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1940s Era Entertainment

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Why Book 1940s Era Entertainment

Ah, the music of the 1940s! Enter Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, and the early days of Frank Sinatra. Bring the big bands, be-bop, jazz, and patriotic music of the 40s to your event. This is the era of music that led to the birth of rock 'n roll. So whether you're planning a patriotic event, birthday party, or dinner party, one of these great 1940s Era Entertainment groups is ready to please. So what are you waiting for!? Let GigSalad help you bring the music of the 1940s to your event!

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About Booking 1940s Era Entertainment

At the beginning of the forties, Big Bands continued to dominate popular music, with the Swing legends Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman leading the way, each with a famous band of their own. Bing Crosby's smooth voice made him one of the most popular singers, along with Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Perry Como and Kate Smith.

The Andrews Sisters and their brand of patriotic music entertained troops during WWII, and also became the best-selling female vocal group in the history of popular music. Be-Bop and Rhythm and Blues grew out of the big band era toward the end of the decade, epitomized by Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and Billy Holiday. For nostalgic private and corporate events, 1940s World War II Era Music can be an excellent choice! Please select a city where you'd like to book 1940s Entertainment.

Some things to consider when hiring 1940s entertainment are to make sure you listen to audio and watch video clips of the performer/group. This will ensure that you truly do book the best for your next event! Next, you want to get references. Talk to people in the area about the performer and get feedback. Finally, get a contract. Many professional performers require a deposit to secure them at your next event. Make sure to read through the contract carefully before contracting their services for your party.