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Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger

Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger

16 reviews

About Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger

Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger: motivational speaker & multimedia presentation with college age interns, & singer/songwriter/speaker Billy Ballenger. Known for our ability to connect with students on any level, Break the Grey brings a multi-media presentation, of music, skits, dance & motivational speaking inspiring audiences to reach their greatest potential. Presentations occur in many different venues & contexts. From festivals, TV, assemblies at public schools, resident homes, military schools, colleges, concerts & churches, & more, Break the Grey is defining life for today's youth!
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Game Changer!

By Josh S. on May 5, 2015

Break the Grey is a game changer when it comes to dealing with the latest social issues most of your students have seen first hand but most staff has no idea about. Most admins and counselors will feel they know but their eyes will be opened after this experience. Every student will walk away with an important lesson learned on this emotional roller coaster.

Hired as: Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Pop Music, Pop Singer, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker

Law Enforcement Endorsed

By Chad M. on April 3, 2014

I had the opportunity to meet Bill Ballenger and see assemblies by Break the Grey in Ohio in 2012. Since that time I have had many opportunities to witness and be a part of the amazing way they are changing the lives of student's in multiple states and in Canada.

As a law enforcement officer, I know too well the challenges teens face in today's time. After seeing Break the Grey I gladly promote their message as it needs to be heard in every school in America!

Whether it is an gymnasium of 80 or 2000, no matter what the social / economical / geographical class represented, Bill and the amazing team of interns captivate and silence the students as they aren't afraid to talk about the issued teens are facing today. The students appreciate and respect that these strangers came to their school and understand where they are. That they are willing to Break the Grey area, get it out in the open, quit sweeping it under the rug and talk about it.

The team does a great job of working with the school administrators ahead of time making the assemblies go flawlessly. They do a great job letting the students know that the school staff is there for them after BTG leaves and that THEY can be a leader to make a difference in their school by speaking up and saving someones life!

BALLENGER is a 100% professional, top notch, no holds barred, crowd pleasing and amazing vocal that both students and adults enjoy!

Bill Ballenger and Break the Grey are the complete package of motivational (captivating) speaker and pop singer/songwriter. Well worth the minimal cost for changing the lives of America's & Canada's youth.

Hired as: Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Pop Music, Pop Singer, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker

Response from Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger:

Thank you, Chad for this review!

From Paulding Highschool

By Adrian D. on September 21, 2015

He was enlightening and very enthusiastic about his presentation. I felt the message was very clear. Thank you for your message today it was very good!!!!!! :) :) :D :D

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Response from Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger:

Thank you for your kind review!

Break The Grey Was Amazing

By Kathy S. on May 6, 2015

Our school hosted Break The Grey for an assembly with both our Jr. High and High School students along with a concert that evening. The message brought to our students by Bill was both challenging and inspiring. You could have heard a pin drop in a gymnasium that held upward of 700 students and adults. The concert that evening was well attended and the number of students that were reached for Christ was above and beyond my expectations. They are truly a 1st class act and I was honored to have a part in the planning and executing this exciting day for our kids. God Bless them and their outreach!!

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker, Pop Music, Pop Singer, Motivational Speaker

A Must Have Team in our Schools, Amazing!

By Belinda K. on January 2, 2014

I had the opportunity to meet Bill Ballenger and his Break the Grey Team, What he has to say and how his team does this is Amazing, I seen a entire gym full of High School and Middle School kids in Awe of what he was doing, you could hear a pin drop as he was speaking, his interns bring truthful and painful situations we go thru as kids in a way they understand it. I was so impressed in his love for getting these positive messages out in the way he does. I think every school should have them as there number one priority for him to be there. His interns were honest, and hard working young men and women and just told it like it was. I loved it! I can't say enough of how good his program is in helping young people try to make better choices. I am looking forward in trying to get him back into our schools system again.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

An impact that changes lives

By Mikayla A. on December 17, 2013

Break the Grey came to high schools all over our community including mine and literally changed so many lives. This is an assembly people actually stayed awake in and listened to. Bill Ballenger is so real, his story inspired my whole school and my friends even volunteered at his concert. What he has to say is important and kids all over the country should hear his story.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Pop Music, Pop Singer

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Bill & Jodie Ballenger and Break the Grey for the last four years. Our relationship started in 2009 when I brought Bill's ministry to my own community in Hillsdale Michigan. Break the Grey had an amazing effect on our youth and they still talk about him today. Since then, I have become a Field Manager for BTG bringing Bill into over one hundred schools and have witnessed first hand thousands of students lives changed through assemblies and concerts. I highly recommend Break the Grey to anyone who is looking to impact their youth. Bill is highly professional, an amazing motivational speaker, singer, songwriter and his team of talented interns are the definition of inspiration.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Pop Music, Pop Singer, Singer/Songwriter

Impacting Many

By Karissa C. on December 2, 2013

Break the Grey came to the schools in my community and I witnessed many students being impacted, Break the Grey started a movement that has continued to grow in those schools as students are stepping up to make better choices and fight for their fellow classmates, changing the whole community through the process.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Singer/Songwriter

Excellent Presentation

By Clendon G. on December 2, 2013

Break the Grey and Bill Ballenger did a fantastic job in their presentation at our Jr/Sr High School! They reached students in a way that no other previous presenter has been able to do! I highly recommend them for any middle or high school group!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Break The Grey ROCKS

By Rachael P. on December 2, 2013

The name "Break The Grey" is a perfect fit for this organization. They are extraordinary at helping the youth of America and Canada break out of the grey, uncertain areas in their life and giving them someone to talk to... someone to HELP them, encourage them, and uplift them!! Break The Grey brings hope.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Its about time

By Jeff C. on November 30, 2013

Eccl. chapter III reminds us there is a time and season for everything under the sun, or as David put so eloquently in the Psalms, "in the land of the living" Bill its about time you showed up and are doing what you are doing for the kingdom!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

Find hope

By Lee A. F. on November 30, 2013

I contacted Break the Grey and Bill Ballenger I was looking for someone to help the youths, find hope for their futures and inspire them to stop making destructive choices. A mother of two teen daughters I feel that the youth do not want to listen and communication is misunderstood. Need more people helping to bring Break the Grey and Bill Ballenger across Canada. More urgent than ever. Contact me Canadian Field Manager.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Pop Singer

Bill Ballanger, Jodie, Break the Grey, Interns and all the Staff are wonderful people. They are very dedicated to the Middle School, High Schools, College age teens of America and it's Border Countries. I have known Bill and Jodie for several years now, see how dedicated they are. See how they care about teens, Bill can talk to them in Asemblies that get's right to their level. They don't feel put down, but He makes them feel they are worth while, He has a way about him that can reach the unreachable. The interns also with their skits and Break the Grey and Bill with their music, reaches out to all teenagers. God Bless this team of people, I highly recomand them to any area or any school, church or college.

Break The Grey is Awesome!

By Jessica A. on November 29, 2013

I have known about Break the Grey for a couple of years now. I am in close personal contact with a few of the key team members that are right under Bill Ballenger. Also, I have met many of the interns and Bill Ballenger himself a few times. I am always impressed with their integrity, strength of character and kindness to all those that they come in contact with. When I attended this specific concert event in Vicksburg, I was wowed by how well it was executed. They provided all the necessary staff, equipment, security, entertainment, motivation speaking, etc and without any sort of guilting, controlling, manipulating or any other forms of negative way that people try to coerce teens into doing something or believing something. I am proud to have been a part of it. I do now support this organization and will continue to. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of having any of these kind of services for teen, college students, elementary kiddos and special needs students.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Christian Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Rock Band, Singer/Songwriter

Life Changing Presentations!

By Valerie N. on November 28, 2013

I first became acquainted with Break the Grey when I saw an assembly and concert in Jackson, Michigan! I then proceeded to bring them to Barry County, in Michigan for a big event week (week worth of Assemblies ending with a big concert). It changed my life and thousands of students lives! This organization literally saves lives and changes the fabric of your community when they come in!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Christian Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Pop Music

Amazing team!

By Virginia B. on November 28, 2013

Went to see them at a church in Michigan and was blown away! They have such a great message. Bill is so down to earth and real...He is in love with the Lord and it shines from within him without him even speaking. I would highly recommend him speaking for your church or school! Amazing in one word!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Christian Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Pop Music

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: Traxler Insurance Company
  • Languages: English


Billy Ballenger is a motivational speaker who speaks in public schools across America. He comes into the schools with a crew of college age interns (called Break the Grey) who set up a multi-media presentation and perform skits and speak. Break the Grey performs single assemblies, multiple assemblies, or even big events that can last a full week with up to 12 assemblies that end in a huge rock concert. These assemblies challenge students to make healthy choices in the areas of substance abuse, bullying, academics, cutting, gangs, and helps them understand their personal worth.
Billy will also schedule individual speaking engagements. He has appeared on Television around the world, radio shows, and has 7 CD's to his credit. Billy also speaks in churches and youth groups.

As a musician Billy Ballenger performs with his band BALLENGER in many kinds of Concert venues, community events, TV, Radio, and Festivals. While able to provide it's own production BALLENGER offers a cutting edge performance second to none. You can even choose an unplugged concert if you so desire. BALLENGER is a pop rock genre loving every opportunity to engage crowds with positive lyrics & high energy performances.

Break the Grey, Our assembly program, is second to none! We go into schools with backdrops, screens, projectors, and our own sound. Our college age student interns create skits, perform them, dance, speak and put together youth relevant presentations that will change the lives of students in schools of all grades. Break the Grey has presentations for elementary through High School and they will all be life changing for your students.
We use a multi-media approach utilizing every venue that students today relate to. We feature videos, music, dance, skits, slam poetry, humor, interaction and our skilled and charismatic speaker, Billy Ballenger, who will keep your students spell bound and point them to wiser, healthier choices that could very well save their lives.

Break The Grey school assemblies are customized to fit within any timeline or location such as a gym or auditorium. Our staff arrives at your school fully equipped to present the assembly with their own equipment. We feature multimedia screens, video segments relevant skits, quality sound and skilled presentation speakers. Break The Grey, a non-profit organization, has a national scope with a local relevance.

Assembly Subjects:

Character Is A Choice
Suicide Is Not An Option
Poverty Doesn't Define You
Beauty Starts With A Heartbeat
The Bully And Insecurity
Life And Death Decisions
Save A Life Or Save A Friendship
Cyber Bullying & Sexting
Don't Harm Beauty: Self Harm/Cutting
Where are my leaders at?
Date violence
You can change your school atmosphere
Be the difference in your school
Go after your dream
You can overcome your circumstances
Substance abuse

Additional Booking Notes

Requirements are based on the unique venue we are performing in. If Ballenger Band is doing a concert, a rider will be provided listing our needs. We travel with our own sound and lighting company who set up for Ballenger Band concerts.
If Bill Ballenger (motivational speaker) and Break the Grey Interns (Break the Grey as an organization consists of a team of college age interns who perform skits, dance, speak and use videos and music to impact their audience), perform, we bring in our own screens, projectors, and sound and simply need a place to plug in and set up.
Contact Val Norton, Director of Operations, for details on what is needed according to your individual needs.


Billy Ballenger was born February 15, 1969 in Franklin, Indiana. He spent the majority of his young life fighting authority and digging himself into a deep pit without the prospect of escape. His birth parents relatively absent from his life, a troubled childhood began. Being bullied at school on an almost daily basis cut Billy's fuse short and he began to push back, becoming violent and disorderly. Early uses of drugs and alcohol propelled him into a downward spiral that eventually led to him buying and selling drugs. As a teenager, he began to systematically dismantle his life piece by piece. Running away from home was the least extreme thing he did during this season of his life. His exodus from the safety of his adoptive parents and into a rebellious environment eventually lead him to juvenile placement at White's Residential and Family Services in Wabash Indiana. It was at Whites where Billy would meet his future wife, Jodie. Both were leading unhealthy lives stacked against the law and eventually fell in love. By age 18, Billy Ballenger was a teenage father and husband sprinting down a corrupt path. He was involved in the teenage party lifestyle, dangerous crimes, and violence.

On September 12, 1988, Billy's lifestyle came to an abrupt end. He and his new wife Jodie had just used the last of their stash of drugs and Billy thought a bath sounded like a good idea. But instead of a relaxing soak, what Billy got was an unwelcome surprise. A SWAT team raided his and Jodie's home, having been dispatched to apprehend Billy for his involvement in the recent violence and burglaries in the area. Still soaking wet, Billy was grabbed and thrown against the wall with the barrel of a 12-gauge pump shotgun pressed against his head. Billy and Jodie were arrested and their young 9 month old daughter Mindy was taken from them. The dismantling of his life was complete. Separated from his wife and his daughter taken from him, Billy would now be looking at the remnants of a wasted life from behind the bars of 4 different prisons. Billy and Jodie were sentenced to 6 years each in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Faced with the pieces of his life strewn out before him, Billy made a promise to change. Vowing to clean up, he tried tirelessly to gain freedom from prison for himself and Jodie. After another failure in a long string of legal rejections, a judge told Billy to stop asking to get out of prison early. Amazingly, less than 2 months after the Ballengers were told by the court to stop wasting their time trying to get an early release, the judge had a sudden, unexplainable change of heart. Both Billy and Jodie were released from prison one year early. What's more, their daughter Mindy was returned to them with no strings attached. It was nothing less than a modern day miracle. And the Ballengers stood fast to the vow Billy made in prison.

Billy finds purpose in life by helping young people who have dug themselves into the same hopeless pit he found himself in. With a vision for helping others get off drugs and alcohol, Billy shares his story through his many speaking opportunities.

He also finds ways of sharing hope through his music. As a singer-songwriter Billy Ballenger's passion for music came as a young boy living in Taylorsville, Indiana in the late 1970's. It was there he remembers playing old Beatles and Beach Boys records while he slept in order to memorize the lyrics and be able to sing them on his own. Several years after Billy was released from prison his music finally developed into a professional carrier and has led to performances Internationally in China, Russia, the United States and on international television. This has allowed Billy to share his story with millions of people around the world.

After the release of several Cd's his passions eventually came to a head and combined into an organization now called "Break the Grey". Break the Grey tours public schools providing character development assemblies, culminating in high-energy pop/rock concert productions sponsored by local communities wanting to bring hope to today's youth. Since it's beginning in 2005 BTG has exploded. It's grown exponentially, developing a national reach, with an influence across the United States. In 2010, Break the Grey launched an internship program, training young people on how to guide their peers toward a healthier style of living.

Billy Ballenger hasn't had a drop of alcohol or touched an illegal drug since his arrest in 1988. His relationship with his wife is stronger than ever before. His organization is thriving and his music is finding ever-growing success. But more than any of this, Billy is rewarded most when a student comes to him and says, "Thank you for changing my life." And it's this that Billy hopes to hear from every young person searching for help in the public schools all across North America.

Past Booked Events

Oct 11, 2015 Life Bridge Church, Fort Wayne, IN
Sep 29, 2015 Northwood Middle School assembly, Wakarusa, IN
Sep 28, 2015 Columbus Christian Assembly, Columbus, IN
Sep 24, 2015 Defiance Middle School assembly, Defiance, OH
Sep 23, 2015 Defiance High School assembly, Defiance, OH
Sep 22, 2015 Paulding HS & MS assembly, Paulding, OH
Sep 21, 2015 Fairview High School assembly, Sherwood, OH
Sep 21, 2015 Hicksville High School assembly, Hicksville, OH

The team providing the talent:

Billy Ballenger


Amy Withrow

Director of Internship

Brad Gemberling

Ballenger Music Director/Lead Guitarist in Ballenger

Alexis Clow

Associate Intern Director

Set List

Contact Val Norton, National Director of Operations, for details. 269-601-8785 /

Influences & Inspiration

Elvis Presley, The Paper Tongues, Matt Kearney, Train, Rich Mullins, Petra, Carmen, Newsboys, John Mayer

Setup Requirements

Contact Val Norton, Director of Operations for details. 269-601-8785/


Contact Break the Grey/Bill Ballenger

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