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Why Book Composers

Are you looking to hire Wolfgang Amadues Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, or George Frederick Handel to compose your next epic piece of music? GigSalad is here to help! Wait... hold on a second... we might just be a few centuries off. Though those famous composers with three fancy sounding names are long gone, GigSalad will help get you hooked up with amazing, talented composers of today. Whether you’re in the market for a piece of music that's instrumental, vocal, musical theater, pop, folk, jazz, classical, or basically any other genre you can think of... GigSalad is here to help you find and hire a talented composer that will write an out-of-this world piece for you that’s just what you’ve been dreaming of!

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About Booking Composers

If you're in need of a specific piece of music to be written, or if you’re looking for new compositions for your performing ensemble, a composer is the place to start. The term composer refers to someone who writes music in some type of musical notation, thus allowing others to perform the music. Many people associate the term “composer” with classical music only. While those who write non-classical music don’t always call themselves by that name, composers can write any genre of music. They can compose for instruments, voices, or the two combined. Music has changed so much from the what it used to be in the olden days... so why not let GigSalad help you hire some of today’s fresh and talented composers?

Before you hire a composer, first listen to audio samples of their previous work. Make sure you like it and it's similar to the style you are going for. You should also read reviews and get references from past clients. Talk with the reviewers about the writing process, how much input they were allowed to give, and how easy it was to work with the composer. Feedback is the best way to ensure you hire exactly what you need and want. You should also meet with the composer in person before hiring them to discuss your ideas and see how you relate to them. Writing music is an emotional process, and it's important that you share a connection with the composer if you want to have a successful working relationship. With these hiring tips and the help of GigSalad, you can find a composer to write the next great musical masterpiece!