Lulu Gaga as Lady Gaga

Why book Lulu Gaga as Lady Gaga?

Lulu Gaga is more than just a Gaga impersonator. Lulu is a full celebrity show dance live variety entertainer performer. Lulu has it all an amazing passionate true artist high level professional performer. A show that is a must see performance. The Gaga performances are real show act dance numbers that are fully structured into amazing dance choreography's. In this Gaga show you are going to see the real artist Gaga Performer with Lulu Gaga. Lulu Gaga is an artist that gives it all on stage. A show Gaga performer mixed with originality, uniqueness, High energy, wildness,craziness,a true Gaga performer entertainer. Lady Gaga gives the best performances but Lulu Gaga is really incredible.



Lulu as Lady Gaga was the best lady gaga show impersonator

Lulu as Lady Gaga was the best lady gaga live show impersonator I have ever seen lulu rocked the house at my party. LuluGaga amazing outfits weird and crazy like lady gaga. Lulus performance live act was so real like lady gaga and to top all out lulu dance choreography with each song nonstop its like i was watching lady gaga live in concert. So real Lulu is a good live true Performer artist of Lady Gaga. I truly recommend you hire this lady gaga impersonator it is a guaranteed show. I want to finish off saying everybody at my party said wow wow so good as lady gaga.I would spend any money to hire Lulu as Lady gaga at any event. Wow he is truly one of the best as lady gaga.

Reviewer: mary r.
Event: Birthday Party in Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: Jul 9, 2011

Review by Ayesha R.

Lulu a.k.a. Boy Shakira of America’s Got Talent fame made our party come alive - dancing with the birthday girl & guests to Waka Waka & other Shakira songs. Amazing, lots of fun, incredible performance with tons of positive energy. Guests were wowed and had a blast. Great entertainer - I heartily recommend Boy Shakira.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ayesha R.
Event: Birthday Party in Oceanside, CA
Event Date: Nov 27, 2010
Hired As: Impersonator

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 2 minutes
  • Fee: available upon request
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Lulu Gaga is also a live show dance belly dancer and pop dancer performer. Lulu performs to many differen't show numbers of pop music..Lulu also performs Miley Cyrus Live show performance of "We Can't Stop" like she did on the VMAs' On MTV with the teddy bear outfit. This new Act number will be coming out soon In early January 2014 on video as one of Lulu Gaga live show dance performance. Lulu new act promises a very amazing perfomance of WE can't Stop. this is not an impersonation this is a dance pop number similar to Miley Cyrus but original with a dance choreography. A must see show performance and very entertaining.

Additional Booking Notes


Past Booked Events

09/22/12 Baja Mexico Tijuana, Birthday Party
09/16/12 Oakland Ca, " Bithday Party Bash Celebration"
09/10/12 Baja Mexico, Tijuana " State Open Air Stage Annual Fair"
08/04/12 Kora's Resturant Night Club Spring Valley CA,

Lulu Gaga as Lady Gaga

Lulu Gaga As Gaga more than Impersonator a true gaga live show performer. Lulu Gaga is a performer that brings all Gaga shows come to life. Lulu Gaga only one of the best original performer artist of Gaga with her own show in the world. Lulu Gaga show act brings you the show of Gaga in live show dance concert performance. Encapsulating Gaga best music like Applause, Born this Way, Bad Romance, Alejandro, Poker face and many more.. This is a show that promises the best of Gaga music, from creative wild crazy original costume wear. A true professional artist wild uniqueness performer. Everything you will see in this show act is created and directed by Lulu Gaga with originality and very much like Gaga but with a different touch. If you have seen Gaga best live performances you haven't seen it all. Lulu Gaga bring Lady Gaga show performance with a unique twist. Countries like Philippines, Europe, Austria, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, U.S.A, with 7,869 visits per month on the YouTube channel. You must hire this performer artist this is a must see show performance. You will not regret it is truly worth having Lulu Gaga show act in you next event anywhere in the world...

Set List

My set list are all tracks from live concerts of Lady Gaga with edited own introduction Gaga show openings:
My set list is as follows:
featuring Gaga new hit soundtrack : "Applause Art-Pop"
Bad Romance: "Bad Romance"
Alejandro: Album "Bad Romance"
Born This Way: Album "Lady Gaga"
Edge Of Glory: Album "Lady Gaga"
Telephone: Album "Bad Romance"
Poker Face: The Fame
Just Dance: Album "The Fame

Setup Requirements

available upon request


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