Santa Edson

Why book Santa Edson?

I am a typical "traditional" professional Santa available for corporate & children's Christmas parties throughout central Alberta..

Trained by CW Howard Santa Claus School, Victor Nevada Santa School and the International University of Santa Claus.

It is my pleasure to entertain in the Edmonton region.

Available for retail functions, breakfast with Santa, civic functions and photo sessions, parades and more.

Santa Edson has current criminal clearance & sexual predator clearance from the RCMP.

If you are willing to pay travel expenses, I am willing to travel up to 500 km for your event. Travel charges are $0.50km return from Edson.




True Santa

Santa Edson has become a staple at our client appreciation events. Months after the holidays are over, our clients are still raving about the great experience they had at our events and Santa Edson embodies exactly what a "True Santa" should be. We wouldn't dare hire a different entertainer since we have been so lucky to find the best from day 1.

A million thank you's

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Angie R.
Organization: Edmonton Property Shop
Event: Holiday Party in Edmonton, AB
Event Date: Nov 21, 2013

Best Santa around

I have had Santa Edson at my last 2 Christmas tradeshows and have booked him again for Christmas 2014. From his personality and his way with both children and adults, to his amazing costume, Santa Edson really is the best. He makes the perfect addition to any Christmas party. I will continue to book him year after year

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Vanessa A.
Organization: Kingsley Events
Event: Trade Show in Edmonton, AB
Event Date: Nov 17, 2013
Hired As: Santa Claus

Yes, he really is the REAL Santa!

Just ask my son, he KNOW'S Santa Edson is the REAL Santa - all the others are just helpers. I've hired Santa Edson for last 3 years to come visit with the kids from the Special Needs group I run, and booked him again for this coming year - in January! He's awesome with all our kiddo's and their different personalities, fears and sensory issues. He makes each really believe he is Santa, and that, is magic!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Crystal M.
Organization: Edson Special Needs Support Group
Event: Christmas Party in Edson, AB
Event Date: Dec 15, 2013
Hired As: Santa Claus

Santa Edson

Santa Edson has been an integral part of Edson Recreational Dance's Christmas Recital for several years. It is a great treat for both children and parents to see Santa Claus show up after they are finished dancing. He is always there with a smile and kind words for kids who either want a picture with him or just want to talk. He is wonderful at what he does and all our students look forward to seeing him!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amy W.
Organization: Edson Recreational Dance
Event: Christmas Party in Edson, AB
Event Date: Dec 10, 2013
Hired As: Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho

My two children were so surprised to see Santa at the door. He took the time out of his busy schedule to sit and read stories to them whilst Rudolf was waiting outside. He truly made their night a memorable one.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: sharon
Event: Christmas Party in Edson, KS
Event Date: Dec 23, 2008

Review by Jana G.

I almost believed the "real" Santa Claus had shown up at our party! His costume was very realistic and he was friendly with the children without being over-bearing or scary. He took the time to chat with each child and his mild manner endeared him to all!

Very professional and highly recommended. I called him early this year to make sure I could get him for our Christmas Party again this year!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jana G.
Organization: Coal Valley Resources Inc.
Event: Christmas Party in Edson, AB
Event Date: Dec 12, 2009
Hired As: Santa Claus, Santa Claus

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $85 - $110hr & up plus travel outside of Edson.
  • Insurance: liability
  • Languages: English, German


Depending on time available, Santa Edson/ St. Nicholas can mingle with your guests, child or adult and pose for pictures. A formal picture setting arranged by you is where Santa can have children visit and tell of their secret Christmas wishes whilst having their picture taken. If time permits, a reading by Santa from one of his books, or an old fashioned Christmas carol sing-a-long.

For those who celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas Dec 5/6, I can be there with you. Also for festivities surrounding the Orthodox Christmas Celebrations of Jan 7th.

Santa can be at your corporate party and distribute year end bonus rewards to your employees and again, with picture.

Are you a real estate salesperson or a car salesperson? Treat your customers to an official key handover by Santa. Arrange to do this on a particular afternoon and make an event out of Santa delivering your cars and trucks or your houses.

Getting hitched? Who better than Santa to be the one to deliver the ring to your intended. Locations can vary, restaurants, lounges, home, you call it.

Additional Booking Notes

Depending on location, Santa or St. Nicholas may need a place to change. This should be private, out of public sight and secure. Sometimes Santa or St. Nicholas can show up, ready to go but be aware that it may not always be the case. In situations where booking exceeds 3 hours, Santa may need to take a health break or at the very least fix himself up. A bottle of water is always appreciated, especially in hot rooms.

Winter months are not too bad as far as warmth goes, but sometimes in some situations, the heat is cranked up, and in the case of photography, the lights are hot. A small breeze blowing from a directed fan is always welcome.

If Santa is to sit while taking children's wishes or posing for portraits, a sturdy chair is recommended. It need not be an easy chair. A solid chair with a straight back is best providing that it is sturdy and could support the weight of a Santa and a small child or two. Hey, sometimes adults will sit on Santa's knee too, so sturdiness is important more than comfort. Thank you for thinking of Santa but no-thank you to recliners or deep cushioned chairs and sofas. .

It is always advised to have a helper work with Santa...someone who can lead children to Santa, or even help hand out gifts or treats. Names on packages should be in very large letters because lighting and even Santa's age can make names hard to read.

In many cases, once children have received their gifts from Santa and opened them, they are no longer interested in Santa and their attention span is gone. It is best to have the presentation of gifts at the end of your function, and Santa can leave without a lot of whoopla.

Santa Edson

Santa Edson is a professional Santa that lives and plays in Edson, Alberta, Canada - just halfway between his two favourite places - Jasper National Park and the West Edmonton Mall, the largest playground in the world.

Santa Edson is a graduate of the 2009 Victor Nevada Santa School in Calgary, and the CW Howard Santa School of Midland, Michigan, 2012 the world's oldest Santa Training School, and from The International University of Santa Claus 2013.and is available wherever a professional Santa is needed. I have an RCMP criminal clearance and a child predator clearance.

Santa Edson has the traditional look of the early Santa Claus, but has real leather boots, real leather belt, several Santa suits including an Old Fashioned Santa, a walking candy cane and a love in his heart for children of all ages, and has been the Edson and District Chamber of Commerce Santa in their annual Christmas Parade since 2008.

Other appearances around Edson include Shoppers Drug Mart, WalMart, Me & Sweet Pea, Source For Sports, Drostan Community Hall, Coal Valley Children's Christmas Party, MacDonalds Breakfast With Santa, and numerous private and corporate functions.

Santa Edson has also appeared at private functions in Whitecourt and corporate events in St. Albert, CFB Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Stony Plain.

Santa Edson's corporate events have included but not limited to:
Spartan Controls
Talisman Energy
Energetic Services
Coal Valley Resources
Sturgeon County
Xtreme Hot Oil Services
Suncor Energy
Bonavista Energy
Town of Edson
Edson & District Chamber of Commerce
Santa's Anonymous
Bonavista Energy
RBC Global Asset Management
JV Driver
Santa's Little Helper Shopping Extravaganza

A former radio news broadcaster and a municipal politician of 15 years (1992-2007) Santa Edson knows the area well and has seen many boys and girls grow up to be fine examples of community citizens.

Santa Edson also travels throughout the province. The sleigh knows no bounds. Travel time is calculated from Edson, Alberta return

The team providing the talent:

St. Nicholas

Father Christmas figure

Santa Edson

Santa Claus


Santa Edson has entertained the children of our employees at many events over the last four years. He is a very believable Santa Claus who leaves excited children with grins from ear to ear. They are drawn to him and he speaks kindly and personally to each one. He is very professional and reliable and I would highly recommend his services.

– Cindy Gray

Set List

Depends on client needs but clients usually provide the chair, gifts, treats etc.

Influences & Inspiration

Nicholas of Myra.

Setup Requirements

Good sturdy chair when Santa doesn't bring his own.