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Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

35 reviews

About Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Santa Claus Albert has a D.O.J. background clearance & performance insurance. He will come to your celebration to spread Christmas cheer, to read his favorite story, gather wish lists, deliver gifts and pose for pictures. At your event our elves can also provide instant Digital Image Keepsakes as Party Favors. Inquire to find out more about photo packages, backdrops, professional lighting and other features.

Providing Santa visits to the entire San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. Our website offers instant quotes, a view of Santa's calendar, testimonials and online reservations. Also offered on our website are Santa's suggestions to make your celebration filled with unforgettable memories.



An Event to remember

By Angela M. on December 23, 2014

Santa Albert will now be part of our annual Christmas party. He did such an amazing job organizing our party making sure all my questions were answered and making all of our guests feel comfortable. The children just adored him due to his humorous and delightful personality. In fact we did not have any children scared to sit on his lap. The children laughed and smiled and truly adored his presence at our party. This party will be one that we will always cherish thanks to having Santa Albert attend. I already have my family members requesting that we have him come back next year!!

Hired as: Holiday Entertainment, Photographer, Santa Claus

A Christmas to Remember!!

By Teri P. on December 23, 2014

Our family Christmas was one filled with incredible memories starting with the wonderful visit from Santa! We have 11 grandchildren ages 9 months-8 years old and all were amazed and completely mesmerized! Santa even won the heart of our shyest grandchild and even our very shy Golden Retriever. Santa was very caring, kind, extremely organized and authentic.
Just watching the faces of all our grandchildren brought tears to this Grammy's eyes...they were in love!
I would highly recommend Santa Albert if you are looking for an event to remember....our family hasn't stopped talking about him!!

Hired as: Photographer, Santa Claus

Santa Albert = Awesome

By Marvin M. on December 15, 2014

Santa Albert was a godsend for my event. He came at a very reasonable price, provided a lot of suggestions for my event, and most importantly, worked wonders with the children. The man has a gift at working with kids and making them feel comfortable!

He came out very energetic during our tree lighting, knew how to play to the crowd, read "The Night Before Christmas" inside to the kids, and was great talking pictures with everyone. I can honestly say that our event would not have been the same without him. I would highly recommend!

Hired as: Santa Claus

Our Tradition

By Kris R. on November 8, 2013

I hired Santa Claus Albert for the first time in 2001 to help a little boy I knew have Christmas spirit. He was so great he has come every year since. This year will be our family's 13th year with Santa Albert. He's wonderful with the kids and the dogs :) Thank you Santa Albert for making our Holidays special each year.

Hired as: Santa Claus, Holiday Entertainment, Photographer

We love Santa Albert!!

By Jennifer P. on September 13, 2013

If you want a wonderful Christmas experience for your children, family, friends and yourself... Santa Albert is the one to call! He has become a family tradition in our home (for 5 years now!) My son talks about him all year long - getting excited about who to invite for the upcoming visit and describing all the ways Santa Albert makes the visit special. From the jingling bells as he walks in, to "The Night Before Christmas" story time and personal interactions with each child (even us adults!) He creates everlasting memories for everyone! We look forward to this magical experience every year!

Hired as: Santa Claus

We believe in Manteca

By Sheila F. on September 12, 2013

Our family has always gone to the mall to visit Santa. I now have 4 grand children, 13, 7, 5 and an 11 month old. My oldest grandchild had a stroke at birth and is severely handicap. He has Cerebral Palsy and Autism to name a few of his disabilities. When Santa arrived "Joey" backed up unsure and a little frighten. Within a very short time Joey was sitting with the other children listening to Santa's story. All the children and adults sat on Santa's lap including Joey, who for the first time said "Santa, Ho-Ho-Ho! I think I saw a tear in Santa's and Mommy's eyes! I highly recommend using this Santa. As far as I'm concerned he is the best and I will never ever go back to the mall and force the kids to sit on Santa's lap just to get a picture! Thank you Santa Albert for making our family Christmas so special!

Hired as: Santa Claus, Holiday Entertainment, Photographer

This Santa can't be beat!

By Tina A. on September 5, 2013

We used these services last Christmas Eve for a Santa visit. This was our first time using this company but we have used other Santa services in the past. Santa Albert was by far the best Santa we've used. He was patient with the kids, had them all entertained and looked incredibly real. Very professional! You get what you pay for and it's worth every penny! We plan to use Santa Albert for years to come!

Hired as: Santa Claus

Yes. Discovery Bay, There is a Santa!

By Georgia A. on August 18, 2013

I don't even know how long Santa has been coming to visit our home every year, bringing smiles. giggles, and laughter to the faces of all the children and grandchildren (young and old) as he enters the door with his famous, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" He knows their names, he knows if they've been "bad or good" and he knows everything that happened that year! The children all gather around to hear his story and get on his lap one by one, only to be amazed and ask, "How did Santa know I did this or that!!?" My answer would always be, "Because he's SANTA!" Every year Santa would always bring treats for our little dog, Megan. I remember the year Santa came with her treats and asked, "Where's Megan!?" I could see he felt very sad when I told him she had passed earlier that year. Last year was quite memorable as all of the children were sad because one of my older grandson's wouldn't/couldn't be there that year. You see, Cory had joined the Army and sent a letter to Santa to read and explain that he couldn't be there, but sent his Christmas wishes to all. Even Santa had a tear in his eye as he read the letter. Just then, as Santa was reading the "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" story, as he did each year, Cory appeared, waited in the back of the room until Santa was done, then walked up to Santa, and as had been tradition for many years, was the first to sit on Santa's lap! The children went wild, screaming and laughing and shouting Cory's name!! It was the best surprise of all!! I don't k now if you believe in Santa, and it's OK if you don't, but if his presence can put a smile on your children's faces, isn't it worth it to try and believe!? Have Santa come and visit your home this Christmas and see what joy and laughter he can bring to you and yours.

Hired as: Santa Claus, Costumed Character, Photographer


By Annmarie R. on August 15, 2013

After receiving a cancer diagnosis 1 year prior and unable to have a Christmas get together, I wanted to do something special this year to celebrate my survival and the love for my family.
I booked Santa for our main event. It was the BEST party ever ! He came thru the front door ringing his bells to the surprise of everyone. No one, including adults knew he was coming. All the kids came running in with excitement. As the shock wore off that SANTA was at grandmas house we all gathered to visit with him. He spoke with each grandchild individual and then began reading them a book. They all sat there in wonderment. After he finished reading his book he called out each child's name. He joked around with them and handed each one a gift & candy cane. All the while, his elf was taking pictures of the festivities , without anyone even knowing because they were so taken with SANTA. And I was able to give each family a "special" memento of our 2012 Family Christmas Party. It will forever be treasured !
I was truly impressed with Albert Joseph Entertainment . His professionalism from start to finish was just what I was looking for.
Santa's outfit was out of this world, "the BOMB" . All the down to the snow on his eyebrows & eyelashes, which proved his was the REAL deal. I look forward to working / hiring Santa for our future family Holiday parties. Thank you once again for making it truly a memorable experience !

Hired as: Santa Claus, Costumed Character, Photographer

The one and only Santa

By Bridget E. on August 14, 2013

Each year the childcare kids look forward to our Christmas party with the one and only real Santa. He gets into character like no other, and I've tried a few. Santa is amazing with children of all ages, patient and jolly like Santa should. He even has a beautiful custom made 'magical' Santa chair, if rented it arrives just before he does which really get the anticipation going with the kids. I recommend getting the chair however not necessary. We love you Santa!

Hired as: Santa Claus

This Santa is the best !!

By Jennifer S. on August 7, 2013

This 2013 Christmas will be our 6th year I believe. Our children love him and talk about him all year. He is professional and by far the best looking Santa. His attire is so beautiful. He does not wear a cheap, ugly Santa suit like most Santa's. His eye brows and lashes look like he just came from the North Pole! I would highly recommend him.

Hired as: Santa Claus


By Debra . H. on July 28, 2013

First time having Santa visit are home it was enjoyable wonderful experience this year was looking at the kids faces and excited they were
to see Santa coming to see them in there home reading Christmas
Story passing out gifts and setting on Santa lap Santa see you next year !

Hired as: Santa Claus, Photographer

Priceless visit!!

By Cindy J. on July 27, 2013

Santa made a visit to my house and everyone was taken by surprise. It was a priceless visit, including a reading of "The Night Before Christmas". As I gazed around the room the face of every child (especially the adult children) sat in awe of this jolly man. Truly a great family experience.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Believable Santa

By Michelle G. on July 24, 2013

I have used Albert Joseph Entertainment for the past 2 years for my family Christmas party. The kids love to see Santa so up and hand out gifts after reading a story. Will be using this year again. This Santa is a must for the holidays.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Santa is great!

By Nina K. on July 24, 2013

Santa has been visiting my business for many years and we have always had a great time with him!

Hired as: Santa Claus

A wonderful holiday experience!

By Tanie B. on July 24, 2013

We have had Santa visit us multiple times and have always been happy. Each child receives individual attention and Santa has always been kind and patient. These visits have been some of our favorite holiday memories!

Hired as: Santa Claus


By Barbara S. on July 20, 2013

Our family has enjoyed a Santa Visit from Santa Albert for the last several years! Each year has always become the highlight of the Christmas season. We again are anticipating the very special visit from the big man from the North Pole! A stellar encounter, indeed!!
The George Stamm Family from Antioch, CA

Hired as: Santa Claus, Photographer

Holiday Awesome Visits

By Jeannie C. on July 19, 2013

We love the Easter Bunny & Santa visits! The daycare is always looking forward to having a wonderful time with you. Its always a pleasure having you!

Hired as: Santa Claus, Costumed Character

If you don't bring Santa Al to your next Christmas celebration, the kids (big and small), will really miss out on a wonderful experience. This will be our 10th + year with Santa, and it's looked forward to by my entire family each year.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Great experience!

By Tamara G. on July 19, 2013

Great experience which made our holiday celebration so much more festive!

Hired as: Santa Claus

Perfect Santa!

By Terri S. on May 30, 2013

Santa Albert was just the perfect Santa for our office Tree Lighting party in 2012. He was professional and believable. The purple Santa chair was awesome!!

Great authentic Santa

By Matthias L. on May 20, 2013

Our kids had a great time with Santa Albert visiting on St. Nicholas Day reading their nice & naughty list to them. Not only did they listen, they also loved interacting with him and asking all sorts of questions which he willingly answered. Santa Albert not only look authentic, he also left an authentic & lasting impression with the kids (and us parents, too). And he seems to remember every past session! We'll certainly be looking forward to asking him to visit us again this coming season.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Santa's Visit to Lone Tree Estates

By Adrianne B. on May 7, 2013

Santa's visit has become an event everyone looks forward to all year. Both him and his elves are very professional and courteous. The attention to detail from Santa at this event is amazing. We would not look elsewhere for our holiday visit.

Hired as: Santa Claus, Photographer

It's not Christmas without him...

By Lena C. on March 5, 2013

Santa Albert is absolutely amazing! He and his crew are always professional and extremely Adorable. Santa's appearance himself is outstanding - far beyond any others. He is always immaculate each & every year with attention to the finest of details we as kids remember and read about. From those rosey red cheeks, a beard white as snow... even that magical twinkle in his eyes. He steals my heart each and every season with his warm, gentle approach to children and keeps the spirit of Santa and Christmas alive in me!
He has been a part of my Christmas tradition for many, many years. I cannot imagine the holidays without him... yes I will admit, Ive grown kind of attached to this Santa here, for he's just simply amazing! Each and every year I find its just not Christmas without his visit in my home and preschool. Throughout the years He has taught me to always believe and follow my heart. One little word of advice, be careful what you ask him for Christmas... you just might get it! Thank you Santa Albert for all you've done for me, my preschool and my very own kids/ family! You will always be a very, very, very special part of our lives. :)

Hired as: Santa Claus

Santa Baby....

By Jonathan M. on November 9, 2012

Santa Claus arrived at our corporate office just as planned. And boy oh boy were we entertained! Santa was able to adapt to anything we through his way. Santa had his copy of 'Twas the night before Christmas fall out of his sleigh before arriving so we had him use an eBook version on the iPad. Boy were those kids (and parents) impressed to see that Santa used Apple products! (wink, wink) Santa was an absolute professional. He eloquently controlled a room of 40+ children ages 10 and under. He gave each of them one on one attention and we heard for months how much people and their children could not wait for him to come back! Santa also has a new chair that we can't wait to use! We will use Santa from now on! Santa also has the ability to entertain both adults and children, a definite plus for parents who dread long lines and screaming kids.....this Santa lays out the rules:) Santa also has tons of experience which helps plan future events.....oh, and did I mention, he knows if you've been bad or good!

Hired as: Santa Claus, Costumed Character

Review by Vicky S.

By Vicky S. on October 12, 2010

Albert has been visiting our school every year for our Christmas parties for ten years! He is great with the kid's comes in full of joy,reads a Christmas story to make them feel comfortable. Then onto his lap they jump and if they don't because they are to scared he will win them over!!

Hired as: Santa Claus, Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Thanks Ms. Vicki!!
WOW! Has it been ten years? It's been PURE JOY visiting your Christmas celebrations at Crayon Club. I especially look forward to seeing the HUGE POTLUCK each year!! Santa enjoys a surprise dish for lunch each year.

Review by Lena C.

By Lena C. on October 6, 2010

I have used AJ Entertainment for several years now and love it! The events are very organized and professional. I especially like the fact that the costumes are extremely clean and presentable - never frightful. Santa looks amazing and the Easter Bunny is simply adorable (my favorite!).
Thanks for always making our events so memorable and special.

Hired as: Santa Claus, Balloon Twister, Easter Bunny, Photographer, Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Your VERY welcome Ms. Lena.
It's always great fun coming to your Preschool. Especially because of the special treats for Santa to take along to feed him and his reindeer. Hopefully we will see you at Christmas...Ho! Ho!Ho!

Review by Tamara G.

By Tamara G. on October 6, 2010

Santa and the Easter rabbit have visited our family on holidays for many years. We have always had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing them again. I would recommend these services to anyone with young children. Al is great with kids and all of the experiences have been magical.
Thank you, Tammy Gonzalez

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Ms. Tammy,
It's my pleasure to be a part of your family's Holiday's tradition. I have enjoyed watching your family grow over the past 5 years. I look forward to seeing you and your family again at Christmas!

Review by Lucia A.

By Lucia A. on October 5, 2010

Santa has visited my family for several years for Christmas eve. He is the highlight of the evening and my grandchildren cherish the moments when he arrive to our house. It has become a tradition in our family for christmas and my grandchildren would not have it without him.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Ms. Lucia,

Santa knows at 11 pm Christmas Eve where he will be each year. The visit to your home is so special for Santa! Your Grand children are ALWAYS so well mannered. I am very pleased to be a part of what has become the high light of my Season and a very special ending to a long day. Kudos to you and your Family!!!

Review by Jennifer S.

By Jennifer S. on October 5, 2010

I believe 2009 was our 4th year to have Santa visit us. He is the most beautiful Santa I have ever seen. It's as if he hand created his own costume, it is so beautiful. He is professional and good with the kids. We look forward to having Santa visit us on Christmas Eve every year. Looking forward to this Christmas Eve as well.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Thanks for your kind words Ms. Jennifer, The suit Santa wears is completely HAND MADE. Real Leather Riding boots & a real Leather Belt hand tooled with REAL GOLD & SILVER too! His busy ELF Elf Seamstress Cathy makes ALL the clothing for Santa and all of his helpers clothing too.

Review by Betty W.

By Betty W. on October 4, 2010

I think this will be my 5th or 6th year with Santa visiting my Grandchildren at my families annual Christmas party. I am my Grandchildren's hero cuz I am on Santa's list to visit before Christmas. I cherish the memories I have been able to give them and love to look back at the pictures!!! Santa's always so kind to the kids and they love seeing him. Great Santa giving my family Great Memories!!!

Hired as: Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Ms. Betty,
It is my pleasure to visit your house each year. This is your 6th year. I speak of your western themed Christmas tree often telling folks how unique it looks. Wrapping a lasso around the tree with all the equestrian themed ornaments. It's so cool. Thank you for your kind words!

Review by Steve W.

By Steve W. on October 3, 2010

The balloon artist was so professional who came to the party promptly, clean and very presentable; very likeable not just to kids but adults too.
I wouldn't hesitate to hire them for my daughter's birthday coming up this summer. The kids had a blast and those photos will be cherished for a long time! Good job and more power to AJEntertainment!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment

Review by Allen S.

By Allen S. on October 3, 2010

SErvices had been rendered with awesome performance, remarkable promptness, reasonable rates, excellent communication and other related services quickly delivered.

Review by Gretchen R.

By Gretchen R. on October 1, 2010

I need to say a huge thank you to Albert. We have been inviting "Santa" to our preschool Christmas parties for the last 6 years. He is always amazing, but this year we really put him to the test. We had the largest group of parents and children that we have ever had. Albert was a pro! He is so great with the children. He is able to control a potentially chaotic situation by keeping the party moving, entertaining young and old. He is so patient with timid or frightened little ones that by the time he is finished they are sad to see him go! I would highly recommend inviting Albert to any occasion!

Hired as: Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

THANK YOU MS.GRETCHEN As always it is my pleasure to provide your preschool with quality family entertainment. I look forward to the challenges your school may present. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Review by Karen B.

By Karen B. on September 30, 2010

Great visits from Santa this year! Albert gave 5 great performances. He was very kind and compassionate with the children. You won't be disappointed if you hire Albert for your Santa visit.

Hired as: Santa Claus

Response from Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

Thank you Ms. Karen, we have enjoyed your kids for the last 5 years and look forward to many more years of spreading Christmas CHEER at A Jump Ahead Preschool.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $92 and up
  • Insurance: $3 million Liability Coverage - We can add your company or business as additionally insured to our policy at no additional charge and provide you with a current certificate of insurance. This does not include home visits.
  • Languages: English


Seasonal Characters available; Santa Claus, Uncle Melty The Snowman, Reindeer Randy and Noelmo Please inquire for details.

Additional Booking Notes

Be sure to check out our Android Christmas Card from Google. Santa Albert was filmed in December 2011 at Google in Mountain View Ca. by a professional film crew. Yes that's Santa Albert singing Jingle Bells and spreading Christmas cheer everywhere he walked.


Santa Claus Albert has been entertaining people since the first time he was on stage in 7th grade, he knew this was something he wanted to pursue. Having performed in many plays and musicals, Santa Claus Albert discovered the "Secret of Santa" in 1985 while helping a friend with her photography business. Albert enjoys photography and thought he was going to substitute as a photographer, to his surprise when he arrived and was told to "costume up".... "Wait a minute, I thought I was gonna take pictures?" As he put on the suit and worked his first shift as Santa he found out about the fantasy that Santa participates with. Listening to the stories and requests. Chatting with the kids about being naughty and nice. The amazing part of being in this role is the PURE LOVE from everyone, children and adults. It was then that he caught the Santa bug. So many stories of everyone sitting on his knee and sharing their time and life with him.

Each year there are many more NEW stories added to Santa's collection of memories which keep him coming back each year with something special and NEW to share with new and returning clients.

Invite Santa Claus Albert to your celebration and find out what's so special about his performance that makes clients keep coming back year after year, some for as many as 15 years.

Set List

We only require an audience and a nice background so your pictures turn out nice.

Influences & Inspiration

Walt Disney

Setup Requirements

An armless chair such as a dining table chair. Please no metal folding or plastic chairs. If you don't have a chair as described please see Santa's chair on our website.


Contact Santa Claus Albert - Santa Visits -

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