Louis Pezzani - MENTALIST

Why book Louis Pezzani - MENTALIST?

"Basically people were blown away! Thank you for putting on such a great show." -Warren Sinclair LLP

"Your show was fantastic. It was accessible, funny and very entertaining. Very impressive." - British Columbia Real Estate Association.

"We'll definitely recommend you to others!" - Alberta Council of Disability Services.

"The evening was wonderful, Louis had everyone involved and entertained." - Alberco Construction Ltd.

"Your show was fantastic! It was EXACTLY what we were looking for." - IRISNDT Corporation.

"Thank you for providing GREAT entertainment for our Presidents Dinner!" - Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.



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  • Fee: $500-1950


I have been presenting Mentalism to audiences around the world for over 30 years. My show consists of astounding and very funny demonstrations of Magic of the Mind. Have you seen the smash CBS hit "The Mentalist"? That's exactly what I do - LIVE.

This is not a hypnotism show - it is MUCH better! During the show, your co-workers and guests will have their minds read, random events are described in writing before they actually take place, and metal objects bend, twist and melt.

My Mentalism is fun and thought-provoking entertainment which is very funny with 100% "clean" humour. My show is specifically designed to establish an instant rapport with audiences of mixed ages and interests and is fascinating entertainment for groups of any size. Young or old!

Your guests will thank you for providing them with entertainment unlike anything they have ever experienced! This is truly UNFORGETTABLE entertainment.

Please visit my website for more information, reviews from thrilled clients, and videos of my performances in theatres, clubs and on television.

Louis Pezzani - MENTALIST

Louis Pezzani has been presenting his astounding talents to audiences around the world for over 30 years. Louis combines audience participation, psychology, magic, humor, intense drama and mindblowing mystery to create a rare and unforgettable entertainment experience. Regardless of age, background or education, Louis takes all audiences on an astounding journey into the unknown.

Louis explains: "It's one thing to read about mindreading, or someone who can bend metal objects with their mind - but in my show, people actually experience it!"

Critics are unanimous: "SPECTACULAR" CBC Radio; "MUST-SEE" Victoria News; "MIND-BLOWING" Monday Magazine; "INCREDIBLE" Edmonton Journal; "BIZARRE" Winnipeg Free Press; "REMARKABLE" Victoria City View; "SPELLBINDING" Cowichan News Leader; "UNCANNY" Saskatoon Star Phoenix; "UNEXPLAINABLE" Edmonton Examiner; "COOL" Georgia Straight; "AMAZING" See Magazine; "CAN I FAINT NOW?" A Channel TV

The team providing the talent:

Louis Pezzani


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Technical requirements vary depending on show setting.


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