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About Booking Cellists

A cellist is a great way to add some class to your next event. Whether performing with an ensemble or solo, this beautiful stringed instrument can soothe any soul with its deep riveting sound. A cellist can add something unique to any type of music from classical to jazz to pop, and to any type of event. From private or corporate events to weddings, conferences, and festivals, hiring a cellist is a great way to entertain guests.

There are a few things you should consider when hiring a cellist. First, be sure to listen to audio and watch video samples. You want to be sure you are satisfied with the sound and look of the performer before you book him/her. Next, get references and read reviews. Talk to people in the area who have seen the performer and/or have booked them in the past. Feedback is the best way to ensure you are going to be satisfied with your choice. Last, always get a contract. Read the contract carefully and work out any details in regards to deposit requirements, length of performance, scheduled breaks, attire, travel, and lodging. Watch for specifications made by the performer and be sure you can meet them.