Braggart Family Entertainment

Why book Braggart Family Entertainment?

Braggart Family Entertainment provides entertainment for events such as parties, fundraisers, conventions, festivals and fairs. Their repertoire includes juggling, fire manipulation, thrill stunts, comedy and other circus acts. In addition to the aforementioned acts of daring-do, they operate a small museum known as “The Braggart Collection of Oddities and Strange Art.”




Really Cool stuff to see

I've seen these guys 3 times and every time i see them i'm glad to say they put on quite a show full of cool stuff like dangerous Juggling, fire breathing, mousetraps on tongues,nails in noses, and hands in small animal traps. Really cool to see people actually doing this stuff in real life you know. Also very funny!

Reviewer: Juan V.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Houston, TX
Event Date: Feb 25, 2012


I’ve seen the Brothers Dracul at the Texas Renaissance Festival on several occasions, and I have to say that they are phenomenal! You will laugh at their jokes and easy camaraderie, drop your jaw in amazement at their fire-spinning and eating and several other tricks, and cringe and cover your eyes at some of their more mind-bending spectacles, only to uncover your eyes immediately because – yes, they actually DID just do that! Broken glass, a bed of nails, juggling knives and fire, nails and power tools, oh my! Go see them! You’ll be glad you did!

Reviewer: Anne C.
Event: Festival in Plantersville, TX
Event Date: Oct 29, 2011

Its not really an event unless you provide a circus

we had the Braggart family circus come perform at our 30th annual "Spring festival". After 30 years we only thought we knew how to party. Boy were we wrong. If you want to put some "shebang!!" into your next event, hire the Braggart family circus.
Our event was all ages and types of people and the Braggarts were a big hit with all. They had an all day long oddity attraction and performed the circus at night.
These folks performed a plethora of superhuman stunts while the barker kept the crowd involved and on their toes. I booked them for the next festival immediately after seeing them perform.
On top of their mad circus skill, they are truly fine folks one and all. Pleasant, polite, entertaining, thrills galore, great for all ages. I cant say enough about the Braggarts. A-1 , top notch. Good clean fun!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Paul S.
Organization: Matagorda County Spring Festival
Event: Festival in Palacios, TX
Event Date: Mar 19, 2011
Hired As: Sideshow, Balancing Act, Balloon Twister, Belly Dancer, Circus Entertainment, Clown, Comedy Show, Escape Artist, Fire Eater, Fire Performer, Juggler, Medieval Entertainment, Stilt Walker, Strolling/Close-up Magician, Stunt Performer, Traveling Circus, Variety Entertainer

Very professional entertainers

I am a local artist and art show promoter here in San Antonio, Texas. I have had the Braggart Family Sideshow out to perform for my shows 3 different times. They drove from Houston to San Antonio for the show always arriving 1-2 hours early. This helped to lower my stress as some booked acts/entertainers/artists show up late or not at all, forcing me to call them and hold their freaking hands while trying to get them to honor a deal made between us. If you book acts/entertainers/artists you know what I mean. The Braggart Family Sideshow were always polite to my crowd and to myself never causing any trouble. As for their entertainment value, these guys knocked it out the park every time. I would hear people talking about them for months after the event and every once in a while people even ask me about them and when am I going to get them back to San Antonio. I would tell you about their performances but I think it best if you see the Braggart Family Sideshow live and in person. I appreciate the time they put into getting their performance down, so that it isn’t some sloppy show. These guys take their art seriously, always performing new and different tricks and feats to keep people coming back. No one can say, “I already saw those guys”, because it’s always fresh and enthusiastic. As a promoter of art shows, the Braggart Family Sideshow made me look good, and I like that. Mateo Ayala.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Mateo A.
Organization: Mateo AYal Presents
Event: Private Party in San Antonio, TX
Event Date: Jul 17, 2010
Hired As: Sideshow, Balancing Act, Circus Entertainment, Clown, Comedy Show, Fire Eater, Fire Performer, Juggler, Stunt Performer, Variety Entertainer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $500-1500
  • Insurance: $5,000,000.00 - Commercial general liability insurance via: Performers of the US and Club Members. P: 715-246-8908 F: 715-246-4257 Attn: Stephanie Weiss PO Box 24 New Richmond, WI 54017
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Other


As The Braggart Family SideCircus, we provide a variety show that combines elements of circus, sideshow and comedy. Performances average 30 minutes in length.

As The Brothers Dracul, we provide a Renaissance-themed variety show that consists of thrill stunts, two-person acrobatics and comedy. Performances average 30 minutes in length.

As Doc Braggart's Medicine Show, we provide a variety show that features combines themes of vaudeville, the wild west and circus. Performances average 30 minutes in length.

We have merchandise for sale after each show, such as t-shirts, stickers, pins. We also pass the hat after each show, asking the audience for donations.

Each show is appropriate for all ages.

Additional Booking Notes

We provide our own sound system with speakers, microphones and a receiver. We also provide lighting, which consists of two trusses and some floor lights.

Past Booked Events

12/02/12 Galveston, TX
12/01/12 Galveston, TX
12/01/12 Galveston, TX

Braggart Family Entertainment

Brothers Jay and Hans Braggart founded Braggart Family Entertainment in January of 2010. Since then, they have produced shows that have entertained thousands of people in locations ranging from their hometown of Houston, TX all the way to New York City. They provide their services in the form of three different packaged shows, each with its own distinct identity: The Braggart Family SideCircus, The Brothers Dracul and Doc Braggart's Medicine Show.

The Braggart Family SideCircus features Jay and Hans Braggart as themselves. Sons of a fire-eating dwarf, they were born into the world of sideshow. They spent their childhood helping their dad with acts such as juggling, sword-swallowing and knife-throwing! They eventually grew weary of the sideshow and yearned for something more ambitious: the circus! Hence, Jay and Hans set out to seek fame and fortune on their own, and The Braggart Family SideCircus was born!

The Brothers Dracul employ their creepy talents to instill shock and amazement in their audiences. The illegitimate children of Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes, Lucian and Serghei Dracul grew up in Transylvania during the Renaissance era, where doom, gloom and despair was status quo. Hence, they identify with all things odd and bizarre and are eager to share this with their audience in the form of their Transylvanian Thrill Show, which consists of fire, knives, a bed of nails and other tools of torment!

Doc Braggart's Medicine Show is a 19th century traveling variety show performed by a cast of zany characters. Hosted by Professor Philo T. Edison, the show demonstrates the amazing effects that occur when one consumes Doc Braggart’s Medical Miracle Elixir. Circus strongman Boris the Bolshevik performs amazing feats of strength. Cowgirl Ginger B. Goode throws knives around a human target and prunes flower petals with a bullwhip. Master “Bones” Jangle, the musical pirate, performs a live soundtrack throughout the show. Audience members can purchase their very own bottles of Doc Braggart’s Medical Miracle Elixir at the end!

The team providing the talent:

Jay Braggart


Hans Braggart


Set List

Our set list varies from show to show. We tailor our performance set list to satisfy the client's desires.

Influences & Inspiration

Melvin Burkhart, P.T. Barnum, Jim Rose, Todd Robbins, Penn & Teller, W.C. Fields, The 999 Eyes Freakshow, Bozo the Clown, Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague, The Coney Island Sideshow, Alex Chimal, Anthony Gatto

Setup Requirements

adequate lighting

drinking water

performance space