Cassandra Fox - Caribbean and Belly Dance

Why book Cassandra Fox - Caribbean and Belly Dance?

Cassandra Fox is a multiple award winning and internationally known professional dance performer and instructor. She specializes in authentic belly dance as well as Caribbean Fusion dance (a fusion of Caribbean music and movement with belly dance movement). She teaches all ages from children up to seniors and is always appropriate. She is known for her energy, enthusiasm, athleticism and joy in her performances. She is available for a variety of events however Cassandra does not perform at bachelor parties or all male events. Thank you for your time.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 45 minutes
  • Fee: $200 and up (increases with distance traveled)
  • Languages: English, Other


Fun, lively, authentic, technically powerful, and expressive belly dance or caribbean fusion. Cassandra is known for her ability to engage her audience and making them feel like part of the excitement, getting them up to dance and bringing them into a fun and lively atmosphere.

Additional Booking Notes

Cassandra requires an adequate sound system that can play either CD or an iPod nano. A boom box or simple cd player is not adequate. She also requires a private and secure space to change and leave her belongings while she is performing.

Past Booked Events

09/11/11 Ashiko Drumming Away Hunger Festival, Orillia, Ontario
09/02/11 Miami Bellydance Convention - Opening night Gala
08/27/11 Viva La Diva World Champion Belly Dance Competition - Boston, MA
08/20/11 Zensual Fitness Barrie - Open House
08/06/11 Barrie Rhythmfest Celebration - An interactive Festival

Cassandra Fox - Caribbean and Belly Dance

Cassandra is known nationally and internationally for her strong, energetic, fluid and joyful style. She completed 2012 having been awarded the"Emerging Artist Award" from the City of Barrie Arts Awards, and was crowned the 2012 Belly Dancers of the Universe Fusion Champion in Long Beach California, as well as being voted Miss Congeniality twice. She has achieved a solid reputation at both the local level having been on Rogers TV Daytime Barrie and Collingd Georgain Bay Life multiple times and having been invited to perform and teach in the United States and Europe in 2013. Her performances are known for her infectious energy and enthusiasm, clean technique and her ability to draw in and engage her audience. Her youtube channel has over 2 million video views and over 4400 subscribers. Cassandra is currently the house dancer at Tholos in the Blue Moutain Village.

A multi award winning performer, she has finished in the top 5 in multiple categories at the 2010 Belly Dance Nationals, 2011 Belly Dancer of the Universe, 2011 Belly Dancer of the Year and the 2011 La Danse Orientale. In addition to wowing the judges she has also come home with People’s Choice award and Congeniality award, illustrating her ability to connect with her audience and be a pleasure to work around.
Cassandra has performed and taught throughout Ontario and the United States receiving excellent reviews from students and workshop attendees. She is a fun teacher who is committed to seeing her students have fun and enjoy themselves while learning strong technique. She has also taken workshops with instructors from around the world in an effort to expand her own knowledge and continually develop herself as a dancer, artist and entertainer.

She is perhaps most well known for her Caribbean Fusion dance, which is a result of her Jamaican heritage (Cassandra is the first generation of her family born in Canada) and her love of belly dance. She grew up with the culture, music and dance of the Caribbean and has always loved it. While completing her studies at the University of Guelph she was incredibly drawn to the sensuous and feminine nature of belly dance movement and it was a natural progression for her to put the two together.
Cassandra has a wide range of performance experience, including family birthday parties, weddings, large multicultural festivals, large stage showcases, competitions, charity events, corporate events, children’s birthday parties, dance conventions, and special occasions. She is committed to excellent quality performances and most importantly making sure her audience is enjoying themselves. She is also very flexible on the set up on a performance so if you have a special request please do not hesitate to communicate with her about it.

**Cassandra does not perform at all male events, thank you for your understanding**

Set List

This is tailored to each individual event. Cassandra communicates with clients to discuss their needs to best suit the performance to be the best fit for their event.

Influences & Inspiration

Largely inspired my Russian dancer Natalia Fadda, Brazilian dancer Kahina, Ukrainian dancer Dariya Mitskevich, Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdo, Argentinian dancer Saida. As well as DHQ Carlene and DHQ Fraules.

Setup Requirements

CD player and/or MP3 player and sound system