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Why Book Belly Dancers

Add some culture to your event by providing belly dance entertainment. Belly dancers are a perfect entertainment choice for a variety of occasions. Hire one of these ladies for a birthday party or bridal shower to provide belly dance lessons for the girls. Or hire a dancer (or two) for your wedding reception, corporate event, or public event to put on a show that no one will soon forget. They will shimmy and shake throughout your party, making every guy and gal stop and stare at this unique style of dance.

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About Booking Belly Dancers

Belly dance, or bellydancing, is an exotic Arabic dancing style which originated in the Middle East. In Palestine, this dance is called Raks Baladi, and is performed by male and female belly dancers during festive occasions such as wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, and parties.

Belly Dancing as we know it in America, otherwise knows as Raqs Sharqi, is seen primarily as a woman's dance, celebrating the sensuality of being a mature woman. Many forms of dance in America have borrowed from bellydancing, such as jazz dancing, hip hop, and contemporary dance. Hire a belly dancer to bring fun and culture to your next event!

There are a few things you should consider when hiring a belly dancer. First, you want to be sure you check out photos and watch videos of the dancer. Make sure you like what they do and it fits with the vision you have for your event. Next, discuss specifics and draw up a contract with those details included. Some things to consider is length of performance, if and when will the dancer get breaks, and how much space will be required for the dancer to perform. Last, read reviews and get references from past clients. You can also ask other people for feedback who have seen the belly dancer perform. You want to be sure you book the best for your special event.