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Wallet..check. Cell phone..check. This guy's a pro-pickpocketer, but you won't let him get the best of you. You take your seat in the audience and wait to see what idiot had his stuff stolen from right under his nose. Finally, Mr. Pickpocketer is brought on stage, and he holds out a cell phone. Oddly, it looks similar to yours. Next, a wallet, which again looks too familiar. Oh no, you're the idiot. So head up there, get your stuff, & see how it's done. Book a pickpocket performer for a show you won't forget!

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About Booking Pickpocket/Con Man Performers

Find and hire Magician- Pickpockets, and Con Man Entertainers for parties and events on Gig Salad! To book the right pickpocket performer or con man show for your next party, GigSalad.com has the talent you need.

Pickpocket and con-man performers are sure to liven up any corporate event, party, or special occasion by providing dazzling sleight of hand tricks. Whether you want to bring laughter and amazement to your guests with a tailored performance or amaze and awe them with a walkabout performance where wallets, watches, and ties disappear and reappear elsewhere, booking a pickpocket performer is a great option for entertainment at your next corporate event. Gig Salad will connect you with pickpocket performers and con-man professionals in your area to help make your event a success.

When hiring a pickpocket and con-man performer, relay the vision of your event to the performer. Do you want the pickpocket performer to lift wallets from your guests (and return them) or perform a show with audience participation? Also, ask to see video of the pickpocket performer's past acts. Lastly, find a con-man or pickpocket performer experienced in the specialty you desire. Do you want a walkabout performance where wallets are lifted or a story to go along with a con-man performance?