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Why Book Hula Dancers

Aloha! Whoa, where are you going? Come back! That was a hello “aloha”, not goodbye. Sorry for the confusion. We just wanted to get you in the Hawaiian mood as we introduce you to these authentic hula dancers. Hiring a hula dancer is a great way to transport your average beach party or luau to the beaches of beautiful Hawaii. Hand out those grass skirts, get your guests “lei-ed,” and then put them into the hands of these experienced hula dancers. They'll show everyone how to sway those hips all night long.

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About Booking Hula Dancers

Hiring hula dancers is a great way to add mystique and beauty to your next barbecue, party, luau, fair, or special event. There are two broad types of hula: traditional hula and modern hula. Traditional hula uses chant and traditional instruments like rhythm sticks, gourd drums, and feathered gourd rattles to convey an exotic mood, and modern hula is accompanied by song, guitar, ukuleles, and bass to intrigue your guests. Whether you need traditional hula dancers to enchant your guests at your authentic Hawaiian event or modern hula dancers in grass skirts and leis to sway their hips at your luau, GigSalad will connect you with a local hula dancer to help sway your party to success.

There are a few things you should keep in mind as you hire a hula dancer. First, know which kind of hula dancer you want. Do you want traditional or modern hula performances? Would you also like a hula dancer that can teach your guests to hula? Some dancers will offer that in their packages. When you contact them, be sure to look at the details in their contract. Ask about specifics like: will the hula dancers need a special type of flooring to perform? And how much space will they need? Last, be sure to look at photos and videos of the hula dancer's past performances. Also ask for references from previous clients and read reviews. All this will help ensure you book the best for your special event.