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Fall In Love: Planning the Perfect Autumn Wedding

By GigSalad

With all the natural beauty the Autumn season has to offer, it’s no surprise this is a popular time to have a wedding. Many people take advantage of the rich colors and ambience with an outdoor wedding. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while the fall season is very beautiful, it can also be quite chilly. But don’t stress! You can have both the comforts of home and nature’s beauty, whether you’re inside or out. Here’s how:


Outdoor Weddings

The wonderful thing about having an outdoor wedding in the fall is how simple the decorating can be on your part, while still achieving a breathtaking ceremony. The rich hues of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown decorate themselves. Warm, seasonal colors will surely pop against that perfect white gown. But, let’s talk colors later. The tricky part about outdoor weddings is weather. Wedding planning takes months and months of careful planning, and unpredictable weather changes can be a serious threat to your perfect day.




Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Plan ahead. Schedule tent rentals from a vendor ahead of time. In most cases, you can do this through the same service that provides your chairs and tables. Because weather is flippant and unpredictable, most vendors will have a reasonable cancellation policy for tents, allowing you the freedom to make the call much closer to the date without scrambling to find tents at the last minute. Talk to your vendors. They want your day to be perfect, too.

If you live in a cooler area or plan on having an evening ceremony, it may be a good idea to provide your guests with shawls. These, too, are available to rent in an array of colors to match your wedding’s theme perfectly. Not only do shawls ensure the warmth and comfort of your guests, they add a nice pop of color and make a lovely place to pin thank you cards. If shawls are not your style or simply out of your budget, a cheaper (but more festive) alternative is to have a bonfire ready to go for guests to warm up as soon as you say your “I do’s”!


Keep It Simple

With so many vibrant colors that nature has to offer, clean and classic decorations go a long way.

  • Consider using white string lights, vintage-style iron lanterns, or round paper lanterns to offset your colorful surroundings.
  • Sparklers are the new rice and it’s no surprise why. Aside from being beautiful and inexpensive, sparkler send offs make for gorgeous wedding photos and by opting for sparklers over rice, you might even save the lives of a few birds.
  • Add seasonal decor. Unless you’re getting married in a pumpkin patch, chances are you will need to make some final touches. Depending on how classic or rustic you want your ceremony to be, the amount of decor will vary. For a more rustic approach, consider decorating with bales of hay, bright orange pumpkins, decorative gourds, burlap, and natural wood. For a classic look, all of these same ideas could still apply, but probably in smaller doses. Consider painting the pumpkins and using them as vases/centerpieces for a sleeker look.


Indoor Weddings

For those of you planning an indoor wedding, weather and temperature won’t be as much of a concern. But, to have a true autumn themed wedding, you will have to bring nature inside to you! Here are some recommendations that may help you achieve that fall look you’re searching for.


Autumn candle


  • Natural wood tables and chairs. Going with a very simple and natural looking wood will bring the feeling of nature inside.
  • Speaking of wood, have you considered making an arch out of tree branches? They are beautiful, simple, elegant, and can be dressed in flowers, leaves, or bright white lights to achieve whatever look you have in mind for your special day.
  • Leaves. This one’s a freebie! Bag them up and bring them inside to decorate. You can line the aisle with bright, multi-colored leaves for an outdoor feel.
  • Make use of the pumpkin. They aren’t just for Halloween. Aside from the endless possibilities of seasonal pumpkin foods and cocktails, they make wonderful decorations. Paint them, spray them with glitter, carve your initials into them, mark them with table numbers, use them as vases or candleholders…


For Any Location

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Every little detail feels very important and, while they do add up, try to delegate responsibilities wherever possible and leave the stress to the professionals.

  • Book a professional caterer and florist and talk to them about your vision. They will work with you to wow your guests.
  • Find the perfect wedding band or DJ. Whether it’s a string quartet, a bluegrass band, a cover band, or a DJ- they will be sure to keep your guests dancing and having a good time all night.
  • Hire an amazing wedding photographer. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the right photographer can capture all of the little moments that you never want to forget.

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy yourself. We wish you a wonderful autumn wedding and the happiest of marriages!

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