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Arts/Entertainment Speakers

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Why Book Arts/Entertainment Speakers

In a world where many people use E! and People Magazine as their primary news source, entertainment seems to be the best way to get through to the masses. With that in mind, hiring a speaker that specializes in the various aspects of art and entertainment is a great way to ensure your audience becomes (and stays) engaged and interested. From authors and journalists to actors and models, these arts/entertainment speakers have the background and knowledge needed to provide speeches that will both entertain and inform the attendees of your class, seminar, convention, or special event.

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About Booking Arts/Entertainment Speakers

An insightful and articulate speaker at an event can help individuals, groups, and classrooms achieve their potential through a dynamic and insightful speech, seminar, or consulting session. Arts/Entertainment speakers on GigSalad have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some have worked in film or theater, both on stage and behind. Others are best-selling authors or experienced journalists. Find and hire the perfect Arts/Entertainment Speaker for your corporate event, seminar, classroom, or convention.

When booking an Arts/Entertainment speaker, be sure you have your event details (date, time, location, topic, etc.) and budget lined up before you contact the speaker. Once you contact them, discuss their subject material and ask if they have any videos of previous speeches. You should also read reviews about them and get references. Talk to people who have hired them before or seen them speak. Next up, you should book well in advance. Some speakers are booked months or years in advance. However, in some situations you might be able to book less than 60 days in advance. Lastly, pay attention to detail in the contract. What are the traveling expenses? If the traveling expenses are too expensive, consider partnering with another organization to host the same speaker during the same time frame.