisting and face painting. Finding one person to do all three saved a lot of money. He was great and I would definitely use him again.
Thanks again


Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ebony W.
Event: Birthday Party in Brookhaven, PA
Event Date: Aug 25, 2013
Hired As: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician, Clown, Face Painter

Great Magic!!

My daughter loves Criss Angel, so as a surprise I hired Mystique the magician for 13th birthday party. The whole family just couldn't get enough, we still don't know how he made a scarf appear in a sealed box I held the entire time!!! I became the cooliest dad on the block because I hired Mystique!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Richard R.
Event: Birthday Party in Delran, NJ
Event Date: Sep 18, 2011
Hired As: Children's Party Entertainment, Magician

Amazing !!!

We had D&M for my anniversary party. Mystique the Magician belongs on TV.(period!) the adults were mesmerized and the few kids there went crazy, I got the airbrush artist for the kids but the adults had more done than the Kids!!! Denise is so talented and patient. You can't go wrong with this company.

Reviewer: Joanne W.
Event: Anniversary Party in Philadelphia, PA
Event Date: Sep 18, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: $125 - $3,000
  • Languages: English


*Magic Show- Stand-up/Stage Show* The basic stand-up stage show is incredible it has music, fire, a dove or Rabbit and is packed with laughter and delight.
*Strolling/Walk-around Magic* Amaze your guest close up, with mind blowing routines with coins, cards, rings and other interesting items.
*Gospel Magic* The show includes "visual parables"intended to present God's good news.
-Add an Suspension Illusion to any magic package - Their are two folding chairs facing each other, with a board across, on top -- bridging the two chairs. The audience member lies on top of this board one chair is removed leaving the board and the person to hover, supported by the remaining chair. The magician removes the board itself, leaving the child suspended in air! (120lb wt limit)
*Airbrush Face Designs & Tattoo Photo Party*-Host a unique party! Each guest is photographed with their art designs and recieves framed photo by the end of the party!
*Balloon Twisting & Face Painting*
*Characters* Famous Mascots will make a celebrity appearance to make your event all the rave! Your celebrity will pose for pictures, shake hands and give lots of hugs.
*Clowns* Our Clowns perform comedy magic, balloon twisting and /or face painting
Please take a look at our web site for additional packages and pricing. We are Pay Pal Verified and offer Pay Pal for secure online payment of deposits or an incremental payment plan. Thanks for considering D & M Entertainers!

Additional Booking Notes

Sigfried and Roy, Lance Burton and Chris Capehart

D & M Entertainers

"D&M" Entertainers has gradually evolved into e xistence over a period of 19 exciting years of networking and sharing. Our performers are experienced professionals and most have 25 years in the entertainment industry. We only list high quality entertainers for your special events.

Mystique the Magicain - Mystique is an all around showman, excellent for events that call for a dynamic and unique performer. Mystique began practicing magic at the age of 8 with street performance troupes. By age 14, Mystique was delighting children at birthday parties with magic, balloon twisting and face painting. For over 30 years Mystique has developed a show business career that combines the discipline of magic with other aspects of the performing arts. Mystique is in demand for private functions , parties and benefits. He does productions with breath taking routines involving doves, fire, vanishing and special effects.

Airbrush Face Designs & Tattoo Photo Party- Host a unique party!
Each participant is photographed with their personal body art and receives framed photo by the end of the party!!! Memories that they can hold and take with them!

Zippy the Clown- He has an easy-going manner is kind, friendly, and fun. Zippy’s interaction with people is a gift which has grown through years of entertaining children and adults of all ages. Zippy’s routines are all-inclusive. Music, face painting, magic, and balloon twisting are all thoughtfully selected and modified to create a safe and entertaining environment. Zippy the Clown will make every effort to work with you to ensure that yourparty is a success .
Zippy the Clown is available for parties, family celebrations, business, and community events. Zippy’s make-up, which is child-friendly and non-threatening, reflects his personality and fun-filled approach.( On Request, Zippy and all of our clowns are available- make-up free to accommodate issues of Coulrophobia / clown phobia)

We have a variety of Magicians, characters, clowns, face painters, airbrush art, temporary tattoo & balloon twisters waiting and willing to meet your entertainment needs.

The team providing the talent:

Mystique The Magician


Denise Montgomery

Airbrush Artist

Chris Capehart

Master Magician

Zippy The Clown

Clowning, comedy magic and Face panting

Disco Doug

Clowning, comedy magic and balloon twisting

Push Billingsly


Gumbo the Clown

Clowning, comedy magic, face panting and balloon twisting

Auntie Kay Kay

Face painting and Balloon Twisting

Mr. Fantasy


Lil Dee

Junior clown and helper

Setup Requirements

Electricity for Airbrush Art