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Why book One Man Bands

“Where’s that awesome song coming from?” “Oh... just from that guy over there.” “There’s no way that ONE guy is playing all those instruments!” Well... if you’ve ever heard a conversation like that, you were probably in the presence of one of the musical geniuses we like to call a “one man band.” They can play way more instruments than they have limbs, and it’s always über-intriguing to watch. Give your guests a real treat by hiring one of these not-often-seen but extremely talented one man bands!

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About Booking One Man Bands

A one man band is a person who plays multiple instruments simultaneously using their hands, feet, and other limbs. Most one man bands are extremely talented individuals who often play guitar and harmonica. From outdoor festivals to company BBQs, hiring a one man band can be a great way to entertain guests. Now here's the only work that you've gotta do to get this awesome entertainment at your event. Take a few minutes to watch videos, listen to audio, check out photo galleries, read reviews, and contact different one man bands to ensure you book the perfect entertainment for your upcoming event.