Art of Bellydance by Sa'diyya

Why book Art of Bellydance by Sa'diyya?

Sa'diyya! The Best Choice for 1st Class, Genuine & Lively Bellydance Entertainment!

Hire the best bellydancer in Dallas! Sa'diyya is the "Belly Dancer of the Universe 2011!" She is one of the most requested bellydancers in North Texas.

>>>Be sure to watch videos on Sa'diyya's website under the "ABOUT" tab to see her dancing!<<<

Bellydance is great entertainment for a variety of events including weddings, cultural events, festivals, bridal and baby showers, bachelorette parties, house-warmings, anniversaries, graduations and more!

Sa'diyya dances to Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Greek music. She also uses a variety of props like wings, finger cymbals, veils, canes, fans, swords and more!



Sa'diyya danced at my wedding!

I was nervous at first about booking a bellydancer for my wedding, but I am so happy I booked Sa'diyya. Her dancing was so beautiful, and I was really impressed with how much she knew about our culture. She customized her show by incorporating songs I requested. Her unique and expensive-looking costumes even matched our decor! I tell all my friends getting married they should book Sa'diyya.

Reviewer: Yasmin M.
Event: Wedding Reception in Richardson, TX
Event Date: Oct 29, 2011

Most beautiful and talented bellydancer I've ever seen!

I saw Sa'diyya at a restaurant and decided to hire her for a party. She was absolutely wonderful. She's so professional and family friendly. Her performance was really energetic and fun for the entire audience. We will definitely hire her again for our parties.

Reviewer: Danielle A.
Event: Private Party in Plano, TX
Event Date: Nov 19, 2011

The absolute best bellydancer!

I am a party planner, and I have booked Sa'diyya for several parties and corporate events. She is one of the most knowledgeable and professional performers I've ever worked with. When I have a request for a bellydancer, I always book Sa'diyya. She's the best!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Scott P.
Event: Corporate Event in Dallas, TX
Event Date: Aug 20, 2011
Hired As: Belly Dancer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $100-$2000
  • Languages: English


Sa'diyya! The Best Choice for 1st Class, Genuine & Lively Bellydance Entertainment!

"Sa'diyya is one of the top belly dance artists in Texas. I have always admired her artistic expression. I think she is extremely talented technically as well as emotionally. I always look forward to seeing her perform!"
-Jillina, International Bellydance Superstar

Parties aren't complete until you hire a belly dancer! And not just any belly dancer, but Sa'diyya, who defines what belly dance is, from her captivating and glamorous appearance, to her friendly and professional persona, to her passionate interpretation of Middle Eastern music and sophisticated sense of entertainment!

Sa'diyya's technical abilities combined with genuine artistry leaves audiences mesmerized! When you hire Sa'diyya for a belly dance show, you're really getting a truly entertaining show from beginning to end!

And Sa'diyya's shows aren't just for spectators. If requested by the client, Sa'diyya incorporates audience interaction that is family friendly and fun for all! With humor and wit, Sa'diyya's style of audience interaction is memorable and entertaining!

Additional Booking Notes

Please read below to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible! The following information is required for the client to receive a quote for any event.

Even if Sa'diyya appears to be booked according to her calendar, still inquire because it may be feasible.

Since the performer(s) are usually on a tight schedule that includes performances before and after your scheduled event, the performance must remain on time.

What is the city and what is the venue (home, restaurant, hotel ballroom, city park?) Sa'diyya is available to do dance performances in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond!

Any occasion is suitable for a belly dancer! Sa'diyya's family-oriented performances bring fun and joy to any event! NO bachelor parties and NO private dances.

-Length of Show?
Usually, the typical belly dance show is about 30 minutes, but it is not limited to this. The shows can be less or more than the typical show.

-How Many Shows?
Go ahead and book multiple shows! Sa'diyya makes each show a completely different experience with costume changes, music changes and prop changes! Multiple shows that are scheduled back to back are the best deal.

-How Much Dance Space is There?
Belly dance can be performed in any amount of space. Although, the quality of the show is much better the more space the performer(s) have to perform in. Also, props such as swords, canes and veils are more easily used by the performer(s) the more space she/they have. The ideal is at least a 12' by 12' dance floor.

-How High are the Ceilings?
Higher ceilings equal better quality shows as well, letting the performer(s) have more flexibility in the props she/they choose to dance with.

-What Type of Floor Surface is it?
A smooth, CLEAN floor is ideal. Outdoor or harsh surface areas will require the dancer to wear shoes.

-How Many Guests?
10 plus guests make a party. NO private dances.

-Will There be a Private Changing Area Available?
The performer(s) need an area to change before and after the performance. A private area besides a public ladies' room is preferred.

-What kind of Sound System will be Available?
A DJ or a CD player with powerful speakers is a must. Sa'diyya does not bring her own sound system to events. The louder the volume, the better!

-Contact Information?
The location's phone number, customer's phone number and an alternate contact person's phone number will be needed at the time of booking.

-Do You Want Audience Participation?
Some people want to be involved in the show by having the performer(s) get up unsuspecting audience members to dance, and others simple want a dance presentation. It's up to you!

~Sa'diyya is always accompanied by a chaperone to all of her performances~

Something to consider...

Is price the most important issue for you when hiring entertainment? You will certainly be able to find a bellydancer for much less than the going rate, but they will not be professionals or even very talented dancers. Remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for." It's usually true.

Clowns, DJs, impersonators, etc. charge more or the same as bellydancers. Many times customers think my rates are too expensive, but they tend to forget that they paid for quality when hiring catering, a DJ, decor and more! Why skimp on the bellydancer? By hiring a top-notch pro, you will be insured a magnificent and unforgettable experience! You end up venturing into unknown waters by hiring a non-professional bellydancer (beware that many non-professionals bill themselves as pros. Don't hesitate to check their credentials like experience, video clips, if they charge the going rate, etc.). If you want a quality dancer, be prepared to pay the going rate, which is anywhere from $175 (low end for 5 min shows) to upwards of $300 per dancer for private, one-time events.

The highest quality, most professional bellydancers spend thousands of dollars on furthering their dance education, buying exquisite, expensive costumes for stage, investing in high quality cosmetics for stage, buying the latest and most popular music, dance props and the list goes on. Most professional dancers can't afford to present the highest quality shows unless they charge the going rate or better. They put a large percentage of what they make back into their art form.

Thank you for supporting your local professional bellydancers!

Art of Bellydance by Sa'diyya

Sa'diyya's charismatic, energetic and culturally authentic performances have made her the most requested bellydancer in North Texas! She is a full time professional performer, instructor and choreographer of Middle Eastern Dance and owner of North Texas School of World Dance - Art of Bellydance by Sa'diyya, based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Having won more than 20 regional, national and international awards for her solo and troupe performances, including most recently 2011 Belly Dancer of the Universe, she is a rising star in the international world of Bellydance. Her exciting and memorable performances have made her a sought after performer for cultural events, weddings, parties, festivals and charities.

She prides herself on her entertaining, family-friendly, tasteful, cultural and artistic presentations of Middle Eastern Dance. Having started learning the art of bellydance while in her teens, she has almost 2 decades of experience! She has entertained thousands of clients throughout the years in DFW and beyond. The combined qualities of experience and true talent make Sa'diyya the obvious choice for First Class Bellydance Entertainment!

The team providing the talent:


Dancer, Performer, Entertainer, Director, Choreographer, Instructor

Danza della Luna

Troupe Members

Set List


About 30 minutes in length, this is the most requested type of performance for special events. Sa'diyya's shows are high energy, audience interactive, family-friendly, culturally tailored, entertaining and inspiring! She provides her own music on a CD that is customized and edited for each event she books. And yes, special song requests are taken.

The first half of the belly dance show features a showcase of the different props the dancer is skilled in using, such as wings, veil, sword, candelabra and/or canes. Towards the end of the show, the dancer will get audience members up to participate by showing them dance moves! The finale of the show is a lively solo drum dance wherein the audience can join in by clapping along and watching closely as the dancer performs amazing feats of abdominal control!

Perfect for Bachelorette Parties & Bridal/Baby Showers! Book your "Girls' Night Out" party today!

Includes 30-45 minute instruction for the guest of honor and all of her friends, followed by a 20 minute dance party featuring Sa'diyya and all of the new belly dancers in the room! The guest of honor gets a souvenir hip scarf, finger cymbals, veil and belly dance music CD or DVD that she can take home! Package can be customized for your event.

Sa'diyya has an award-winning dance troupe that can meet your entertainment needs!

You won't go wrong booking the beautiful, professional and talented 2011 Belly Dancer of the Universe, Sa'diyya!

Types of Events: Specializing in Arabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, etc.), Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Russian parties!
-Arabian/Greek Themed Parties
-Bachelorette Parties
-Bar-Bat Mitzvahs
-Belly Dance Performance Videos/DVD's
-Bridal and Baby Showers
-Corporate Parties/Events
-Cultural Events
-Education Events at Grade Schools and Universities
-Eid al-Fitr
-Engagement Celebrations
-Girl's Night Out Parties
-Graduation Parties
-Holiday Parties
-Just an excuse to Party!
-Lecture on the History of Belly Dance
-Little Girls' Arabian Themed Birthday Parties
-Mini Dance Lesson
-Museums/Gallery Openings
-New Year's Eve
-Private and Semi-Private Lessons
-Restaurants and Night Clubs
-Sweet Sixteen Birthdays
-Women's Birthdays
-Yalda Parties
-And MORE!

Influences & Inspiration

She has trained with the best bellydancers in the industry, from American stars to the legends of Egypt. She believes an artist can never stop learning and improving, so she will forever be a student of dance.

Setup Requirements

Quality Sound System

Stage Area - min. 10' x 10'


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