Party Ideas

Top 6 Beach Party Entertainers

By GigSalad

Nothing says relax and enjoy yourself quite like a party on the beach. But, a beach party without entertainment is more of a beach trip than it is a party. (Don’t get us wrong, beach trips are great too.) If you’re ready to kick it up a few notches into full-blown beach party mode, here are some of the best ways to entertain!


1. Mermaid Entertainment

You may not have even known that this is a thing. Well, it is, and it’s awesome. Mermaids and Mermen are water entertainers who bring the magic and mystery of mythology to any party. But, what better event for Mermaid Entertainment than a beach party? You’re basically partying at their house!


2. Beach Boys Tribute Band

This speaks for itself. Talk about perfectly tying your music into your theme, huh? The Beach Boys were famous for their fun sound and summer-themed lyrics about surfing, love, and cars. Hire a Beach Boys Tribute Band to set the tone at your next beach party!


3. Jimmy Buffet Tribute

If you’re more of a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” kind of person, hire a Jimmy Buffet Tribute to get your party started. They’ll bring the carefree beach music, you bring the Hawaiian shirts!


4. Hawaiian Entertainment

Turn your beach shindig into an exciting luau with Hawaiian Entertainers like Hula Dancers, Ukulele Players, or Fire Performers! Don’t forget to bring fun Hawaiian props like leis, grass shirts, and coconut bras!


5. Island Music

To enhance your beautiful surroundings and make your local beach feel like a tropical island, entertain your guests with island music. Steel Drum Bands and Calypso Bands will get everyone on their feet and keep them dancing all night. Pair the music with delicious tropical cocktails, and you’ve got yourself an island getaway! (Make sure you’re not breaking any laws by drinking on the beach, though.)

6. Party DJ

If you’re just looking to dance with some sand between your toes, hire a DJ and have a beach dance party! The perfect DJ will play popular crowd favorites and tie in your beach theme with a few beach party songs.

Beach parties are tons of fun. After all, you have the best venue of all-time. Now you just have to decide how to best enhance your beautiful surroundings and you’ll be well on your way to the party of the year!


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