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5 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Anti-Holiday Party (For All You Grinches Out There)

By Megan Price

Sometimes all the Christmas cheer around this time of year can be a bit much. And while holiday get-togethers are great in their own way, we think that all you Grinches out there deserve a fun party, too! So turn off that Christmas music and toss the eggnog. It’s time for the ultimate anti-holiday party! 

1. Christmas Curmudgeon

If you dread the typical holiday party each year, we’re guessing you have a bit of a curmudgeon side. In that case, why not host an anti-holiday party that includes a Roast? No, not the Roast Beast (although that menu item would fit perfectly into a Grinch theme). We’re talking about a Comedy Central Roast! A Roast Master can work with you to put together a hilarious and grumpy show that will rival Lisa Lampanelli’s best insults. Whether you want to roast yourself or someone else, there’s no better way to end the year on an anti-holiday note.

anti-holiday party

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2. Not-Safe-For-Christmas Comedian

Let’s face it, the whole Christmas thing is chock-full of innocence. Everything is so fragile, from the newborn baby Jesus to tender snowflakes that dissolve when you touch them. If you’re trying to throw an anti-holiday party, ignore all that! A stand-up comedian who specializes in some darker material is a great way to forget about all those delicate parts of a traditional holiday party. Gather your like-minded pals, book a bartender to keep the anti-holiday spirits flowing, and indulge in some R-rated laughs!

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3. Little Drummer Boycott

Do you see red when “Frosty the Snowman” plays for the 15th time on your drive home? Does the sound of “Jingle Bells” make you want to rip down your neighbor’s twinkle lights? Your anti-holiday party should definitely not include traditional music. Instead, book something like an ’80s cover band or a house music DJ to play tunes that don’t feature xylophones or triangles. Rock the night away… just not around a Christmas tree.

anti-holiday party

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4. Holiday Movie Heckling

This is the time of year when you can watch “A Christmas Story” for 24 hours straight on cable television. That’s a little insane. But for your anti-holiday party, we suggest embracing the Christmas movie marathons and getting into the heckling spirit! Set up an inflatable movie screen and play your favorite love-to-hate-it holiday movie. Pass out airplane bottles as party favors and indulge in a fun drinking game! And no shushing during this movie; the point is to yell at all those silly holiday characters and their outlandish predicaments. “Really, Kevin? Does aftershave burn that badly?”

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5. Visit from Krampus Claus

Sure, everyone seems to love Santa. But no one can be that jolly, right? Forget Kris Kringle. Krampus is the only costumed character who should be making an appearance at your anti-holiday party! According to Austro-Bavarian lore, Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon who punishes all the bad children during the Christmas season. Surprise your guests with a terrifying visit from Krampus! You can buy a mask and do it yourself, or hire a pro to really freak people out.

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