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College Reunion Ideas

Don't you wish you could go back to the glory days of college? Relive those long hours of studying, textbook reading, and whatnot. Pssh... who are we kidding? Here's some tips on how to take a trip down memory lane back to the dormitory with your old croanies.
The Good Ol’ Days

We all remember the all-nighters during college spent pouring over countless pages of textbooks, flashcards, and endless amounts of coffee. Wouldn’t you want to go back to those days? No? We don’t either. But nothing is better than trip down Memory Lane to relive the past. Most college reunions bear the stereotype of boring entertainment and mediocre food. Why not knock everyone’s socks off this year and plan a killer reunion for your former classmates? (Well, not REALLY a “killer” reunion, because we’ve already seen those movies!)

Party like its 1999.... or ‘79... or even ‘59! Whatever works for you!

A reunion only comes around once every 5 or ten years, so you want to make a lasting impression, something they can hold onto till the next reunion. GigSalad is here to help with all the details to make your reunion a smashing success.

So you graduated from college in the ‘70s? How about a 1970’s style band to take you back to those college years? Oh it was the ‘80s, no the ‘90s? Don’t worry. We’ve got '80’s style entertainment as well as '90s style entertainment to keep you and your guests rockin’ all night long. Maybe a caricaturist to capture you back in the ‘80s. Might want to rethink that hair. Or even a game show with trivia back from your college days. You’ll also want to hire a bartender to sling drinks to keep the party going all night. Lucky for you, we have all of the above right here on GigSalad.

Ramen Noodles and Coffee

We all know our diets during college were stellar. At least we thought so. Ramen noodles are nutritious right? Hopefully by now, we’ve all evened out our diets a little bit. You’ll want the food to be really great at your college reunion. That’s what most people come for anyway. Chat with one of our caterers to figure out the perfect menu. If you’re having a seated dinner, you’ll also want to make sure you have an experienced waitstaff to help you out. Remember the dry, tasteless cake at your graduation celebration? You don’t want a repeat of THAT one, so link up with one of our cake decorators to make a stellar cake that will be the talk of the class even at your next reuinion!

Where are you having this reunion? Do you need tables and chairs or will they be provided to you? Or how about some kind decor for your reunion? You wouldn’t want a boring, plain, room. That’s no way to party. Are you having it outside? Well there are lots of tent rental companies to keep you dry if it rains, but not if Nancy throws a drink in your face when she remembers what you wrote in her yearbook! If this is just way too much for you to handle, hire one of the skilled event planners on our site to take the reins and let you sit back and watch the magic happen.

The Low Down

After all the work you are putting into this reunion, you want to make sure that everyone comes to marvel at what you’ve created. We’ve got great custom-printed invitation companies on our site that will make everyone feel welcome. You could make a sweet invitation to send out to everyone. You’ll want a headcount of people attending for the caterer so make sure to include a RSVP. Maybe you could even use them to make the name tags for the reunion. Put an old photo yearbook photo of every person and their name. Could be fun to see how much everyone has changed, or it could just be embarrassing, but either way it will get the guests talking! Oh, and you can’t forget to document all of this. We’ve got photographers and videographers to make sure you don’t miss a moment of this great party. You could even use these photographs to make great party favors to send to everyone who attends the reunion. How about a photo or video booth with fun props from the year you graduated? You never know what people could come up with! No matter how you choose to document your event, we want to hear about it. Check out our GigSalad Facebook page and share all the good times.

You are now fully equipped to take this reunion on and turn it into whatever you want it to be. Get creative and if you get stuck always make sure to check back here at GigSalad for tips and tricks.


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