Party Ideas

Spin the Dreidel (& Other Hanukkah Fun)

By GigSalad

Hanukkah is an eight-day-long celebration, so while you’ll probably spend most of it in relatively low-key ways, it’s fun to throw a big party for one of the nights. If your group tires of spinning the dreidel, here are some alternative ways to entertain your guests.


Music & Dancing

If you’re ready to get the party started, book live music for your party. A Klezmer Band is a great option for a Hanukkah party! Klezmer is the traditional music of the Ashkenazi Jews and generally consists of instrumental dance tunes.

Another great option is hiring a professional DJ. The perfect DJ will get your party started in no time! If you’re not sure how to choose the right DJ for you, here’s a helpful guide.



For a more intimate occasion, bring in a skilled Storyteller to entertain your guests with classic Jewish tales and legends. For small children, you may even consider hiring a Puppet Show to lend visuals to these age old stories.


Games & Crafts

We all know that spinning the dreidel is the go-to game for Hanukkah. But, if you’re looking for other fun, there’s plenty to be had! There are lots of fun games and printables available online at sites like

Additionally, you could set up an Arts & Crafts station and have the kiddos make their very own creations – from Menorahs to paper dreidels to the Star of David. They’ll have a blast! Plus, you can use their handmade crafts as Hanukkah decor for years to come!



If you’ll be having food at your party (which we recommend), hire a Kosher Caterer to make delicious festive treats for all of your guests!

If you’re not sure what direction you’d like to go with your party, browse through all of our Jewish Entertainers to see what’s available near you. You’re bound to find the something special you’ve been looking for to make your Hanukkah party a smashing success!