The Amazing World of Brad Byers

Why book The Amazing World of Brad Byers?

One word "VERSATILITY!" From sword swallowing to yo-yos Brad has a show to fit any venue. FOUR (4) TIME GUINNESS WORLD RECORDER HOLDER BRAD BYERS has appeared in over 20 countries and countless TV shows including NBCs AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, DAVID LETTERMAN, RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT, and GUINNESS TOP 100 WORLD RECORDS! The Amazing World of Brad Byers includes 3 different and unique shows.

EXTREME SIDE SHOW: Brads signature act of sword swallowing, walking on broken glass, bed of nails, human toolbox, and much more!

CIRCUS ACTS: juggling, chin balancing, unicycles, spinning.

SKILL TOYS: Grandmaster yo-yo artistry, spinning tops, hula hooping with a straight jacket escape!




Hire The Amazing World of Brad Byers.. Unbelieveable!

I had the pleasure of seeing Brad perform on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and in person at Washington State University's Up all Night programming last year. Brad brings a wonderful grace and presence to the stage and received a standing ovation at the Up all Night Show. Audiences love him and it’s very obvious when you see him how much he enjoys entertaining us all. Moreover, he brings a large amount of diversity with a list 20 unique acts to choose from; perfect for any venue. From Grandmaster yo-yo artistry, circus skills, to extreme side show, Brad will provide your audiences with truly magnificent performances. None of Brad acts involve magic or illusion. They are the real deal!

I highly recommend The Amazing World of Brad Byers. I think Brad’s successful career spanning over 3 decades, 20 countries, as well as national and international television (e.g. NBC’s America’s Got Talent, History Channel's Stan Lee's Superhuman, Late Night with David Letterman, Guinness World Records Prime Time, Sabado Gigante) actually speaks for itself on how accomplished a performance artist Brad has become.

As mentioned in his biography, Brad is a self-taught circus, Grandmaster yo-yo, and extreme side show performer with several Guinness World Records registered under his name. His performances are also shown in Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museums around the world; many are now available for viewing on his website ( or through YouTube.

If you have not seen The Amazing World of Brad Byers then, I suggest that you wait no longer. Hire him today and enjoy this man’s artistry “live” and in person.

Reviewer: Dr. T. L. S.
Event: Halloween Party in Spokane, WA
Event Date: Oct 22, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 2 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $1,500 to $5,000
  • Languages: English


Brad Byers performs a wide selection of acts which can be appropriately tailored for any venue. Audience members can expect to be blown away by Brad's exceptional stage presence, as well as, his unique and extraordinary skills. Brad Byers is not a magician. All acts are guaranteed to be genuine.

Sword Swallowing
Human Tool Box
Pulling a Swan Through the Nose
Walking and Jumping on Broken Glass
Fun with a Staple Gun
Bed of Nails
Propane Blow Torch Extinguished on Tongue
Smashing Finger with Canned Goods
Animal Traps Snapping on Hands and Forearm
Mouse Trap Snapped on Tongue
Stop Metal Fan Blades with Tongue
Tarantula or Scorpion in Mouth

Juggling Various Items
Finger Spinning
Chin Balancing
Rola Bola Balancing
Unicycle Riding

Grandmaster Yo-Yo Artistry
Throwing & Tossing Spinning Tops
Straight Jacket Escape while Hula Hooping

Past Booked Events

08/18/12 Washington State University Up All Night
08/15/12 CBS The Doctor's TV Program
08/08/12 Microsoft Premier Event Connection 2012
07/28/12 City of Moscow Library Program
07/27/12 Das SuperTalent Berlin, Germany
07/15/12 Faith Church St Louis
06/10/12 Faith Church St Louis
06/09/12 Faith Church St Louis
06/08/12 The Circus Women's Conference, St Louis, MO
06/07/12 The Circus Women's Conference, St Louis, MO
10/16/11 Faith Church St Louis
07/29/11 History Channel's Stan Lee's SuperHumans TV Program
07/28/11 History Channel's Stan Lee's SuperHumans TV Program

The Amazing World of Brad Byers

Born and raised in Moscow, Idaho, Brad Byers joined a traveling circus as a juggler, shortly after graduating from high school. Two years later, he left the circus to focus on television and other international venues. In Brad's constant quest to improve his act, he considered sword swallowing at the age of 21. Brad had never even seen a sword swallower, but borrowed a friend's college anatomy book for research. After careful study, Brad began measuring swords at the local Army Navy store. Upon finding a sword he believed to be the proper length, Brad asked the clerk if he could give it a try. With only the clerk in the Army Navy store in attendance, and never having watched anyone swallow a sword, Brad swallowed his first sword. Brad still remembers the rush from the sensation of that first time he felt the cold steel in his esophagus. In front of a stunned clerk, Brad pulled out that sword, and said "I'll take it!"

Brads self-taught repertoire of 20 acts began at age 15 with juggling and chin balancing. He became a yo-yo Grand Master in early adulthood. However, it was his sword swallowing skills that landed him his first national television appearance on That's Incredible in the early 80's. X-rays have been taken that prove the act is not an illusion! Genuine daredevil acts became a trademark for Byers. Power drilling a bit or hammering a nail into his face, inserting a hook through his nose and swinging an anchor, lying on a bed of nails, walking on broken glass, and spinning large items on the tip of his finger have since been added. Brad actually choreographed and trained actor Johnny Depp for his spinning routine in the motion picture Benny and Joon.

Taped performances of Brad Byers are currently shown in Ripley's Believe it or Not museums around the world. He has appeared in 5 episodes of the Fox TV show Guinness World Records Prime Time and was featured on Late Night with David Letterman. Brad is so versatile that he appeared on the Peruvian TV show Que Noche every night for a week and performed a different act each night! Brads work has taken him to over 20 countries for countless television shows and other venues. Due to his worldwide reputation, the country of Grenada has even pictured him swallowing swords on their official postage stamp.

From the circus to hit TV shows David Letterman, NBCs America's Got Talent, the History Channel's Stan Lee's Superhuman, Germany's Das Super Talent, and CBS' The Doctors Brad Byers has done it all. For the premier episode of NBC's America's Got Talent Season 4. Brad Inserted an 18 inch hook into his nose, through his nasal passage, and out his mouth. He then swings a wicked anchor, attached to that same hook! The show's judges commented, "Wildly entertaining!" and "Enjoyed every second of it!"

Brad Byers has definitely gone from a small town boy to an international performer. Brad can swallow a curved sword, wavy bladed sword, bayonette, keyhole saw, and common wire coat hanger, as well as multiple swords at one time. He holds several Guinness World Records, including swallowing 10 swords (one sword at a time up to a record of 10) then, twisting those swords 180 degrees in his throat! To top it all off, he is the only performer in the in the world to finish this feat by taking a bow before removing those ten swords. It has been stated by some of his peers, that Brad is, "The BEST Living Sword Swallower today!"

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Brad Byers

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Influences & Inspiration

Brad is an innovator. Others sometimes attempt to copy his original feats. Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery.

Setup Requirements

Stage, performing area, electrical outlets, PA and sound system preferred by not required, minimum 8 foot ceiling height