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5 Birthday Parties by Personality Type

By Jonathan Clark

Figuring out the perfect party for an adult can be difficult. Kids are easy. Kids like games, clowns, magic, costumes; they like entertainment. But adults are different. Sometimes an intimate dinner with a few friends will suffice for a celebration. Other times, only a big bash will do, complete with music, drinks, and plenty of dancing. So in the interest of covering as much ground as we can, we’ve decided to divide up our birthday party ideas into suggestions for certain personality types. Without further ado, here are our suggestions:


The Low Keys

Some people don’t want to make a big fuss. And that’s okay! We all have friends that want to make sure their party slips by in the quietest of ways. Of course, there are always restaurants where you can plan to have an intimate dinner with close friends and family, but we want to offer an alternative (but still quiet) party idea. We suggest livening up the party with some simple, elegant additions. Why not make the party a more formal occasion? Ask guests to come dressed to the nines. Hire a Caterer to provide sweet, chic appetizers and find a lovely Pianist to add some melodic ambiance. You’ll be surprised how little details like these turn your calm, intimate party into a real event–without making it a big deal.


The Artist

If the birthday honoree is an artist – or, a person inclined toward creativity, eccentricity or just plain oddness – then how about getting all your friends together and putting on a night of performance! Everybody has a talent (yes, even you), and for your friend’s birthday, it’s time that everybody brought it out. Got a good voice? Sing a birthday song! Can you play an instrument? Well, pull it out and jam a tune! Or maybe you can just tell a funny story involving your friend. Hire a Comedian to keep the show organized and break up any stage-fright-induced awkward moments with humor! Poems, dances, stand-up routines, heck, you can even get up in front of everyone and make a piece of art – whatever it is, help your friend celebrate their day by celebrating art!


The Sports Fan

Go all out for the Sports Fan by turning the birthday party into The Game. Divide the party up into teams, hire an Emcee as a commentator and, if you’re inside, play games or sports trivia (you might want to let the birthday celebrator win), and if you’re outside, play a little light scrimmage. Ask a Caterer to supply sports-themed snacks (like football cookies; “Laces out!”). And, of course, what would any sporting event be without some beer and hotdogs or other game-day Concessions?


The Hollywood Type

You know the type. The person who loves celebrity gossip, reads US Weekly and People, and is always the first to tell you the latest scoop from Hollywood. Well, if you have such a friend (or if that friend is you), how about immersing them in celebrities with a Hollywood-themed Costume Party! Get a Tribute Band or a Impersonator to perform, and hire a few of our many impersonators to people the party. Soon, guests won’t be able to tell the difference between the impersonators and friends!


The Partier

Then of course there is the good, old-fashioned Dance Party. This doesn’t involve anything complicated: some music (either a Band or a DJ), some space and a whole lot of dancing! If you want go huge (and c’mon, who doesn’t?), hire a Lighting Technician to turn your dance floor into a club! Create a fun cocktail bar, and maybe even create some fun drinks named after the birthday guy or gal!


We know, we know. There are plenty of other types of people out there in the world. What about Outdoorsy types, you ask? What about Adventurers? Businesspeople? Well, we couldn’t possibly fit everyone into our list. But don’t fret! You’ve got all of GigSalad to search through! Lucky, right?


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  1. Deborah Davis December 29, 2015

    80th party for all ages maybe a the balloon guy or a magician

    • Tessie Barnett December 31, 2015

      Hi Deborah! Yes, this is a great idea! Having a strolling performer like a balloon twister or magician keeps the crowd happy.

    • Mary Mullis August 29, 2016

      Where did you find this type party. I too will be eighty. Sounds like a fun time. a balloon party or a magician?

      • Tessie Barnett August 31, 2016

        That’s wonderful! Congratulations on 80 happy years! I’m sure you’ll have the best party yet. Balloon parties and magic are both some of the most entertaining additions to a celebration. You’ll want to check out profiles of your local performers and vendors listed on GigSalad and see what’s available. If you click on “Get a Free Quote”, the performer will respond with their rates and availability. GigSalad’s booking platform makes it safe and easy to chat with the performer, confirm the booking details, and make payments backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee. And whatever questions you may have, we’re always happy to help!


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