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Why Book Caricaturists

Have you ever imagined what it'd be like if you were stuck in your favorite cartoon? Like if you were chowin' on some donuts and puttin' back some brews with Homer Simpson? Or if you were painting the colors of the wind with Pocahontas? Welp... you and your guests can at least see what you would look like as a cartoon character if you hire one of these talented and creative caricaturists. Whether they illustrate your big nose, your Jay Leno-esque chin, or your puppy dog eyes... caricaturists are sure to deliver hilarious entertainment and memorable keepsakes for your event.

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About Booking Caricaturists

Caricaturists can bring life to any wedding, party or event by providing entertainment for your guests while sketching a custom portrait of each guest. Caricaturists often draw exaggerated and distorted sketches that your guests will laugh at and get to take home with them at the end of the night. Here's some helpful tips for hiring a caricaturist. First, get caricaturist recommendations from family, friends, and reliable websites. Next, ask to view the caricaturist's art. And lastly, inquire about specifics. For example, will the caricaturist need any special equipment or space?