Jim The Balloon Guy is available for basic balloon twisting from a list I provide (animals,hats,flowers & more) in a line by the hour. As many as 20-25 one balloon creations an hour. bigger creations take more time. Your group will supply an adult helper if needed for line control and other help when needed. Pricing runs from $75.00 and up for the first hour depending on location. Remember I service up to 75 miles of my location.
Additional hours maybe the same or lower priced. Inquire on this if needed.

OR a Balloon Twisting Show (20-30 minutes) where the kids guess what the balloons are and silly patter is spoke for many of the sculptures.The winning guesser gets the balloon.The hiring group will supply one or two adults to help the performer from the audience. A limited # of kids will get a balloon. You can add the balloon line format after the show if you wish and if time allows.
Pricing depends on weather you are only hiring the balloon show or also a balloon line.

Jim The Balloon Guy does Adult Birthday Singing Telegrams with Balloon Sculpture. Priced from $50.00 and up depending on location and amount of time on location.

Jim The Magic Guy will perform a silly kids comedy magic show. Geared for boys 4 to 7 yrs. and girls 4 to 8 yrs. There are no card tricks or live animals in the show. This children's show lasts 30-45 minutes depending on the audience or the time you booked.

Jim can perform walk around/strolling magic by the hour. with this type of performance it is recommended that you don't have a captive audience but rather new people coming all the time, as many bits or effects are repeated for different small groups.

JIMMY D. ELFF (SANTA'S #1 elf and often priced better than the big guy) can listen to kids wish lists and pose for photos or he can perform either balloon twisting or comedy magic shows during the last two weeks of November OR in December before Christmas. ...
Note: JIMMY looks great and wears real leather elf shoes that curl on the ends by Spears Shoes, the people who made the shoes for the movie "The Grinch" with Jim Carey.

Like to laugh and be amused? This warm, fun and friendly family entertainer with a dynamic, energetic personality is the ONE for You!! Serving family audiences for 27 years in 2017.
Now serving upstate So. Carolina and Southern North Carolina.

Libraries and School Shows too! I have done 3 libraries and several schools over the years.

EXPERIENCE. TRUST your event to a seasoned professional. Available primarily days. nights are possible for kids night events etc.
Jim is a graduate of MCAT University and POTM clown school (performance art schools)

Very Important: When a person calls I do not put their information in a book till the inquiry actually becomes a gig. therefore it is your responsibility to call me or email me if you are still interested in a particular date and time but will be late ( more than a few days) sending the required booking fee.
Bookings are NOT & Never Finalized without a required Booking Fee. Telling me your interested in a particular date or telling me your sending this fee does NOT & will NOT Guarantee Your Booking. If you want to be sure to book me ( The booking isn't official till I have your BF and I send you an Agreement through email. You then read it and say you agree to my terms which I then email or call you ACCEPTING Your GIG.) I must receive your non refundable required Booking Fee within a few days of you telling me your sending the booking fee. I normally don't hold a date open for a week or more as there may be others wanting the same date and time frame. Many times situations happen and a prospective client fails to send the BF when they said they would. I then offer the possibility to another possible client who may also not send the fee right away. Next the the first person who spoke to me weeks before finally sends their payment and I receive it before I receive the payment from the 2nd person who wanted the same date and time frame.

If a case like the above happens, who ever gets the above fee to me First will have their gig date and time frame confirmed provided they follow my process described above.
I will send back the other person's (who will not receive my services) booking fees provided the sender included a return address. Of course I would only cash the actual client's fee.

I will not appear/perform without receiving the booking fee in advance of event (usually 2 weeks or more days in advance of date of service).

In the case of the US postal Money order (required. no personal checks or other m/o types) showing up later than your event, I will send it back to you provided you enclosed the return name and address. Of course I cant perform at an event unless I first received the required fee
and you completed my process as described above.

Pricing usually quoted is for events during day light hours and ending at least 40 minutes before dark. If you have events ending after dark please mention this as the rates are generally higher.
If I don't charge you a higher price it is because Im giving you a discount. (I decide who, for and if I will discount an event.)

I cant put pricing on this site as my pricing varies depending on what I'm doing and where I'm performing. I service no more than a 75 mile distance of Greenville,SC.
Thank you for reading this and considering my fun and interactive family entertainment services.
Have a great week & GOD BLESS YOU!! :)