Carla Martin

Why book Carla Martin?

I am an Evangelist,Worship Leader & Gospel Recording Artist/Writer. I have been singing for over 17 years... "I Believe The Heart Of The Author Is Translated Through Their Words, And If The Author Has The Heart Of God Then God Should Be Heard When The Author Speaks" ~ Carla Martin.





Awesome Praise and Worship!

Carla Martin and her team lead praise and worship during 4 of our church services during the month of October, 2012. The worship experience was awesome because the entire team lead us into the presence of God by their pure desire for God and example of Worship. We are looking forward to having them return when there is another opportunity for guest praise and worship leaders!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Audrey C.
Organization: Hope International Church
Event: Church Service in Groveland, FL
Event Date: Oct 14, 2012
Hired As: Praise and Worship Leader

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $300 an up
  • Languages: English


Making Sure That Ever One I Minister In Front Of Has Experienced God's Love For Them.

Past Booked Events

08/07/12 Kingdom Life Church
05/19/12 The Upper Room Ministries 3575 NE 15th Street, Gainesville FL. 32609.

Carla Martin

Carla Martin, an Ordained Evangelist, has a passion to translate the heart of God to the world through music
She has been performing for 17 years at churches and venues including the Apollo Theater, Manhattan Symphony Space, and New York City Town Hall. And has won first place in the 2002 McDonald’s Gospel Fest. To the stage and large crowds Carla is no stranger.
Being married with seven children, Carla has a mandate to reach young people. Her songs inspire and empower them to live above the influence of the world through Jesus Christ. Her sound infused with real life testimony pulls the listener in and helps lead them to God’s throne.
Carla Martin is certainly a relevant voice in this season of gospel music. We are excited to introduce the world to one of God’s hidden gifts.

Download Carla Martin's latest single "GOOD" available now on iTunes,Amazon Mp3 & Google Play Store.

The team providing the talent:

Carla Martin


Setup Requirements

If necessary, hotel accommodations. If possible, a private room with towels,room temperature Poland Spring or Deer Park bottle water,Fresh Towels,Tea & Honey. Also All Accommodations Be Made For My Husband/Manager.