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Rain Check: Create a Plan for Bad Weather

By GigSalad

Beautiful weather means more opportunities for incredible outdoor events. Enjoying live music and entertainment in the great outdoors can make wonderful memories, but it can also be a bit of a gamble. You never really know what Mother Nature is up to! By creating a plan for inclement weather, you can be sure you still have a great event.

Here are some ways you can be prepared.


Have a backup location.

For any event you are planning, it is a good rule of thumb to have a backup plan. Life happens. Things go wrong. To avoid a cancellation, have a plan for relocating.

If possible, choose the second location ahead of time.  Hosting a backyard party? Be prepared to move the party inside of your home. If you booked a venue, ask if they provide alternatives during inclement weather.

Depending on the entertainment you’ve hired, moving locations may mean having extra extension cords indoors and setting aside space for them to set up. By making a few simple arrangements, you can transition smoothly on the day of the event.

If there isn’t a possibility of moving indoors, prepare with a covered area. Party tents are a great addition, even if the sky is clear. The sun can be unforgiving and a large covered area can provide refuge during the midday heat.


Discuss rescheduling opportunities ahead of time.

Some events cannot be rescheduled, but for those that can, discuss the options with all parties involved. The weather forecast may look hopeful but it is still a good idea to have another date in mind. Speak with your venue as well as the vendor about the possibilities.

If no backup date can be determined in advance, it’s still good to talk to the vendor and venue about your rescheduling options. This way you can at least know their general ability to reschedule and the process for doing so. For most, this is not an issue as long as it is done ahead of time.


Read over booking agreements carefully.

When booking on GigSalad, you have our Worry-Free Guarantee. This means, if any vendor cancels or does not appear at your event, you will receive a full refund of everything paid. However, if bad weather results in you needing to cancel, the possibility of a refund always depends on the specific cancellation policies created by the vendor you booked.

Prior to booking any vendor or entertainer, read the terms of the booking agreement closely. Be sure to look over their cancellation policies, in particular. Most often, you will see a non-refundable deposit and a refundable balance but if you don’t see anything addressing inclement weather, ask how they handle those cancellations caused by outside forces. Then, request that they include any agreed upon policies within the additional terms of their agreement. It’s important to always get everything in writing.


Protect yourself with event insurance.

The bill for large outdoor events can really add up, often involving a lot of vendors with their own refund policies. When inclement weather causes cancellations, the financial toll can be great. Event insurance can help cover the costs of any lost deposits, as well as other unexpected problems. Expenses like damages to the venue and even injuries may also be included under event liability coverage.

Weddings are one of the biggest and most expensive events to plan, so insurance can be especially important for outdoor weddings. There are many other event types that can benefit as well. We’ve listed a few below.

  • Engagement parties
  • Business meetings
  • Non-Profit functions
  • Retirement parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Corporate events

We recommend purchasing event insurance prior to making your first deposit. Certain insurance providers have time restrictions and may not allow you to purchase the insurance within two weeks of the event. As with most things event related, it is best to take care of things as far in advance as possible.

Planning an event can be a lot of work and at times, very stressful. Your event may not go as planned. That doesn’t mean it will not be incredible! Be easy on yourself and be flexible. By preparing in advance, you can be ready for almost any situation.


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