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New Location-Targeted Ad System in Place
Posted by Steve on January 23, 2008 in Tech & Updates

We created an ad system on Gig Salad because of popular demand from our members who travel outside their home base to play national gigs. Gig Salad functions geographically, so when an event planner searches for a Jazz Band in San Diego and your home base is Boston, you will appear near the bottom of search results. Creating a location-targeted ad lets talent buyers know that you also travel to their location. You select the category pages and locations you want your ad to appear in!

How much does this cost? Listings are purchased at a rate per number of times it will be shown (not clicked) on Gig Salad. Your ad may have an unlimited number of clicks, but you are only paying for the number of times it will be shown. At any time you can come back here and view the number of impressions your listings have received.

The prices for location targeted-ads are posted on

How long will my ad appear on Gig Salad? Your ad will stop being viewed once your specified number of ad showings (impressions) is reached. The number of days it takes to reach your limit are determined by 3 things: the number of categories in which you place your ad, the number of states you appear in for those categories, and by the number of impressions you purchase.

For example, if you choose to place yourself only under "Folk Bands" in Iowa, Washington and Oregon, then your ad will appear on Gig Salad considerably longer than an act who places themselves in all 50 states plus Canadian locations and are listed under "Folk Bands", "Rock Bands" and "Jazz Bands". It’s safe to say that your ad will remain on Gig Salad anywhere from 30 days to 3 years.


Steve Tetrault co-founded Gig Salad and spends his time obsessing over creating new and better ways to give talented people exposure, work and new opportunities.

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