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Why book Pucker Up Impressions?

The most unique Entertainment Experience in Eons! Kathryn Nordstrom is the Lipstick Reader.

Guests are asked to apply lipstick and kiss a note card "As though they are sealing a love letter." From this lip-print Kathryn discerns an amazing amount of detail about the kissers’ personality; namely, relationship styles, kissing style, & decorating likes and dislikes. This is always a hoot! Unique and fun for everyone; that’s right - men do it too!

Guaranteed to enhance the fun at your next event!
“She’s Spot on!”
“This is so much fun!”
“I never thought I’d get a photo of my husband putting on lipstick”
“This is the most unique party entertainment since Butt Sketch!”




Review by Cindy H.

Our fundraiser was for the Anderson Abruzzo Hot Air Balloon Museum - held at Hyatt, Tamaya. Kathryn was the perfect, extra special addition to our very fun evening. Aside from Kathryn being beautiful, easy to work with and professional- OUR GUESTS LOVED THEIR LIP STICK PRINT READINGS! SO ENTERTAINING! It was great Kathryn could travel to us and we will definitely consider having her again!
Cindy Hernandez-Wall
Albuquerque, NM
entertainment co-ordinator

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Cindy H.
Organization: Volunteer with Anderson Abruzzo Hot Air Balloon Museum
Event: Fundraiser in Albuquerque, NM
Event Date: Apr 24, 2010
Hired As: Psychic Entertainment, Interactive Performer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 300 minutes
  • Fee: $500 and up


Every client can expect prompt, professional and friendly service from the first contact through the end of your event. We have over 13 years of event experience and ask a lot of questions up front; i.e. what else is going on that evening to who is the event for? so that we can help you figure out what is best for your event.

We bring the fun!! Whether we are offering traditional fortune telling, Pucker Up Impressions The Official Lip Print Readings, handwriting analysis or one of our Intuition presentations our team enlightens & inspires. We can roast a few of your guests, create a unique show for your group or offer individual readings strolling or seated.

Basically you can expect us to be comprehensive! Let us know what you are looking for, what experience you want for your guests and we will figure out a way to meet or beat it!

Pucker Up Impressions The Official Lip Print Readings - lip print readings made from your lip stick kiss on a cute card all about your personality and optionally - your love life.

Mystic Kathryn & Associates - Fortune Telling Services - Palm and Tarot readings, rune stones, face readers, crystal ball & even handwriting analysts - you name the service - we have it!

Need a presentation - give us a call! Need a speaker that's really entertaining for your sorority? Give us a call! Need to draw more attendees to your trade show booth, we do that extremely well too!

Additional Booking Notes

Pucker Up Impressions The Official Lip Print Reading

What we bring:
Fun table decor
An individual lipstick for each participant
Kiss cards custom printed with your event logo!
We arrive dressed in fun but professional lip attire

What we need from you:
1 small table per reader (ideal size is a 24"- 36" round)
2-3 chairs per table
Minimum of two 16 oz bottled waters per reader

Mystic Kathryn & Associates - Fortune Telling Services

Services included: Palm Readings, Tarot Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Rune Stones, Crystal Ball and Face Reading

What we bring:
Fun elaborate table decor
All the tools needed for the service chosen

***We also HIGHLY recommend putting readers in the foyer and breakout rooms for events with DJ's and Bands so you get the best bang for your buck.***

Special Costumes available upon request, so just ask!

Pucker Up Impressions

How it works: Each reading takes approximately 3 minutes. You provide one small draped cocktail table with two chairs in a quiet area. Pucker Up Impressions™ provides: a sample lipstick for each guest (nude lipsticks for men), tissues, a mirror, and a customized (custom to your event) note card.

For Small Groups: Have everyone sit around a dining room table or in your living room. Have each couple kiss their cards together, and allow the reading to be done for the whole group!

For Large Groups: Start the readings off by having your CEO or the guest(s) of honor being roasted by Kathryn in front of the group!

For Adults & Bachelorette Parties: These readings can optionally include detailed information about what the kissers’ likes and dislikes are in the bedroom. It is fun when couples go at the same time - many feel like they have learned something about their partner even when they've been married for years!

For teens: These readings can be solely based on personality, school likes/dislikes, decorating preferences & flirting styles.

For Trade Shows: Lip print readings can be used to create a large draw, and works extremely well for wedding and health and wellness expos.

Optional Add On: An additional person there to help with line control for large events helps to make the line move quickly and smoothly.

Game Show Idea: Provide Kathryn with photos and kisses two weeks prior to your event. Then either the guests, or Kathryn as the Emcee, read the kiss analysis aloud while showing the kiss, and guests have to discern which kiss and description belongs to which person! If she is not available to emcee or you have your own, she will return the kisses to you with descriptions (and a key) attached.

Pucker Up Impressions started as a joke, I've done professional palm, tarot, handwriting analysis, face reading, aura reading for years. (See MysticKathryn.com for details) One day someone threw a beverage napkin at me that they had blotted their lipstick on and said "Read This" so I did. To my surprise and my antagonists shagrin Pucker Up Impressions was born!

Kathryn designed Pucker Up Impressions™ The Official Lip Print Readings specifically for parties and tradeshows. Her years of experience in the industry helped her to create something truly unique and unforgettable. The readings are shorter and more light hearted than any other type of "Psychic" reading. This is not predicting the future, but it is amazingly accurate!

Featured at many of the hottest weddings of 2008 & 2009, Pucker Up Impressions™ has entertained for some of the bridal designers featured at Stanley Korshak & Neiman Marcus consistently features Pucker Up Impressions™ for many of their private events.

The team providing the talent:

Kathryn Nordstrom

Owner & Creator


Lip Print Reader



Influences & Inspiration

The Original Butt Sketch
Encore Productions - Dallas, TX

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Pucker Up Impressions to find out what their setup requirements are.

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