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Bebe Le Strange - A Tribute to Heart

Bebe Le Strange - A Tribute to Heart

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About Bebe Le Strange - A Tribute to Heart

BEBE LE STRANGE - A Tribute to Heart brings a live tribute to the music of Heart that's Straight On for you!



Bebe Le Strange was booked to perform at a local art festival by my agency, The festival was more than pleased with the performance! The band held the large crowd that gathered at the stage for their entire performarnce, and drew even more people to the area during it. Many festival goers wondered if it really was Heart! The music was family friendly and very well performed. The band was beautiful and engaging. Everything you want in a festival performer and more!

Hired As: Heart Tribute Band, 1980s Era Entertainment, Cover Band, Tribute Band

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $800 and up


Hey all,

We are a live band! We play note-perfect renditions of the music of Ann and Nancy Wilson and the players of Heart.

When you come to one of our shows, everything you hear is being created for you, live on stage, at that exact point in time, by a group of really talented people who truly love doing this for you. Nothing you hear at one of our shows is canned, pre-recorded, sampled or sequenced.

We don't believe in artificial music. We don't use click tracks, sequences, backing tracks or any of the other shortcuts that are popular with some other commercial cover bands.

When you hear us sing, you know that it's us singing, and not some pre-recorded selection of studio backup singers. When you hear us play, it's actually us playing those licks - not a sampler, or a sequencer or a computer putting out robotic notes with soulless precision.

We think the music merits this level of honesty. And we believe that you, our audience, will appreciate the difference.

- Nona, Leigh Anne, Kirk, Dave, John and Chris
the players of BEBE LE STRANGE - A Tribute to Heart

Additional Booking Notes

* Ask us for a Stage Plot *


1) MUSICAL DESCRIPTION - Rock vocal group

2) MAIN SPEAKERS - We are looking for clear / crisp
vocal reproduction over the normal vocal range and a
general sound system used by a rock sextet with enough
power for clean highs, mids with no-feedback, and tight
low-end punch to cover the entire audience area.

3) STAGE MONITORS - One (1) wedge stage floor monitor
for each of the three (3) front-line vocalists using three
monitor mixes, plus a drum monitor with a fourth monitor
mix. Monitors to be two-way design and capable of at
least 100 dB SPL.

4) LIGHTING - Lighting should cover entire stage area.

5) POWER - Please provide 120 VAC 60Hz quad boxes
to stage as indicated in diagram:
- two (2) power drops on the backline
- one (1) power drop located DSL
- one (1) power drop located DSC


Ch Inst MIC
1 KICK (Dave) D112E or equiv
3 HH SM81 or equiv
4 TOM1 MD421U or equiv
5 TOM2 MD421U or equiv
6 TOM3 MD421U or equiv
7 TOM4 MD421U or equiv
8 TOM5 MD421U or equiv
9 OH LF SM81 or equiv
10 OH RT SM81 or equiv
11 EGTR (Chris) DI
12 KEYS (Chris) DI
13 BASS (Kirk) DI
14 EGTR (John) DI
15 AC GTR (LeighAnn) DI
16 EGTR (LeighAnn) SM57
17 KEYS (Nona) DI
18 VOX BG (Kirk) SM58
19 VOX LEAD (Nona) SM58
20 VOX BG (LeighAnn) SM58


The HEART tribute Texas has been waiting for has finally arrived... introducing BEBE LE STRANGE!

Kirk Young (bassist of Swan Song) has joined forces with the powerful voice of Nona (Hanover Fist, The Bridge), the sweet harmonies of Leigh Anne Bramlett, the dynamic duo of Chris Bradley (Copperwound) and John Walker (Anthem) on guitars, and the steady drumbeat of Dave Gilley (Tornado Alley) to bring the Southwest a live tribute to the music of Heart that's Straight On for you!

The team providing the talent:


Lead vocals, keyboards

Leigh Anne

Guitars, vocals, keyboards


Bass, vocals, keyboards




Drums, percussion


Guitars, keyboards

Set List

Battle of Evermore
Bebe Le Strange
Call of the Wild
Cook With Fire
Crazy On You
Devil Delight
Dog & Butterfly
Dream of the Archer
Dreamboat Annie
Even It Up
Highway Star
How Can I Refuse
How Deep It Goes
If Looks Could Kill
Immigrant Song
Kick It Out
Little Queen
Love Alive
Magic Man
Mistral Wind
Nothin%u2019 at All
Ramble On
Rock and Roll
Rockin' Heaven Down
Sing Child
Soul Of The Sea
Straight On
The Night
These Dreams
What About Love
White Lightning & Wine
Who Will You Run To?
Wild Child

Influences & Inspiration

Heart, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher, Led Zeppelin, and many others!

Setup Requirements


Sound reinforcement (PA)


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