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Why Book Hypnotists

You are getting sleeepy... verrry sleeeepy. Now at the snap of our fingers, you will wake up, make us all a turkey sandwich and bring it on over to the GigSalad office. (Shouldn't we be requesting a salad since it's Gig... "Salad?") Well... you won't be hiring us as your hypnotist, so no need to worry about funny business like that. Nothing is more entertaining and out-of-this-world than participating and watching your friends get hypnotized. They'll cluck like chickens and dance just like Michael Jackson. So if you're in for a good laugh, check out these hypnotists.

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About Booking Hypnotists

Hire a hypnotist for your next private or corporate event! For team building, terrific memories and side-splitting fun, booking a comedy hypnotist can be a fantastic choice for entertainment for your corporate seminar, sales meeting or private special event. When you find and hire a good event hypnotist, there's a great chance that your party will be a hit because of the level of audience participation that good comedy hypnotists, corporate hypnotists, stage hypnotists or party hypnotist's show typically involves. Professional and affordable hypnotists are standing by and are available to perform at your corporate function, birthday party, fundraiser or other event!