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Amos the Wonder Horse

Amos the Wonder Horse

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About Amos the Wonder Horse

Amos the Wonder Horse is the perfect pony for your next party or event! From pony rides to everyone's favorite, Picasso Pony Painting, Amos does it all.

But there's more! Amos is known across the country for his basketball skills. That's right! Amos has even shot hoops with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters! He's also been to New York City where he's appeared on the Today Show and won Quest for the Best Pet Trick in America.

Here at Amos the Wonder Horse, we have 30 years of equine experience and 20 years of public relations and event planning experience. That means that we are professionals who know how important your event is to you. Plus, we're licensed AND insured.



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Amos the Wonder Horse (formerly Palm Beach Pony Company in south Florida) is one special little pony and he's perfect for your next event or party. Why?

First, Amos is known worldwide for his basketball skills. That's right. Basketball. He's even shot hoops with the World Famous Globetrotters. He's also appeared on the Today Show in New York Cuty where he won Quest for the Best Pet Trick in America - for basketball, of course.Or maybe you've seen him in National Geographic Kids magazine! He even has his own Facebook page and Twitter account where he has friends from around the globe who follow his adventures. Just Google "Amos the Wonder Horse" to find pages all about him!

And now he can appear at your party. Sure we offer pony rides but we have so much more.

Picasso Pony Painting - Talk about a horse of a different color! This is a party favorite for children of all ages, especially little ones who are often too timid to ride. This is a great activity alone - or add it to pony rides for extra fun. We bring everything to paint Amos happy in every color of the rainbow. Let the kids bring their creativity!

Pony Playdates - Kids have play dates. Dogs have play dates. Why not ponies?

This is the perfect activity for toddlers and young children. We come to your home or park, where children can take turns brushing, grooming and then riding Amos. Or we can do Picasso Pony Painting. We also bring a fun, leave behind craft project and a special coloring sheet of Amos the Wonder Horse. This s perfect for Mommy and Me groups or small groups of four or five children. (Parent must accompany child.)

One-on-One Visit - Maybe you don’t want to do a big party but you’d like to do something special for your little one’s birthday or other special occasion, such as a terrific report card or other great accomplishment.

We offer a special one-on-one visit with Amos the Wonder Horse – right at your home! Your child can brush and groom him and get to know him better. Amos will shake hands and give hugs and kisses. Yes, hugs! Your child can go for a ride or paint the pony. Or maybe she would like to take the pony for a walk around the neighborhood. We can do that! We can even play a little one-on-one basketball!

This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to get an up close and personal look at horses with a hands-on approach that last longer than a few minutes in a larger group setting.

For preschool and school visits

There are many ways that Amos can participate at your school. Perhaps you need an incentive for your class or a unique after-school program. Do you have a storybook parade coming up? Amos is happy to participate any way you can imagine. He’s even been in parades with marching bands!

Please note: We are licensed AND insured. This means that we are able to visit public schools around the state, which is exactly what we do when we travel with the Harlem Globetrotters. Our insurance policy also makes it possible for us to visit any venues and gives our clients peace of mind. We are happy to provide a copy of our insurance for your records.

Pony Pal Project - The Pony Pal Project is an educational initiative designed as a cooperative effort to integrate Amos the Wonder Horse into preschools and elementary schools, as well as special needs and at-risk curriculum to successfully teach children in a unique and rewarding way. We are happy to work with you to design a unique and rewarding curriculum to help your children learn, blossom, and grow!

Pony Portraits for Schools - If you’re looking for a new, unique idea for your school that will surely delight parents and children alike, ask us about “Pony Portraits.” We will bring Amos to your school and set up an adorable backdrop. Our professional photographer will then work with your students to help create the best school portraits!

About Booking

Whether you hire Amos the Wonder Horse or another Pony Party for your St Petersburg event, we strongly recommend that all communication be kept on the GigSalad booking platform as you book your Pony Party. When you do, we’re able to offer numerous benefits that we cannot guarantee if you take communication or deposit payment off the GigSalad website. Our booking system is easy to use and handles secure deposit payments from you to the St Petersburg Pony Party of your choice.

Be sure that the quote/agreement your Pony Party sends you outlines performance fees, travel fees, extras, arrival and departure times, cancellation policy, insurance information and other applicable details.

The team providing the talent:

Shelly Mizrahi

CEO, President

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Amos the Wonder Horse to find out what their setup requirements are.

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