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$89 Singing Telegrams $115 Kids Party Characters

$89 Singing Telegrams $115 Kids Party Characters

11 reviews

About $89 Singing Telegrams $115 Kids Party Characters

The Best Singing Telegrams in Los Angeles and all Southern California. Please see and compare our Singing Telegram video to all others and see no one comes close. The Best Kids Party Characters Mascot Themed Costumed Entertainers and Kids Party Clowns in Los Angeles and Southern California. Please see and compare that party character clown videos to all others and see no one comes close. The Highest Quality and Lowest Prices period. We also have Puppet Shows, Magicians, Carnival Rides, Petting Zoo's, and Pony Rides as well to make your party entertainment the best non stop fun ever. Just look at pictures, video, and prices and compare to all others in Los Angeles and see we are the best.



Singing Telegram was huge hit and hysterical too.

By Lisaleetantor on June 7, 2012

Thanks for the GREAT Elvis Singing Telegram! We had so much fun with the party characters you sent to my kids birthday party that I got a singing telegram for my grand mother's birthday party and it was also awesome. Your Singing Telegrams are hysterically funny. You all have the most beautiful costumes and best performers at the best price. Thanks much for being here! Lisa T in Beverly Hills

Hired as: Singing Telegram

My son is still going on and on about how much fun he had with your party character on his birthday with all his friends. All the kids at the party were so entertained the whole time and most of the adults too. Thanks so very much for an outstanding job!

Rude & unprofessional

By Yannett on May 18, 2012

Called to get info numerous times but wouldnt get a call back. Finally when a man called me he left me a general message. When I called him again he didn't let me ask appropriate questions before the man on the phone HUNG UP just telling me to call back when I do decide what I want. He left me shocked because i was not done talking! If he wasn't so rude I was actually trying to book not one but two characters. Their loss not mine. I wouldnt want someone like that around my kids!


By Gw on April 19, 2012

I contacted this company to ask questions about their services because based on what I wanted I thought I would need to blend 2 of the services they offered together for a kids party. I also wanted to ask what specificlly could be included for the price so I could get the package and entertainment I wanted.
Instead the man I spoke with was rude, abrasive, and cursed at me before hanging up on me! He told me to look online, which as I had stated in the voicemail I had left that I already had looked online. Also, I had to call and leave messages 2 times before I got a call back.

If this is how you deal with your customers, it doesn't matter how low your rates are, I'm suprised you are still in business! I will be posting this same review on Yelp and in my Yahoo mommies groups!

So much fun!

By Allisonlamonte on March 16, 2012

They did the best job for my kid' s party and the clown and party character were both such great entertainment for all the chuldren there and many adults laughed too!

Hired as: Clown, Costumed Character


By Betty L. on March 8, 2012

Your entertainment was great and I wanted everyone to know that and since I see you have a few dumb dishonest "people" trash talking you I really wanted to say how all anyone really has to do is not just look at high quality costumes and services and the lowest prices but the actual videos of your actual entertainment at actual parties on your website... But I guess theses lying morons can not even understand how simple that is and how ridiculous it would be to pay attention to their drivel when we all can see for our selves exactly what you are in your website party videos.

Hired as: Children's Party Entertainment

Thanks. GREAT party

By Sally R. on March 8, 2012

You all did a really great job at my kids party and I wanted everyone to know that your kids party chracter entertainers are just as much fun in person as they are in the videos on your website THANKS!

Hired as: Children's Party Entertainment

Really great fun!

By Carla P. on March 7, 2012

I have had many party entertainers as my kids grow up but I never one with so much energy and humor and fun as your party character! Thanks!

No thank you

By Kristen on March 7, 2012

Wow. I'm surprised that this company is still in business. I left a message asking for more information about party characters and I received an extremely rude call back asking me if I at all read their website. The man who called me back repeatedly told me that everything he was telling me was detailed on their website. And repeatedly reapeated himself!! I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt since there was one great review and one bad. It's all bad. No thank you, and no thank you.

Really great!

By Lisa T. on February 27, 2012

Thanks for the GREAT Elvis Singing Telegram! We had so much fun with the party characters you sent to my kids birthday party that I got a singing telegram for my grand mother's birthday party and it was also awesome. Your Singing Telegrams are hysterically funny. You all have the most beautiful costumes and best performers at the best price. Thanks much for being here! Lisa T in Beverly Hills

Hired as: Singing Telegram

Rude! Horrible!!

By Alexandra on February 21, 2012

I am planning my son's 1st birthday party (Yo Gabba Gabba theme) and I came across this group of entertainers that also go by "" they looked promising and had the characters I needed for cheap!

I called to try and book several characters and I really regret calling. The guy who answered the phone called me an idiot and moron! As if I wasn't stressing out enough with the party planning!!

I would not mind paying more elsewhere! DO NOT BOOK!!

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: SAG


Wonderful Party Entertainment of all kinds for all ages... Singing Telegrams and Sing O Grams for Adults and Kids and Kids Party Character Costumed themed Birthday Mascot Entertainers for Hire an Awesome Kids Party Clowns and Puppet Shows and Magicians for Adults and Kids and Carnival Rides and Pony rides and petting Zoo's.
Do not take our word just watch videos of real parties being made fun and so funny by our great entertainers.

Additional Booking Notes

We can perform anywhere where people are.


We make any party more fun. We make parties more fun everyday sometimes all day all over Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Compare us to anyone anywhere anytime and see for yourself no one comes close. We have the lowest prices AND the highest quality. How can anyone compete with that? The Best Singing Telegrams in Los Angeles start at only $89! The Best Party Clowns in Los Angeles start at only $89! The Best Party Characters in Los Angeles start at only $115!
Our very funny Singing Telegrams are basically the following: 2 songs
- one specific to the particular situation i. e. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Valentine, I'm Sorry, etc.. plus any song you want, PLUS a funny improvisation that is based on information that you provide about the recipient and/or situation that is designed to playfully embarrass and entertain all.
They can be done with the highest class or a little wacky and even a little naughty. Please see vidoe.
Our talented and funny entertainers can take ANY message you give us and make it a forever memory that all will be laughing about for a lifetime. Any Day Any Time Any Place.

They make it much more fun... They do age appropriate Games (such as many different parachute games and tunnel games and limbo and games like duck duck goose or red light green light and many more games suitable for older and younger kids) AND do Magic AND Balloons AND Face and Hand Painting all time permitting. In a one hour show they can do all 4 things IF there are 15 kids or less. For special Parties and Events if you want they can stroll around meeting and greeting and picture taking and making balloons or do all games or all face painting, whatever works best for your party. We can accommodate theme parties as well.
We hire only the most kid-friendly high-energy performers (put them in LA's best costumes as you can see below) and professionally train them so you never get a boring show from us. Only the BEST PARTY CHARACTERS and CLOWNS in Los Angeles and all of Southern California.
Please see party character video of our characters at real parties making kids very happy.
IT'S SIMPLE, We at HAPPY KIDS, (link hidden) pledge BOTH the HIGHEST QUALITY AND LOWEST PRICES on all of our fun-filled entertainment to our valued customers. Many companies will make great claims on their superior quality but will offer photographs of performers/etc. of clearly inferior quality or will offer no photo's at all (we wonder what their hiding?)

Many companies will try hard to make you believe (unfortunately sometimes successfully) that you must pay higher (in some cases much much higher) rates to get quality... isn't it oftly convenient for them that you apparently have to give them more of your money... and quite often you pay more and get much less.

We are completely aware, that even after seeing the pictures here of some of the highest quality beautiful costumes, some will still think our unbelievably low prices are too good to be true and will believe the desperate lies of our over-priced competition and not buy an amazing $98 clown or $125 character but be "sold" a $150 to $250 clown or character...but we still will not raise our prices. We will go on and on making KIDS HAPPY and not over-charging their parents to do it.
Our Wonderful Clowns and Characters can perform many functions and add to your Party or Event in any way you can imagine from all the traditional Games, Magic, Balloons, and Face Painting to Strolling, Greeting, and Engagining with Entertaining Improvisational Skills that will certainly Captivate your GUESTS OR CUSTOMERS with pizzaz like no other! GREAT AND THE BEST FOR PARTIES AND BUSINESSES/STORES!

$210 for first hour $110 each extra hour
Includes 1 handler and 12 to 15 animals like goats, sheep, chicken, ducks, rabbits, etc...

$210 for first hour $110 each extra hour
Includes 1 handler with the 2 ponies
Click here for additional Animal Pricing

$210 for first hour.


Kabazoo the camel
This Story is recommended for ages 4-6 and includes the characters: Sid the Royal Camel, Kabazoo the Camel, Princess Shanella, The King. Kabazoo wants to be a royal camel but Sid says he's too small and doesn't have what it takes. The princess gets lost in the desert and Kabazoo is the one who finds her. In gratitude, the King makes Kabazoo the Head Royal Camel.

The Princess, the Frog and the Dragon
For children ages 5-8. Characters are Merlin the Magician, Princess Lucinda, Jack the Village Boy, The King, The Pirate Prince, Witch Hazel, a dragon and a frog. Princess Lucinda and Jack really love each other a lot but the King insists that she marry royalty. Princes from all over the world come to court her but she refuses them all. Until one day, the Pirate Prince comes. He is so mad at being rejected that he goes to Witch Hazel to turn him into a dragon so that he can destroy Lucinda's palace, which she does. However, Jack overhears the plot and when he is discovered the witch turns him into a frog. Jack hops back to the palace to warn Lucinda. Lucinda asks Merlin for advice. He tells her that only a brave deed and a kiss from a true love can turn Jack back into a human. Upon relaying the message, Jack does his brave deed by defeating the dragon, not by using force, but by using his brain and outsmarting the dragon. Once the palace is saved, Lucinda kisses Jack and he turns back into a human. The king is so grateful that he makes Jack royalty and lets him marry Lucinda.
Danny the Dragon
For ages 3-5. Little Danny the Dragon disobeys Merlin the Magician and goes in the woods and gets lost. He meets a friendly witch who tries to send him back home but her magic backfires and he gets turned into different animals, ending up as a big dragon. The witch decides to quit using her magic and walk Danny home herself. Once there, Danny has to confess to Merlin that he disobeyed and ask him to change him back into a little dragon. Danny gets changed back and is grounded for a week. Listen to the grown-up because when they tell you not to do something it's usually for your own good.

The Lion and the Mouse
For ages 4-6. Larry the Lion gets caught in a hunter's net and has to ask Mortimer the Mouse to help him escape. The moral is you're never too big to ask for help or too small to be able to do important things.

Santa Claus and the Reindeer
Holiday show (available year round), description available upon request.

We also have Magicians for kids and adults and Carnival rides.

Influences & Inspiration

All great comedy improv performers.

Setup Requirements

space to perform


Contact $89 Singing Telegrams $115 Kids Party Characters

Plan Your Event

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