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Steve Burns | GigSalad Greenroom Interviews

By Destin Harrison

Steve Burns may be one of the most widely recognized figures in children’s entertainment. Then why doesn’t he sound familiar? Probably because most of his fans knew him on a first-name basis from a very young age, or more precisely, as “Steve from Blue’s Clues.” Steve began hosting Nickelodeon’s children’s television series, Blue’s Clues, at its inception in 1996 and remained the host of the Emmy nominated series until 2002.

Although Blue’s Clues’ target audience was young children, Steve was nearly as popular with teenagers and middle-aged women as he was with the shows’s intended demographic. But, after nearly six years on the set of Blue’s Clues, Steve moved on to other pursuits. His final episode aired in 2002. However, his cult-following began to speculate as to his true motivations, and rumors of Steve’s death, supposed drug issues, and conspiracies aplenty began to surface.

The truth was much less objectionable. After his time on the set of Blue’s Clues, Steve pursued a number of passion projects, most of which were musical productions. More recently, Burns has teamed up with Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips to create a band called STEVENSTEVEN ( Their debut album, Foreverywhere, is set to be released on February 24th and is available for preorder now.

Steve Burns Interview on the GigSalad Greenroom Interviews podcast

Foreverywhere, the latest album with Steve Burns and Steven Drozd


  • Back from the dead…but not really (1:10)
  • What Steve really thought about being on the set of Blue’s Clues (3:24)
  • The real reason Steve left Blue’s Clues (4:45)
  • How Steve’s career shifted from children’s television to music (7:14)
  • How Steve got connected with The Flaming Lips (9:51)
  • How Steve crashed a kid’s birthday party with a Playboy model (15:11)
  • How Steve wants people to remember him (17:45)
  • Destin gets kinda sentimental (19:07)
  • Steve’s advice for aspiring performers (20:50)


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