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Using GigSalad
Have you created your 1-Minute Website yet?
Posted by Chad on March 26, 2012 in Using Gig Salad

As many of you have probably noticed (from our membership comparison chart), one of the options available for Featured members is the ability to create up to 21 different “1-Minute Websites,” formerly known as the “Agent-Friendly Website.” Many of our Featured members have already taken advantage of this awesome option, but if you haven’t tried it yet, we’d like to introduce you to the possibilities.

What is a 1-Minute Website?

Well, in short, it’s a website that you can make, just for yourself, in 1 minute, if not less. It’s a great place to have all your biographical, performance, and contact information in a neat, customizable place.  We’ve got a few different themes to choose from, so you can make your 1-Minute Website match your own personal style. If you don’t like the great design we used on Gig Salad (come on now, how could you not LOVE it?), then a 1-Minute Website gives you the chance to shine in a more personal way!

What are the options for a 1-Minute Website?

There are three different choices for our 1-Minute Websites: Agent Friendly Website, Agent-Specific Website, and Personal Website.

The Agent-Friendly Website is made to include the information that is already on your Gig Salad PromoKit, but contains no booking information.  This is so that you (or any agent) can direct people to your site without having to worry which contact information is listed. For example, consider a performer who is represented non-exclusively by multiple agents or companies. Rather than having to worry about an agent sending a potential client to the wrong site with another agent’s contact information, they can send them to your Agent Friendly Website to see your act information and reviews.

The Agent-Specific Website is made to include the information from your Gig Salad PromoKit, but allows you to include contact information for a specific agent or agency. If you are represented by an agent, simply include their contact info, and as people browse your information, they instantly know who to contact in order to book you. And because Featured members can make up to 21 different 1-Minute Websites, you’ve got plenty of options.

The Personal Website is all about you! It includes the information from your Gig Salad PromoKit, but includes your contact information (or whichever contact information you choose to display). You can direct potential clients straight to your 1-Minute Website, and they can learn more about you, read reviews, view your photos or videos, and see everything they need in order to hire you for a gig.

What are the benefits of a 1-Minute Website?

One of the largest benefits of a 1-Minute Website is that we’ve already done the heavy lifting! You can easily update your information through the control panel, you can change the design anytime you want, and it costs nothing extra. Don’t worry about hiring your own web designer and paying for hosting and such, because as a Featured member, you’ve got your own little space (21 individual spaces, if you want) over at bookastar.com! And the information on the site is all about you. When someone visits your 1-Minute Website, they can’t be lured away by clicking around the site to discover another performer or even another type of act. And because you can decide how much or how little contact information you want to have on your 1-Minute Website, you can send those potential bookings to anywhere or anyone you would like, from yourself to an agent, manager, even your neighbor’s cat, if they have a phone or email address. We don’t want you to feel like you’re cutting Gig Salad out of the process, but if you want to do that, your 1-Minute Website makes it possible.

You can also personalize almost everything on your 1-Minute Website, from the design layout to the information.  If you want to keep what you’ve got on your PromoKit, that’s automatically done for you when you create your 1-Minute Website. If you want to change that information and make it more or less specific depending on what agent or act you want to highlight, you can do it all through the Site Content portion of the control panel.

You can even personalize the address of your 1-Minute Website! Every 1-Minute Website, while still hosted through us, is located at bookastar.com. Always wanted to have a snazzy, catchy address? Why not make it bookastar.com/my-act-is-awesome, or bookastar.com/hiremetoday? You can make it whatever you want, assuming that nobody else has beat you to the address. So get over there and start your 1-Minute Website now to get the best name!

Chad is a self-proclaimed global celebrity, famous photographer, champion Tweeter, 2nd most interesting man in the world. He is Gig Salad's Chief Awesomator.

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