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Why Book Narrators

So you’re brainstorming for the perfect narrator... we know what you are thinking. Morgan Freeman is the clear choice, right? He’s in pretty high demand (seeing as he narrates everything), so you may want to look at other options. This is the perfect place to get started! GigSalad has a variety of narrators to choose from to narrate your theater production or to provide a voice over on your commercial, show, or film. These voices may not be as legendary as Morgan Freeman’s, but what voice ever could be?

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About Booking Narrators

Need the perfect voice to keep the storyline of a play, documentary, dramatic performance, or movie compelling for viewers? Narrators broadcast their voice live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film and theater and can be hired by ad agencies, production studios, or producers and directors of TV, Theatre, Movies or live events. The narration may be spoken by someone who also appears within a play or live performance, or it may be performed by a specialist voice actor who is off-stage.

There are a few things you should remember when hiring a narrator. First, of course you need to make sure you are happy with the sound of their voice. Contact individuals and ask for samples of their work or hold a casting call, and ask the narrators to recite lines from the script. Next, read reviews and get references from those that have worked with the narrator in the past. Finally, work out a contract with all payment details and specific requirements for the narrator.