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Quick Ideas for a Fun Pirate Party!

By GigSalad

A Pirate Party may at first seem like a one-note party, but it can actually be as diverse as any children’s celebration. Here are a few ways you can turn a Pirate Party into an event perfectly suited to your child.



Here’s an easy one. Bring in a Pirate Entertainer or rent a costume yourself and gather the kids around for storytime! You can read to them from any variety of books, or you can invent a story yourself! The more you get into it (Do voices!), the more the kids will get into it, so lose your inhibitions and have fun!



This is storytelling taken to the next level! Instead of simply telling a story, make the story come to life! Hire some Costumed Characters or Pirate Entertainment to play roles and make the the birthday boy/girl the hero! Make things really authentic by hiring Captain Jack Sparrow himself to make an entrance at the party!

To make it really fun, create stations of games in the yard that the hero has to beat in order to move on. Once the evil pirates are beaten, you win the treasure, of course! And what’s the treasure? Birthday presents!

pirate party

Captain Jack Sparrow Impersonator Parties on GigSalad


Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for a low-key way to celebrate with pirates, consider an Inflatable Movie Screen to put in the yard. Then, put on a marathon of Pirates of the Caribbean movies (or, any of a variety of pirate-themed films). With some snacks and cake, watching movies on a big screen is a great time!

We hope we’ve given you some thoughtful ways to have a Pirate Party. We hope your little buccaneers have the time of their lives!


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