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Playlistplay for Music Lovers Everywhere

By Tessie Barnett

For music enthusiasts, a song is appreciated for expression, release, and storytelling.  Of course we know music can tell the songwriter’s story, but it can also be a vital part of a listener’s history, closely tied to their memories and perspective. The connection is astounding—a truly individual experience. Nick and Savanna Howland have long understood music’s significance in their own lives and this inspired them to create playlistplay. This “passion project” evolved from texts sharing a song-of-the-day into a beautifully designed platform housing custom monthly playlists, stories from artists and listeners, and the latest industry news.

Nick and Savanna describe the idea behind playlistplay:

“playlistplay doesn’t just act as a home for monthly playlists, which aims to help others discover and rediscover new music, but also focuses on telling the stories of those who truly hold music close to their hearts.”

And they do just that. In the Liner Notes section—cleverly named after the details found on vinyl record sleeves—you can find interviews with musicians, artists, and fans with unique stories. Each person describes the impact music has made and offers their own playlist called the Soundtrack of Your Life.

Image of Liner Notes section in playlistplay.

Liner Notes

In the news section, playlistplay covers the latest trends in the industry, updates for new releases, and offers audio and video clips of bands in varying genres. This has been a tremendous help for artists who are looking to gain new fans or even reach existing fans for crowdfunding campaigns.

Image of News section in playlistplay.


And of course, the highlight of the platform is the playlist section where each month is designated a list of songs for listeners to discover up-and-coming music and talented indie artists. To introduce the playlist, the couple writes a short blurb of musings, which is bound to warm your heart or make you giggle.

Image of web page on playlistplay.


As you can see, playlistplay offers not only first-rate content for music lovers, but also an excellently designed platform for visual appeal, making the whole experience delightful. Every user is encouraged to reach out to the couple to share their own stories or to suggest new music to feature. We highly recommend a conversation—we’ve made two new friends that way.

There’s a passion for music, art, and individual experience that is clearly outlined in playlistplay. By providing quality music and stories, Nick and Savanna are strengthening a large community of music enthusiasts and inspiring artists to continue creating. Check out the great stuff at playlistplay.


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