Sid Davis

Why book Sid Davis?

Original, fresh and Hilarious!
Sid's smart/safe, (and did we mention "Original"?) comedy relates to all event audiences.

His show has been described by event planners from Key West to Canada as "bulletproof" and "Hilarious!"

"I don't preach or get into politics or religion," Sid said in a recent interview. I don't recycle jokes from the internet. I write my own stuff."

Sid versatile brilliant comedy writing makes his show work from Corporate events to Cruise Ships to Comedy Clubs across the world. He's a must see!




Our company luncheon was a success

Sid came to do our Corporate Holiday Luncheon. People enjoyed his performance so much. We heard complements like, "This was one of the best entertainment we've had" and "I hope we can have him come again." His clean adult humor was perfect for our middle of the day corporate event!

His professionalism began even before the event. He contacted me by phone almost immediately after getting our request. He had a contract that allowed for customization.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Stephanie R.
Organization: EMS Management & Consultants
Event: Corporate Event in Winston-Salem, NC
Event Date: Dec 18, 2013
Hired As: Comedian, Corporate Comedian, Stand-Up Comedian

Annual Service Awards Banquet

Sid was fabulous! He made each and every person laugh and really connected with the audience. His show was clean but real. I had a 37 year employee tell me it was the best Service Awards Banquet he had attended! Thanks for making our corporate event a huge success!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ann W.
Organization: PotashCorp
Event: Awards Night in Augusta, GA
Event Date: Aug 2, 2013
Hired As: Corporate Comedian

Response from Sid Davis:

Thank you for your kind words and thank you Potash Corp! I do many corporate events and I caught a really warm, positive vibe from the audience as close-knit group of happy employees.

A huge hit!

Sid was a huge hit at our annual fundraiser. He had the crowd roaring with laughter the whole hour and surpassed all expectations. Sid is well worth the money and so easy to work with. His clean sense of humor combined with stories of life’s ironies and ups and downs makes for a constant flow of top notch entertainment. Thanks Sid for a wonderful evening!
Tom and Claire Holbrook
Arroyo Grande, Ca.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tom a. C. H.
Organization: 5 Cities Men's Club
Event: Fundraiser in Arroyo Grande, CA
Event Date: Jun 8, 2013

I will never miss an opportunity to see a Sid Davis show!

Sid is amazing from the time he hits the stage, jokes that are his own and original and adaptable to whatever region or situation you drop him into.... you have got to see and BOOK will not be disappointed... he has been invited back to the Central Coast of California 3 times in the last year because we just can't get enough! He's been voted "Best of the Fest" at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Fest for good reason - no one can compare...

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Annie G.
Event: Competition in San Luis Obispo, CA
Event Date: Feb 28, 2013
Hired As: Comedy Show

Funniest guy I want to see again and again

Sid Davis used to be the second funniest guy in North Carolina and now he's the funniest guy I want to see again and again! Some guys are funny but you leave feeling now you've seen them and that's it. Sid continues to come up with new material that is hilarious and so effectively taps into real life experiences that we've either lived through and survived and willing to admit it or tell the world it was a "friend of mine" who did whatever... And then for good measure, Sid throws in things we've never thought about but can relate to completely, like Franklin on a bill. Reminds me of early George Carlin days. Like George, Sid is the real deal!!

Reviewer: Jonathan F.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Pasadena, TX
Event Date: Aug 24, 2011

Sid is the funniest comic I have seen in a long time.

Sid is the funniest guy I have seen in a long time. He talks about real things that happen in life that I can relate to. His timing is superb and he is fun to watch. He makes this face of Ben Franklin and he looks just like him. There is no doubt that we will go see Sid again and again.

Reviewer: Teresa W.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Dayton, OH
Event Date: Aug 13, 2011

Response from Sid Davis:

I remember this lady very well! She came to a show on a Friday night and not only came back the next night; she brought her dad and a couple of friends. What a compliment. Thank you!

Awesome comic!

I have seen Sid Davis perform several times and think he is great! One of the things that I like the most is that he really has a clean but very funny act, there aren't going to be any surprises and I won't have to be embarrassed for my guests. Anyone would be lucky to get to work with this very funny family man who makes you feel like you are sitting down with coffee laughing with a friend.

Reviewer: Roxanne M.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Charlotte, NC
Event Date: Sep 7, 2011

Review by Steven K.

I have to say that there are three classic comedy concerts I have seen: Richard Pryor's frst live concert, Johnny Carson at Ceasar's Palace way back when, and Sid Davis at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. What is amazing about Mr. Davis is how he can take everyday events and turn them into comic literature. Seinfeld does much the same thing, but Sad Davis' material stays with you whereas much of Seinfeld's act dissipates shortly after the performance. What a wonderful surprise this guy was...he should have his own TV series or at the very least an HBO special. Comedy needn't be profane to be funny and Mr. Davis proves this over and over. If Mark Twain were alive and doing stand-up today, he would be jealous of Sid Davis! Or perhaps Mr. Davis is Twain reincarnated! Thanks for the GREAT GREAT GREAT show!!!

Reviewer: Steven K.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ
Event Date: Sep 25, 2010

Response from Sid Davis:

I thought your name sounded familiar so I Googled it. Wow! I was truly flattered by your words; but seeing your credits takes your compliments to the next level.
Thank you so much!

Review by Jill C.

Wow! Sid Davis ROCKS! I went to Atlantic City with friends of mine. We had a great dinner, gambled and then went to the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana. We had no idea what we were in for. Sid Davis made us laugh from the moment he stepped on the stage. Since we were at the Trop, we expected the show to be good but it was so much more. Sid's wit and satirical humor were top-notch!

Reviewer: Jill C.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ
Event Date: Sep 24, 2010

Response from Sid Davis:

Thanks Jill!
I heard Atlantic City crowds can be tough. I didn't see it at all. I had a great time!
Thank you so much!

Review by Ashleigh B.

I haven't laughed as hard since Eddie Murphy's RAW!! Sid Davis is HILARIOUS!!!!! I saw him some time ago at The Comedy Zone in Greensboro, and he opened the show. I hated when he left the stage for the 2nd guy who didn't hold a candle to Sid. We contacted Comedy Zone to see when he would be there next, and bought tickets in advance to make certain we got to see him. My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard. If you want to have a fabulous fun night out and some TERRIFIC LAUGHS, you have GOT to see this guy. HE ROCKS!!!!

Reviewer: Ashleigh B.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Greensboro, NC
Event Date: Sep 4, 2010

Response from Sid Davis:

Thank you. I'm sorry I made your stomach hurt. That's a bitter sweet reward. :)

Review by Tom M.

Sid is a polished, professional comedian. Very creative writer and great performer. I would highly recommend booking him.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tom M.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Beaufort, SC
Event Date: Nov 3, 2010
Hired As: Comedian, Comedy Show, Stand-Up Comedian

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $1,500 and up
  • Languages: English


Sid Davis was called, "the Mark Twain" of our time by author Steven Kunes.
"I paint funny verbal pictures of events I've experienced and observed. Situations we all can relate to. Sometimes the audience doesn't know weather to nod in agreement or shake their head in laughter."

Since he attending the THE TONIGHT SHOW staring JOHNNY CARSON in 1979, Comedy was in my blood. It just took a long time to be taken seriously.

Sid works clean and is a professional; Period.
VERY IMPORTANT! Sid can provide (at no charge) his own audio and spotlight systems to create a perfect atmosphere for a comedy show in your venue.

Additional Booking Notes

It is essential that my (or any show) not happen during dinner being served or consumed. The entertainer must be as close to the first row as possible. The room should be dark with exception of a spot on the entertainer. The sound system must be audible.
These are keys to a successful comedy show for you, me or any entertainer. Anything less is a train wreck.

Sid Davis

Take your event's entertainment to the next level!

Since his retirement as an airline mechanic, Sid' Davis' climb in comedy was unexpected for a person entering the business at his age. He's turned a lot of the industry. Sid speaks from the end of the Baby Boomer era and hilariously relates to all generations with topics on youth, family, tech, self control and who knows what else! After a lot of lobbying from his peers in the comedy industry, Sid's first appearance on the Bob and Tom Radio Show made him an instant hit.

His knockout performance at the Ventura Comedy Festival earned him a spot on Sirius Comedy Radio's Headliner Showcase.
In March 2013, for the second consecutive year, Sid was voted by "Best in Fest" at the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Comedy Festival.
He headlined this year's Best in Fest Showcase at SLO, aired live on Sirius XM's comedy channels.

Sid's first job as a copywriter/ad salesman frustrated him. He walked aka quit. When arriving home to tell his new bride he was unemployed, she informed him that he was going to be a father. The dream of comedy performing was put on the back burner.... for 25 years.

Through the years of raising a family and transforming from an insurance agent to an airline mechanic, Sid yearned to flex his creative skills. He joined Toastmasters and quickly won North Carolina's statewide humorous speaking contests. Soon after he began frequenting the Comedy Zone and began touring shortly after.

Influences & Inspiration

Jack Benny, Vin Scully , Johnny Carson, Steve Martin, Craig Ferguson, Foster Brooks, Brian Regan, Sandy Koufax, ...That person that gets up every day, goes to work, does their best, takes care of their business and mentors those who look up to him.

Setup Requirements

Audience MUST be done with meal (if any) before entertainment begins.