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Why Book Comedians

What makes you bust a gut? Slapstick with Larry, Curly, and Moe? R-rated with Chris Rock? Nothingness with Jerry Seinfeld? Whatever tickles your funny bone, GigSalad is the ultimate destination for you to find and hire a comedian for your upcoming event that you’ll be sure to love. Whether it's a corporate event or a small gathering of friends, there's never a crowd that isn't in the mood to hear some great jokes, and these local comedians sure know how to dish ‘em out! Just make sure you’re prepared for your cheeks to hurt.

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About Booking Comedians

Hire a comedian, or comedienne, for your next event and bring smiles to the faces of your guests. Be sure to know the content of a prospective comedian's content before you agree to hire a comic, as there are family friendly G-rated (or PG-rated) comedians, and comedians who are R-rated, concentrating more on an adult audience. Either way, laughs await when you hire a comedian! GigSalad has premier male and female stand-up comics available for hire to perform at your next party, private event or corporate function.

If you're serious about booking a comedian for your upcoming event, follow these simple tips. Ask the comedian that you're interested in if you can view video of past performances. This will help you decide if you're a fan of their sense of humor. You should check and see how much room they'll need to perform, and you should also check if they'll need you to provide anything such as audio equipment or props for the show. Lastly, talk about all specifics you want for your event, and make sure they can provide what you want. Most comedians will be able to tailor their show to fit your event perfectly. Now get to laughin' already!