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Bridal Shower Ideas

5 Fabulous Bridal Shower Themes Your Bride Will Love

bridal shower themes

Planning a bridal shower for your sister, best friend, cousin, or another special person in your life? Then you need a creative bridal shower theme! Some brides are all about flowers and lace while others just want something unique. We have 5 fabulous bridal shower themes that can help inspire you and your fellow bridesmaids to throw the shower of the century!


1. Brunch and Bubbly

Traditional brides may appreciate bridal shower themes that are a little more sophisticated or classy. And what’s classier than champagne? Hosting a “Brunch and Bubbly” theme for your bride allows for lots of blush pink, gold, and cream. Fresh flowers, white or cream tableware, and cloth napkins are all a must when decorating for brunch. If you’re really ambitious, you can have brunch at someone’s house. Arrive early to whip up waffles, crepes, or muffins. Add fresh fruit or fluffy scrambled eggs to complete the menu. Don’t forget the bubbly! A mimosa bar is perfect for bridal showers. You can set up pretty glasses, a juice carafe, and all the champagne they can handle. Freeze raspberries or edible flowers into ice cubes to make your mimosas even prettier. If you’d rather have someone else handle the details, hiring a Caterer is always a great option!


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, CatchMyParty.com


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, CatchMyParty.com


2. Mad Hatter Tea Party

For a whimsical bride, a Mad Hatter Tea Party bridal shower theme is perfect! You can get creative with decor and refreshments, too. Take a page out of Lewis Carroll’s book and use clocks, teapots, book pages, and even playing cards to decorate the space. Use mismatched teacups, plates, tablecloths, and napkins to add to the eclectic feel of the party space. For refreshments, tea of course! And other miniature desserts like petit fours, macaroons, or cupcakes are perfect for a tea party. Adding “Eat Me” placards or even putting the words on cakes or cookies is a great way to incorporate Wonderland into the party. You can serve other drinks like lemonade or wine spritzers, but don’t forget the “Drink Me” tags!


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, PartyPieces.co.uk


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, DesignDazzle.com


3. Let’s Taco ‘Bout Love

Who doesn’t love tacos? Low-key brides may not want a huge shower that has a lot of fluffy decorations. Wedding planning is stressful. Being “on” all the time can take a toll. Laidback bridal shower themes are definitely the best choice for the stressed out bride-to-be. Give her some time to chill out by throwing a casual fiesta! Decorate with bright colors, sombreros, or other Southwestern- or Mexican-themed decor. Set up a taco buffet bar with different shells, meats, and vegetables. Add some chips and homemade salsa or guacamole for tasty appetizers. What would a taco party be without margaritas? There are lots of fun recipes out there besides the traditional lime margaritas. Shake it up with strawberry, mango, or even pomegranate flavors! Cucumber margaritas are a growing trend and are super refreshing in the summer months. You can play bartender or set up a couple of blenders for guests to make their own. However you choose to host it, the main idea is to let your bride kick back with her favorite food…and a cold margarita for some laughs with friends and family!


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, OneKingsLane.com


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, InspiredByThis.com


4. Two Less Fish in the Sea

For the girl who loves the sand, sun, and sailing, nautical bridal shower themes are an easy choice! Nautical decor is simple and tasteful, using lots of navy blue, gold, and white. You can also use natural elements like burlap, rope, driftwood, or seashells. For more of a beach vibe, use faded colors like coral, teal, or yellow. Natural elements fit beautifully into this theme, too. Cute phrases like “Tying the Knot” or “Two Less Fish in the Sea” can be used on your decor to add a little romantic flair to the party. Refreshments are pretty flexible. We suggest white wines, oysters, or other tasty seafood for the classier nautical theme. Fruity cocktails like Pina Coladas or Tequila Sunrises are more beachy. Grilled kabobs, fresh fruit, and other easy finger foods are fabulous for beach themes, as well. Let your bride be a beach bum for a day and let all her wedding stress fade away!


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, StoryboardWedding.com


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, Kara’s Party Ideas


5. You Had Me at Merlot

Wine: it’s a girl’s best friend sometimes. And why not use this as inspiration for a bridal shower theme? Your bride will no doubt welcome the chance to sip some wine, open presents, and just enjoy some time away from the planning process. For decor, wine glasses, grapes, corks, and empty wine bottles are all perfect for a wine party. Mini bottles of wine are great party favors, or just set out a basket and let guests take their pick. Refreshments should include wine, of course! Offering a few selections of white, blush, and red wines allows your guests choose their favorite or try something new. Gourmet cheeses, crusty breads, crackers, and fruit are all perfect additions to wine. We recommend placing your wine selections with the various foods they complement. White wines pair well with white meat or light foods like quiche. Red wines complement richer flavors like red meat and roasted vegetables. So sit back, sip, and enjoy the party with your bride!


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, IntimateWeddings.com


bridal shower themes

Photo Credit, IntimateWeddings.com


For more bridal shower themes, follow us on Pinterest!

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All About the Bride

The big day is almost here and things can get a little stressful and hectic. Planning a wedding can take up months of a bride's life and can leave her feeling more relief to get the day over with than excitement for the day to come. Because of this, it is important for the bride to take a day off. A day to relax, eat cake, spend time with friends and family, play games and receive some gifts. Throwing a great bridal shower will be just what the bride needs to regain some of her sanity after months of wedding planning. GigSalad has everything you need to help you plan the perfect Bridal Shower.

Plan Ahead

Usually the maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother or sister will be responsible for throwing the bride her bridal shower. It does not all have to fall on one person though. It is actually a good idea to have two or three people assist in the planning and covering costs. You should allow yourself about 6-8 weeks to plan the shower. Some of the first things you need to work out: What kind of party will this be? Formal or casual? Where will it be hosted? Your home, someone else's home, a restaurant, a park, etc? Will there be a theme? Sometimes it can be fun to have a gift theme; such as, lingerie, travel items or kitchen ware. Once you have these basics nailed down, send out the invitations as quickly as possible. Purchase generic ones and fill them out or have specialty invitations printed that match the theme or colors you have chosen. This is a special day to be shared with people that are special to the bride, so have her help with the guest list.

Entertain (and Maybe Embarrass) Her

Primarily, bridal showers are about both relaxing and getting gifts that are both fun and useful for the bride and groom. However, it is also important that everyone, both the bride and the guests, have a lot of fun. The most popular form of entertainment for a bridal shower are games. There are lots of resources online with lists and lists of different games to play. It's important to choose games that match your bride's personality. If she's a shy person by nature, don't pick the games that will embarrass her and make her uncomfortable. If the bride does not want games at all and wants the shower to be more of a party, then book entertainment. For a larger party, you might want to hire a jazz band, classical ensemble or strolling violinist to provide background music as your guests mingle. It would also be interesting to hire an impersonator of one of the bride's favorite celebrities for a meet and greet and to take photos with the guests. If the location for the shower is appropriate for it, perhaps you could hire a comedian or hypnotist to put on a short show for the guests.

For a smaller bridal shower with just a handful of guests, you might instead want to consider something other than a party. Take the bride and small group to the spa for the day, go antique shopping or maybe even plan an entire weekend out of town somewhere the bride loves or has always wanted to visit. Really, it all comes down to what the bride wants, so it's a good idea to keep her involved.

Filling in the Details

No matter why time of day you have chosen for the shower, you must provide refreshments. Of course, the most important food to be present is the cake. Hire a cake decorator to design a cake that matches the theme or wedding colors. If the time of the shower lands between meals, then cake may be all you need in regards to snacks, but be sure to provide beverages as well or an alternative treat for those crazy guests that might not like cake. If budget allows, have the shower over a meal and hire a caterer to plan the menu and a wait staff to handle all the work involved. If the caterer does not provide a bar service and you do want drinks provided, you might want to hire a bartender to serve cocktails, wine or champagne. Or to spice things up a little, hire a flair bartender ! The guests can be entertained by juggling, flipping and magic tricks while also enjoying professionally mixed drinks!

Once you have all your ideas and plans in place, it is time start putting them into action. Set the scene with some great decorations that match the theme you've chosen, or if there is no theme, then just decor or flowers that match the wedding colors. It is also a good idea to provide some sort of party favors to give to the guests as a thank you for their attendance and contribution to the bride's special day. Some good favors for a bridal shower would be candy, candles, picture frames or for smaller gatherings, something personalized for each guest. One fun idea is to have each guest take a picture with the bride-to-be and have a copy of the picture for both the bride and for the guest. You could have the photos printed on the spot, perhaps in a photo booth style set up, or just have them printed after the shower and the bride can send each picture to the guest with their thank you card. You can handle all the picture taking yourself, assign it to another guest, or for a bigger event, you may want to hire a photographer to be there so that everyone can focus on the fun and no one has to worry about capturing it all through a lens.

If all of this sounds like a lot to take on, you could always hire a party planner to handle it for you. However, with the right resources, and maybe a little help from friends, you can do it yourself and have a lot of fun doing it! GigSalad is here to help you every step of the way as your one stop shop for all your Bridal Shower planning needs!