Roaring Twenties Party Ideas

Dancing and drinking formed the underground party scene of the 1920's. Bootleggers brought the booze, flappers brought the flair, and gangsters brought the guns. Grab a feather boa or slap on a zoot suit and get ready to party because we're doing it 1920's style!
The Age of Wonderful Nonsense

The 1920’s was a fun and exciting era in history. Prohibition led to underground parties equipped with secret passwords and tons of fun. People were discreetly engorging themselves in alcohol and gambling in speak easies where gangsters and flappers regularly appeared. It is easy to see why “the age of wonderful nonsense", also know as “the jazz age" and the “roaring 20’s", is a perfect party theme, and Gig Salad has some awesome ideas to help enhance your party!

Finding your Speak easy Setting

Finding a venue that fits the theme of your 1920’s party is a crucial step to start with. It needs to look like an original speak easy where people used to party, drink, and gamble until dawn. Elaborate chandeliers and vintage architecture took over the 20’s. An old mansion, building, ballroom, or restaurant could serve as the perfect place for the setting of your party. The more authentic your venue looks, the less decorations you will need to transform your space into a roaring 20’s dance party.

Build the Buzz

Get people talking and excited by creating intriguing invitations. Adorn your invites with feathers, pearls, and sequins to give it the flavor of the Era. Make sure that people know it is a costume party so they have enough time to go out and buy or rent fabulous authentic costumes. Ladies can wear knee length baggy dresses, bobs, feather head bands, pearls, and carry extra long cigarettes with cigarette holders for props. Men can go as a gangster wearing pinstriped suits and a large hat or can wear a black tuxedo with a black felt hat. Guys, don’t forget your toy gun in a shoulder holster. Also, add to your theme by including a password needed to get into the party on your invitation like the original speak easies did. After reading your invitation, your guests are sure to be beaming with anticipation for this mysterious and fun-filled party.

Jazz and Jive the Night Away

People in the 1920’s loved to dance! Fill your party with music of the era by rocking to the sounds of a jazz band, swing band, or a big band. Make the mood more intimate by hiring a saxophone player, jazz singer, or trumpet player. If you really want to add authenticity to your party hire an impersonator like Charlie Chaplin or Louis Armstrong to belt out tunes of the 20’s. Spice up the party fun by having a Charleston contest to see who does it the best! It’s no wonder with all the fun dances of the roaring 20’s that they danced till they dropped. Feel free to enhance your guest’s dance experience by hiring a dance instructor to teach them the moves of the past.

Dazzle your Room with Decorations

Decorating for the 1920’s can be as fun and creative as you want it to be. As mentioned before, the more authentic the space your party is in, the less decorations you will need. An easy way to set the mood and scene is by using a fog machine to create a fake smoky atmosphere. Also, have as many candles as possible to provide a dim lowly-lit atmosphere. Adorn your space with white, black, silver, and gold like they did it in the 20’s. Try using white table clothes on the tables with floating candles in over-sized martini glasses for your center pieces. Also, gambling was a large part of speak easies since it was also illegal during the 20’s so be sure to set up casino tables. You can even hire dealers to make things really fun. Be sure to add a stage for the band and a dance floor for the guests!

Drink until you Drop

Alcohol flowed at the original speak easies so be sure to have it at your 1920’s bash. Gin was very popular during this time because people were able to make it in their own bathtubs. A creative touch would be to offer cold bottled drinks out of a bathtub filled with ice. Martinis and basically any other cocktails were well liked too. If you want more time to enjoy the party yourself, hire a bartender dressed to fit the theme to serve your party guests.

Fuel for the Fun

Don’t forget to feed your guests. With all the dancing and drinking, your party-goers will need some delicious treats to keep them going. If you are leaning towards highlighting the gangster theme, go with Italian food like pizza, pasta, ravioli, and garlic break-sticks. Whatever food you choose, put it in 1920’s themed dishes to highlight your theme. For example, serve mouse or mashed potatoes in martini glasses. Put chips or dry snacks in a lined fedora hat. Remember to call a caterer if you want to skip the hassle of cooking.

Picture Perfect

Give your guests something to remind them of the amazing time they had. Hire a photographer to take pictures, and send black and white photographs of your guests in their costumes to them with a thank you card.

Remember, there are tons of event planners ready to be at your service and make your party exactly the way you dreamed it would be. On the other hand, if you love the party planning process and want to do it on your own, Gig Salad is here to make it easy for you, guiding you step by step along the way!


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